How to hit driver into the wind

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How to hit a driver into the wind

It seems like every time I get out on the course, it’s windy, really windy. So what is the best way to handle windy conditions?


In normal conditions, I recommend teeing half of the ball above the crown of the club head. But, when it’s windy, it’s a different story. Teeing it lower will keep your initial launch angle lower and promote an overall lower ball flight. Ideally, you should tee it so the top of the ball is even with the top of the club face.


The best way to control your ball flight is to change your angle of attack. The goal is to keep it low and the easiest way to hit your drive low is to keep your right shoulder and hip higher during the down swing. This will change your angle of attack from an upswing to more level. This requires some practice and I recommend trying it at the range.


I know it’s windy and you want to hit it hard to counteract the effect of the wind. But swinging out of your shoes is going to cause more spin on the ball and a higher trajectory. Take a ¾ swing or 75 percent power. This will help keep spin down and offer a lower ball flight.

Golf on a really windy day is hard, but with these easy swing tips it can make it a little more manageable.

So try these tips and see what happens the next time you want to hit driver into the wind.

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High Moi Custom Golf Putter - Nearly Complete

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High MOI Custom Golf Putter

The Grenade golf putter is nearly finished. It has been in design for nearly a year and will cap off our 2nd major golf design collaboration with the University of Vermont Engineering Program. As with all of our golf products, the custom putter was engineered with a purpose. Our purpose, reduce twisting and improve accuracy on mis-hit putts by utilizing a HIGH Moi Design and heavy weight.

Putter performance is further increased by using a precision CNC milling process.

What you need to know:

- 100% Made In USA

- Hand Painted

- Custom Built For Your Length

- E-Nickel Coating For Audible Feedback

- Carbon Steel For Soft Feel

Golf Putter Specs:

-Clubhead Mass: 445 grams

- Clubhead Moment of Inertia: ~5900 grams*cm^2

- Volume: 56 cm^3

- Center of mass: 1.75 cm behind the clubface, 0.37 cm above ground

- Lie Angle: 70*

- Loft Angle: 3*

- Shaft Location: Center

- Weight Position: Majority of weight positioned on outer 20% of geometry

- Groove Pattern: Linear symmetric circles

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Limited Edition Custom Golf Driver

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Limited Edition Custom Golf Driver

BombTech Golf is excited to offer our first limited edition custom golf driver. We are not going lie, we love the original paint scheme. But it is time to offer something loud, wild and a design that embraces its name, the GRENADE. This 100% custom, 1 of 1 limited edition golf driver will be available via live auction. Highest bidder wins!

Although BombTech golf specializes in performance golf equipment, custom paint isn't our specialty. To bring this Grenade to life, we have partnered with WICKED GOLF DESIGNS.

Here is an introduction to WICKED and why they do what they do.

About one year ago, Wayne Strickland, a Gardner, Massachusetts native, started painting his own golf clubs as a hobby. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion and a legitimate business.

Since going official with Wicked Golf Designs, the company has hit the ground running. Having a background in automotive painting paired with a love for the game of golf, Wayne wanted to combine the two and bring his creative vision to life. His mission: to breathe new life into worn down golf clubs through a custom paint job and bring an added spark of uniqueness to any customers new set of clubs; all at an affordable price.

Whether customers have a specific custom design in mind or simply want their clubs to look as if they were recently purchased, Wicked Golf Designs provides a premium service at and affordable price to golfers far and wide. Wicked’s services range from fresh paint fillings to club shaft wraps and re-grips. Wicked Golf Designs: fall in love with your clubs all over again and Golf Wicked!

Will there be more limited edition BombTech Golf clubs? Only time will tell!

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Custom Golf Putter Review

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Custom Golf Putter Review

The Grenade putter has been put through our tests with amazing results. The engineering students from the University of Vermont have designed a custom golf putter that produces a pure roll and no skipping. This pure roll technology will help you make more putts from any distance. In addition, the Grenade custom putter was 50% more accurate on off-center hits versus Taylormade and Odyssey.

But that was our tests..Here is a brief snippet from our first independent review from Average Guys Golf.

