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NEW! BombTech Iron Set


💣 Easy to hit from any lie

💣 Even your mis-hits will look good

💣 Test the Irons for 60 days on your course

Why you will love my BombTech Iron Set!

You will be amazed with truly how easy to hit and dangerously accurate the BombTech Iron set performs. This is by far my most requested product of all time and my only concern is how quick they will sell out.

The BombTech iron set features 7 irons (4-pw) with perimeter weighting that makes this almost impossible to mishit. Increased weight allows for better feel throughout your swing and through impact. 431 Stainless and step-less steel shafts provide feedback and consistency that you would expect in a premium iron set.

The Tech Behind the BombTech Iron Set

- Iron heads incorporate an undercut cavity that shift the CG (center of gravity) rearward for a higher MOI (moment of inertia)

- Unsupported face design that increases COR (coefficient of restitution) across the entire face

- Larger sweet spot resulting from deeper CG and higher MOI

- More stable and forgiving club head on off-center impacts resulting from the higher MOI

- Generous sole radius that allows the club head to ease through versatile turf conditions

60 Day On Course Guarantee

Here's the deal. You get a premium Iron set for far less than the price of a retail set, backed by a 60 day guarantee. How? I only sell online. No retail and no pros means you get more for your money. I am so confident that these will be the best Irons you have ever played. If they are not, just send them back!

I have sold over 150,000 clubs and my return rate is less than 5%! Buy with confidence. You will love these Irons, I personally guarantee it.

Who Are These Designed For?

My name is Sully, an amateur golfer just like you. In 2012 I started BombTech Golf to design forgiving and accurate clubs that give Amateurs confidence and consistency regardless of swing style. If you are already on tour, you can play these but they weren't designed for you...Sorry, but I designed these to be easy to hit, forgiving and to help amateur golfers be dangerously accurate.

BombTech Iron Set Review

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BombTech Iron Set Specs

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Customer Reviews

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Best Ever!

The clubs arrived on time! The weight is perfect. The shafts have exceptional flex and feel. The cavity allows the ball to jump off the face. I've gained approximately 15 yards with these clubs. Pull the pin and purchase the best clubs for the money!


NEW! BombTech Iron Set

Love the new irons.

Love how my ball stops good on green. No more going for front of green and hoping it will roll on. Gave me cofidence to go for green cause it will stop.

Best clubs ever!!

Finally got to try these clubs out last Sunday Love the way they feel. Improved my game first time out by 10 strokes. Fantastic! Can’t Waite to get out this weekend!!!

Feedback on Irons

So far (I have only played 2 rounds) I am very happy with the irons. This was a big step for me because I believed in name brands and getting fitted and all of that jazz. The irons just feel good in my hands and I love they way they set up from a eye point of few. I have already ordered the wedge set and waiting on them to come.

Customer Service and Quality Product

The clubs feel great. Perform well. Customer service is great - quick responses to questions/issues. Played one full round and several range visits. Holding up well and ball seems to be going a little further than my norm.

Love Them!!

I gave up golf 6 years ago because of a bad back and gave away my old clubs. Recently, my boys talked me into playing again .I didn't want to shell out big bucks for new clubs or buy older used clubs. Bomb Tech was the answer for me. New clubs at a great price. I purchased the iron set 4-P and the three wedges. My swing is pretty ragged , but I have never scored better. My miss hits were much better and my slice was a thing of the past. I'm looking forward to purchasing the 1 and 3 metal soon.

Clubs arrived yesterday

Haven't had a chance to use them yet

Hope you're able to get out there soon. Thanks for your order!
Best Irons

I've had a couple sets of shop irons and a fitted set of clubs. I've been down to a 12 handicap but never felt comfortable with those clubs,and my handicap has suffered (I did have 4 years off from playing)These clubs are easy to swing.I could never hit a 5 iron so got a hybrid to cover that,now with these clubs I'm using the 4 and 5 iron easy as!The best thing is you don't have to swing hard,the ball springs off the club and has a high flight.loving these irons.Cheers Team golf is fun to play when you have great clubs!

Thanks for your review Colin! Glad you're getting back into the name and chose to be part of our team! Appreciate the support

NEW! BombTech Iron Set

Thank you for your review!