BombTech Grenade - top ten list drivers for beginners

BombTech Grenade - top ten list drivers for beginners

Well we weren't first but I guess we will have to take being in the top ten. The Grenade golf driver is great for beginners all the way up to pros on tour.

Top Ten Best Drivers for Beginners

Written by Neal Granville on Friday, 11 October 2013

Traditionally, drivers were avoided by many beginners due to the difficulty of a successful swing-and-hit, preferring instead to start off driving with a strong hybrid or iron club. Nowadays, such avoidance is unnecessary, thanks to the fact that manufacturers spotted this trend and started to develop drivers specifically for beginners. Here are some of the best of them.

10. BombTech Golf Grenade Golf Driver

BombTech are newcomers to the golf manufacturing scene, focussing their product line upon those of average golfing ability. The main purpose of BombTech's driver is to reduce drag, thereby increasing the distances hit. BombTech 's engineers achieved success in this task by basing their club head technology around the same physics that affects trucks. An excellent driver for beginners and those with slightly more experience.

9. TaylorMade Burner Driver 09

Several years old now, but the 2009 Taylormade Burner Driver is still amongst the most forgiving for beginners thanks to the huge club head. Though the newer ones may be just as good, the 09, being out-of-season, will be great value for money.

8. Callaway X Hot 3Deep Fairway Wood

Not a driver, but this special, Phil Mickleson-inspired Callaway X Hot 3Deep Fairway Wood certainly hits like one. This is because Mickleson wanted to have a club that hits the distance of a driver, but easy enough to also hit off the ground. In doing so, he managed to help create a club great for beginners wanting to practise and improve their driving skills.

7. Ping G25 Driver

Used by Lee Westwood at the 2013 US Open, what's astounding about this driver is that it is great for use by beginners and experts alike. This has been the case for all of Ping's G series, and the G20 is equally as good. Although a little pricey, the fact that you can keep hold of the G25 driver even as your game improves should make up for it.

6. Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver

Callaway have several great adjustable drivers out at the moment, but the RAZR Fit Xtreme is best for beginners due to its large club face. The Xtreme is also one of the lightest drivers on this list thanks to it being made from a forged composite material that's lighter than titanium.

5. Titleist 913D2 Driver

This extra-large, 460cc pear-shaped driver is far more forgiving than the 913D2 driver due to the larger club face and sweet spot. The club also has a forged club face, providing more speed to your hits with the help of a large surface area.

4. Cobra AMP Cell Pro Driver

The Cobra AMP Cell Driver has an easy-to-use adjustable loft and comes in a variety of intriguing colours - it's even claimed by some that the colours help in aligning the club properly. Other than a few adjustable features, the Cobra AMP is quite no-frills, making the club less daunting to use for newbies.

3. Nike Golf Machspeed Square Head Driver

Some might be put off by the square head, but such a shape actually makes the club more forgiving and adds stability. The square shape can also help in aligning shots, and the large club face helps prevent slicing. Most of the weight on the club head is distributed towards the back for extra loft.

2. Cleveland Launcher Driver

Again, another older model driver, but ease-of-use and trustworthiness are two of the most important things when it comes to drivers, and those who are suspicious of new, untested golf technologies may want to go for the traditional-meets-contemporary Cleveland Launcher. The horseshoe-shaped weight pad improves stability and launch conditions, and helps in correcting mis-hits.

1. TaylorMade R1 Golf Driver

This driver has taken the golfing world by storm, both for the wide array of adjustable features (for example, adjustable loft, club face angles and weight) and the design. Indeed, many have criticised the white crown colour and the racing stripe, but this should not detract from the overall performance of the R1. Hitting the sweet spot with this driver will result in reduced spin and faster ball speeds, meaning the ball will travel further. This also means that the driver gives a very satisfying 'thwack' sound when hit. Even off-centre hits are compensated for thanks to the extremely low centre of gravity this club has. An all-round excellent driver.

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