What to Wear to a Golf Course

Golf has always been a game played by gentlemen and ladies, and this is naturally reflected in the clothes the players wear. While most other sports such as football or basketball use purely practical clothes, the attire sold at online golf equipment stores has traditionally emphasized a dignified, formal look that elevates it above pure utilitarianism.

This look is as much a part of the game as the clubs and courts. As a result, most private and public courts have strict dress codes players have to abide by. This poses unique challenges not only to newcomers, but also to intermediate players who want to make sure they have appropriate clothes that help support their game.

In the following article, we'll help you do just that by providing some tried-and-true tips for what to wear to the golf court during different times of the year. Keep reading to learn more.

How do I choose the clothes to wear when golfing?

If you ask most people to tell you what a typical golfer looks like, they'll probably describe someone dressed in a collared shirt and sporty-yet-stylish khakis or long shorts, with a white golf cap on their head. Although most players won't go wrong if they dress this way, these are far from the only clothes you can find at online golf equipment stores.

As a rule of thumb, golf clothes should generally be lightly colored. A great option is to wear a white shirt and pants, and jazz it up with colored golf shoes and a matching belt. If you really want to wear something colorful, limit it to a single article of clothing. For instance, if your shirt has a vibrant pattern, balance it by making the rest of your apparel more subdued.

Here's how to pick clothes for golf:


Collared shirts are the norm for gentlemen, while ladies can also wear mock-neck or athletic non-collared tops and golf dresses. Whether you pick long or short sleeves is up to you. Whichever shirt you choose, remember to keep it tucked during a match.


Khakis or golf slacks without cuffs are the go-to choice for most players. When shopping for these, make sure to get ones with belt loops, as you'll likely have to wear a belt on the court. Some courses may allow athletic pants as well. Jeans aren't allowed.

Shorts are acceptable as well, but they should be tailored like everyday trousers and end just above the knee. Like khakis and slacks, they should have belt loops. Ladies can also opt to wear golf skirts.


The best online golf equipment stores sell special golf shoes for a reason: they're made to provide firm grip and facilitate fast swings, providing the perfect combination of form and function for most players. If you don't have golf shoes, some clubs may allow you to substitute soft-soled shoes such as tennis shoes.


Quality gloves are invaluable when there's a drizzle or if your hands tend to get sweaty while playing as they help protect your hands and provide extra grip. Leather gloves are a time-tested option as they tend to be both comfortable and resistant to moisture, making them a superior choice during cold or humid days.

Synthetic gloves tend to provide greater flexibility and be more resilient than leather gloves. They're the preferred option during warm weather as they can help keep your hand cool.


Unless the weather is unusually harsh, most golfers will keep playing even while it's raining or with the sun beating down on them during a hot summer day. Since they're specifically made to protect your head and keep the sun out of your eyes while you're lining your shot, golf caps, visors, or straw hats are the go-to option for most players.

What should you not wear when golfing?

When it comes to golf attire, the don'ts are often more important than the dos. This is because improper clothing will not only hurt your personal style, it can actually damage the golf court and negatively impact other players' experience.

Here are some items you'll never find at golf equipment stores:

  • Oversized clothes. Big comfy hoodies and rainwear are great for other occasions, but they're bad for golf because they can interfere with your swing.
  • Clothes that show too much skin. Golfers should look dignified, so no tank tops, bathing suit tops, halters, cleavage, or other overly revealing items.
  • No long necklaces or dangly earrings. These could become tangled or get caught in equipment. 
  • Pants that are too long. Having the hems of your pants drag through the grass and sand is both unsightly and bad for the court.
  • Shoes with metal spikes. These are very likely to tear up the court.
  • Boots or street shoes. These are uncomfortable and can damage the court.
  • Sandals. Without the protection offered by a full shoe, there's significant risk of injury in case of a bad swing. Also, your bare feet will get dirty during the game and nobody wants to see that.

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