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343 Yard Drive - Grenade Driver

Read More » I started BombTech Golf, because I like to BOMB my drives. That will never change. I am on my personal quest for 350 yards. No wind, no bs bounces, just 350 yards. Today was a good day. Using the Grenade driver, 9 degree stiff flex - hit one 343 yards.

2 Piece Construction Process

Read More » Material and Production AdvantageThe Grenade golf driver is manufactured using a 2 piece cast construction and plasma welded face plate. This high end process combined with a TI-1188 face plate increases ball speeds at impact. The 1188 stands for the tensile strength (hardness) of the titanium. These materials and production process create a loud and clean sound that you [...]

My Swing Evolution Review of The Grenade Golf Driver

Read More » Christo from My Swing Evolution puts the Grenade through a proper workout! Glad to see you hit some BOMBS with the Grenade. Welcome to the team!

Where can I try the Grenade golf driver?

Read More » Where can I try the Grenade golf driver? There is not a day that goes by, that I am not asked this question. So really, where can you try the Grenade golf driver? The answer is nowhere. So, why is the answer nowhere. I started this company with one goal in mind, to offer premium golf [...]

New Strong 3 Wood For 2016

Read More » New Strong 3 Wood For 2016!I am super pumped to announce that the Grenade 3+ wood is in production. The Grenade 3 wood has been so popular that offering a strong 3 wood was only natural. The Grenade 3+ wood shares the same size, dimension and design as the current Grenade 3 wood. The only [...]

Military discounts for golf clubs

Read More » Military discounts for golf clubs.I am asked frequently about Military discounts and I wanted to take a minute to put in in writing. I offer 15% off all new product in stock for any Military involvement.  I want to personally thank each person, that dedicates their life to helping protect my family and our great [...]

BombTech Golf Drivers In The News

Read More » BombTech Golf Drivers In The News The local news station here in Burlington, VT did a segment on BombTech Golf a few weeks ago. David from WPTZ News Channel 5 met up with me at the range and our manufacturing facility to discuss what it is we do. It was a great experience and below summarizes what we talked [...]

New Golf Driver Head Cover 2015

Read More » New Golf Driver Head Cover For 2015! I honestly can't believe how long it has taken to get this head cover right. I mean, it's just a golf driver head cover..But it is actually a lot more than that, it is a Grenade driver head cover. 6 months and multiple re-designs the Grenade golf driver head cover [...]

How to let your significant other know you want a Grenade driver for the holidays?!

Read More » How to let your significant other know you want a Grenade driver for the holidays?! This was a question I posted on Facebook to see what everyone in the BombTech nation thought. We all know that spending money can be a touchy subject, but it’s been made clear by reading the comments that there are numerous ways to approach the [...]