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New! Beer Putt
New! Beer Putt
New! Beer Putt
New! Beer Putt
New! Beer Putt
New! Beer Putt


New! Beer Putt

Golf + Beer Pong?

That's right - this is Beer Putt!

Beer Putt is a new golf game for the backyard, beach, tailgate, office, really anywhere... 

So what do you get?? 

One Beer Putt Mat: This mat is 12 feet long and 2 feet wide - made of high quality foam and fabric that actually feels like you're putting on a real golf green. It is durable, lightweight, and easily carried. Feel free to stand on it, walk on it, victory-dance on it.

Two Putters: Standard length mini-golf putters. One black and one green, each with a rubber grip and can be used by left or right handed players.

Ten Golf Balls: Real golf balls! Five black and five green.

Two Bottle Openers: Because you will need something to pop open those brews!

Two Beer Koozies: Gotta keep the beer cold of course.

TWO BEER BELTS: This is where the magic is... Strap on these adjustable beer belts while playing, let them hold your beer so that you don't have to set it down. Believe us, it's awesome.

One Carrying Bag: Easily put all the components back into the carrying bag to bring your beer putt anywhere.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Beer putt

Awesome fun. Great for playing with friends and makes putting practice more fun

Love it!!!

The same day we received the beer putt my boys and I broke it out and were playing for hours. Great practice and Super glad I bought it. It will get lots of use at home, at the ball field between games, tailgating, and on vacation.

So far so good!

I bought the driver and 3 wood late in the season but broke 80 the first time I used the driver(12 handicap)
I live in NY so not much golf going on, bought the 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges for Christmas so will know soon. Last, have been enjoying the beer golf indoors and having a blast!!


thank you.. it is very nive material..

Beer Putt

Beer Putt is an awesome game! Gave it my brother for Christmas and we wound up playing a 16 person tournament. Everybody loved it. Only suggestion would be some official rules. We did have a few disputes on how best to handle overtimes. Overall awesome game, pull the pin and buy one if you haven’t already!