"I have to admit I looked forward to seeing this putter come in the mail, than any of the other putters I have reviewed. Here at AGG, we like quality, affordable products that our readers can both improve their game and afford at the same time; most people think they need to go with the biggest brand name they can find and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The first thing I noticed when unpacking the putter (besides the bright green grip I talked about before) is the weight of the putter, as someone who as never used a mallet putter besides testing them for this site, I was scared of the weight. However after a few rolls, I knew the weight was less of flaw and more of an advantage, because of a 4 day never ending rainstorm I was forced to practice with the Grenade on carpet for a few days and couldn’t get to the course but what I found even on carpet was amazing. The putter is center shafted and a mallet, both are things that you won’t find on any of my other putters, but it works perfectly for the Grenade. The weight along with being center shafted, allows for a natural pendulum swing taking your hands completely out of the putt. The putter almost swings itself with the precise weighting, being center shafted if you start your stroke online you are going to finish your stroke online. Once I finally got to the course I was excited to try the putter on longer putts, as I hit 10 footers in my house for 4 days, I instantly started hitting lag putts. What I found after a few putts, was that you can feel the ball coming off the putter face, I am not sure what makes this happen whether it is the center shaft, the mallet style, the carbon steel or the combination of all three but after a few putts you start to feel the golf ball and distance on putts will no longer scare you. I now have 3 rounds in the books with this putter and while I normally like to get 4 to 5 rounds in before a review, I wanted to get this review out asap, as the putter just hit the market last week. The putter has hand painted, yes I said hand painted, green alignment tools engraved into the back of the putter, making lining up putts simple. Try to find anything hand painted on your over produced “name brand” putters on the market, you won’t find it.

Those little touches are what make the Grenade putter so great, a completely built in the USA high quality putter that will improve anyone’s game, from a 20+ handicap to a scratch golfer. Right now you can purchase the Grenade putter for $199 on their website, BombTech sells factory direct to pass the savings along to you, so while you can’t go to any golf shop and try it before you buy it they do offer a money back guarantee, if you don’t like your putter you can return it and get one with specs that will better fit your game or get your money back, just make sure you keep the original packaging till you know you are comfortable with the putter.

Overall when using the Grenade putter, I didn’t hit any miraculous 40 foot putts that would make for a great story and a great review, however what I didn’t do was hit any 3 putts in my three rounds. If you know me and know my game, that in itself is a miraculous, as I normally have a boner 3 putt a round that haunts me. The Grenade makes lag putts less scary and the terrifying 4-6 footers seem like 2-3 footers, the ball starts online and stays online. Coming from a small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, I was brought up old school and still believe if something is completely manufactured and built in the USA, that means it is quality and that certainly rings true with the Grenade Putter by BombTech Golf."

Thanks Average Guys Golf for giving your views on our new Grenade Putter

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Best Golf Driver for an Average Golfer

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Best Golf Driver for an Average Golfer.

With 1,000's of golf driver options on the market, how is the average golfer suppose to really know what is best for his game?

Some golfer's look at what the pros play for inspiration. Before going to your local big box store and picking up what you see the pro's playing, remember that their golf drivers are not the same as what is sold in stores.

So what should you consider if you are an average golfer?


The vast majority of golfer's play too little loft. Playing less loft causes wider dispersion, less spin and less carry distance. Most hit their 3 woods more accurate due the increased loft. Do not go low in loft because you think you should be playing a certain degree of loft.


Choosing the right shaft length is the most confusing thought to an average golfer. This is because you have never been asked it before! Golf driver length can't be changed when shopping for an off the rack golf driver. 2014 golf drivers are longer than ever, but that doesn't mean it is right. The longer the golf driver, the harder it is to hit. It is that simple. Consider this, most pros play golf drivers at 44.5 inches in length. Which is a full 1.5-2 inches shorter than current drivers on the market.


The average golfer is usually play a golf shaft that is too stiff for their swing speed. Playing golf shafts that do not fit our swing speed can be devastating to your accuracy and most important your distance. The biggest misconception I hear, "this golf shaft is too soft and that's why I am slicing it." Actually that golf shaft is too stiff and that is why you are slicing it. Playing a golf driver shaft that is too soft will result in a hook or pull. Playing the right golf shaft flex or even a flex that is a little too "soft" can help you generate more club head speed and distance....Plus keeping you in the fairway.


There is a reason why the professionals don't play golf driver's that adjust! They may look like they can adjust but they do not. If you have an adjustable driver set it to neutral and practice! You will only limit the golf shots you can play if you overall adjust your golf driver, especially if you adjust it to closed.

I hope this brief guideline helps you choose your next golf driver.

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