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New! BombTech Driver and Free 3 Wood


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Why you will love my BombTech Driver!

After 4 years of feedback from our original Grenade driver, it is finally time to release the BEAST. BombTech 2 is here and ready to give you more confidence off the tee. The original dual cavity design was engineered with the University of Vermont capstone project in 2012-2013. This aerodynamic design was created to break up the airflow and reduce drag. Could our new design be even more aerodynamic?

The University of Vermont engineering students found that BombTech 2 had a 50% increase in aerodynamics over the original version. In addition, the new cavity profile positions the CG slightly deeper and lower, this will give you more vertical hitting area for launching high and low spin drives.

A brand new shaft that is more stable, lighter and lower torque. We made sure that our new shaft would truly be worthy of that premium title. I am confident that our new shaft set up will give you more confidence when you are swinging hard and on your mishits. No need to upgrade when your stock shaft already is!

60 Day On Course Guarantee

Here's the deal. You get a premium golf driver and free 3 wood for less than the price of a retail driver, backed by a 60 day guarantee. How? I only sell online. No retail and no pros means you get more for your money. I am so confident that this will be the best driver you have ever played. If they are not, just send them back!

I have sold over 150,000 clubs and my return rate is less than 5%! Buy with confidence. You will love this driver, I personally guarantee it.

Who Are These Designed For?

My name is Sully, an amateur golfer just like you. In 2012 I started BombTech Golf to design forgiving and accurate clubs that give Amateurs confidence and consistency regardless of swing style. If you are already on tour, you can play these but they weren't designed for you...Sorry, but I designed these to be easy to hit and forgiving for regular golfers.

University of Vermont Engineering Students Explain the Tech Behind the New BombTech Driver

Real Golfers First Reactions


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BombTech Driver Club Head Specs

Face Material: Ti-1188 hardened titanium

Hosel Depth: 38mm

Hosel Diameter: 0.335 inches

Weight: 199 grams

Face Angle: 1* closed

Size: 450cc

Lie: 59*

Dexterity: Right Handed

BombTech Shaft Specs

Torque: 3.8

Launch: Mid-High

Kick: Mid

Weight: Senior 50 G, Regular 52 G, Stiff 54, Extra Stiff 56 G

Driver Length: 45.75 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Out of this world

I've been looking at the Bombtech suite of products for a fair while and was waiting for the Volcano/Rainbow Wedges to be re-released....I purchased them along with a 72 and 1,3,5 Woods to compliment my new AP1 Irons. All I can say is WOW - My 3W and 5W are just awesome - Never played shots like it from the fairway - Have only had 2 range sessions and 1 proper round but I'm grateful to have found these clubs at such good prices and incredibly fast delivery to Singapore - door-to-door in 11 Days with no import taxes...Keep up the good work.

Hitting bombs with Bombtech

I recently purchased a Bombtech driver and 3 wood package and love the new clubs! The feel and weight of the clubs let’s me swing free and confident and if my first round I made several memorable shots with my new clubs!


If you are on the fence, "Pull the pin!" I've played the same "name brand" clubs for years. I almost bought the same expensive clubs again. Then, I saw the FB advertisement. I thought I couldn't lose with this warranty. Sorry Sully, I'm keeping these. My game has improved. I actually hit fairways with the driver 8 out of 10, which is better than 5 of 10. I hit the 3 wood 253 yards (straight) consistantly off the deck...awesome! The irons are straight every shot. I've hit more greens in regulation than ever. Thank you Sully for making an AWESOME set of clubs. I bought the bag as well and brag to my friends about Bomb Tech.
Thanks, Samuel

Ah 0 I still don’t have it

DHL says it’s still in the USA

BombTech Driver and Three Wood

In full disclosure I am a 25 who could be 15 or 16 if I could consistently drive the ball. Purchased the wedge set earlier this summer and truly give them five stars especially after you factor the cost and the 60 day gaurantee.
Took a chance on the driver and 3 wood. After a few rounds to get used to them an am hitting with significantly more consistency. My slice is now more of a nice fade and the 3 wood is bone straight. High launch angle which took me some time to get used to doesn’t effect distance significantly. Played a round yesterday and I was 90% in the fairway off the tee with both clubs. All in all I would recommend these to a recreational player who loves to play and is looking for more consistency off the tees.


Really like the three wood,driver is so so still working on it.


New! BombTech Driver and Free 3 Wood

Can’t review what I haven’t received.

I still haven’t received my clubs!!

Bomb Tech Driver & 3 wood

Great clubs. Aesthetically sharp too. Think I might have preferred a stiffer flex & 9.5 loft for my driver. Driver face seems more open than I'm used to. 3 wood is perfect. I have the wedges too that I love. Keep making great affordable clubs.

Thank you for your review and feedback! If there's anything we can do to help let us know.

A slight adjustment to my swing path and this Driver is going great guns,as for the 3 wood.I have 4, 3 woods sitting in my garage because I couldn't get the ball off the ground,with this 3 wood I'm picking the ball off the ground sweet as! These are a must have!

BOOM!!! Glad to hear it Colin, keep bombing them!