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Why custom golf clubs vs off-the-rack

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Why custom golf clubs vs off-the-rack?

I was asked this question earlier today and to be honest it hasn't been a question that I have had to answer for a long time. But regardless, I think it is worth discussing. So seriously...Why would you consider our BombTech Custom Golf Clubs vs. Taylormade, Callaway, Titliest, and all the other golf companies.

Not to sound to one sided. I put together bullet points to break it down easily.

BombTech Custom Golf Clubs

1. 2 Piece Cast Construction (tighter tolerances, great sound, feel)

2. Designed and Hand Assembled In USA

3. Custom Built Specific For You (We offer "standard" options as well)

4. Sold Direct to Consumer and Delivered Direct to your Door - Selling direct to you and skipping the traditional retail channel allows us to offer the finest quality product at a great price.

5. We don't pay athletes or spend $$$$ on marketing - Why? This allows us to spend more on the production process and premium materials.

6. Have a voice - Join us on social media and vote for our new designs and what we produce..Seriously we listen to you!

Big Brand Golf Companies

1. 4 Piece Forged Construction Process (Most companies use this method because its cheaper, which means wider tolerances)

2. Assembled Overseas

3. No Custom Lengths

4. They Pay Athletes and spend maximum $$$$ on marketing - this creates a extremely small budget for actual product quality

5. Constantly releasing new models, whether or not they outperform the previous model.

I am sure many will read this and think it is a marketing pitch but I tried to take an unbias look as what we do that is truly different from the other big brands.

What do you take into consideration when looking at purchasing a new set of golf clubs?

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