Dick's Lays off 500 Employees

Dick's Lays off 500 Employees

Dick's Sporting Good recently laid off 500 PGA professionals. Just one of the many reasons that we build custom golf clubs just for you.

The article states the main reasons for the lay off were the following:

1. Economy

2. Downturn in participation

3. Decline of Tiger woods

4. Too many products flooding the market

5. Dick's was hit hard after it bought all four models of the driver TaylorMade released last year. The glut of merchandise forced Dick's to sell at under the suggested retail price.

I personally have gone through a number of lay off's at large corporate companies and I feel for the 500+ PGA professionals that were let go. So I get it, trust me.

But, This did not come as a shock to me. Retail stores in general have been struggling for a long time and a shift in golf equipment retail is coming. Well the shift already happened and those that don't want to accept it, will fail.

What am I talking about?

Direct to golfer equipment sales via online. This direct approach is why we are in business and what allows us to spend more money to develop a higher quality product and communicate direct to you. From manufacturer to golfer, so you know the information you get is accurate and you can insure you get more for your money!


It's 2014! You buy your clothes, your electronics, even your furniture directly from the company that makes them, why not your golf clubs? Traditionally clubs are sold through distributors, salesman & retailers who then mark up the price & sell them to you. We're cutting out the middle-man & investing the money back into HIGHER QUALITY more durable materials for a higher performing product... You get more for your money.

Ok, great. But you want to try it right? That is one of the most common questions I am asked. Sounds great, but where can I try it. This is called showrooming, where a customer goes into a stores to try a product. Then goes online to buy it. I have developed a policy that is better than trying it at a demo day or retail store. It is our Guarantee.


I personally guarantee these are THE BEST CUSTOM GOLF CLUBS and you'll love them. If for any reason within your first 60 days on the course don't love them, you can literally send them back, & I'll refund you 90% of your purchase price or give you one exchange.

Just pack up your equipment in the original box/packaging and return it VIA USPS Priority mail to the address on the box.

Don't worry! 99% of customers are more than satisfied with their custom golf clubs.

Big brands will be shifting a focus towards their online sales, but will they increase quality in there product? This is where an online approach can be successful and it is how we have sold thousands of custom golf clubs.

So, I want to take a moment to thank all of our customers that have pulled the pin and joined our team. 

Get your BombTech clubs now!


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