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Independent Reviews


Center of Gravity Golf - Grenade Golf Driver Review

September, 2015

It’s been about 3 weeks since I received my custom Bombtech Grenade driver, and by “custom” I mean I got to pick the loft (2 to choose from) and the shaft flex. I choose 9 degree, and X-stiff shaft, the stock grip is (PURE) and suits me to a tee. The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the box was the great contrast between the bright green shaft and the matte black crown; the club had presence. I immediately liked the weight, balance, and confidence inspiring, very clean view down the shaft. Yes, it is a pretty golf club, but is it good enough to take my VrPro 8.5 out of the bag after a 6 year reign. I guess we’ll have to see.

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Golficity - Grenade Golf Driver Review

September, 2015

BombTech’s Grenade driver has certainly been generating quite a bit of online buzz lately, so when they approached us with the chance to test one out naturally we jumped at the opportunity.

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Your Caddy - Grenade Golf Driver Review

April, 2015

98% of you reading this won’t know who the hell these guys are, 99% will have never seen their equipment and 100% of you will have never seen them on the TV, they don’t have a big name on the box pushing their products and they have never won a Tour event but Bombtech golf are a serious outfit with a genuinely good product. In fact they are so confident in what they have brought to the market they have slapped this message on the homepage of their website.

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Independent Golf Reviews - Grenade 3 Wood Review

January, 2015

For years club manufactures have been making cavity pockets in irons, but the new start-up company, Bombtech, is putting them in their woods too.  The idea behind cavities is to manipulate CG and create forgiveness.  It works in just about every club if done right. Bombtech, with the help of the University of Vermont, used aerodynamics, CG manipulation and design details to create the Grenade line of woods.   While most often the talk about woods is "how long", I think just as important is "how accurate."  The BombTech Grenade 3-wood offers both qualities and then some.

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Golfballed- Grenade 5 Wood Review

December, 2014

So lets get this out of the way first, Bombtech makes high quality, great performing products. They emphasize this point on their website, even to the point of using a high quality paint so the club looks good for an extended point of time. These are not cheapy clones or infomercial clubs. Bombtech enlisted the help of Engineering students from the University of Vermont to create a shape the didn't infringe on any other patents but cut through the air and transferred as large amount of energy to the ball as possible. 

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Club Up Golf- Grenade Driver Review

November, 2014

With a name like Bombtech, there are some serious implications that are brought to the table. Certain expectations that one would have when they wield that teebox cannon. A certain image that should be projected. It goes without saying that the Grenade from Bombtech Golf fulfills all of those expectations.

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US Golf TV - Grenade Driver Review

October, 2014

With the help of the University of Vermont and their Engineering Department, the owner–who goes by the name “Sully”–co-designed an innovative piece of driving equipment that has been making an impact in golf circles since 2011.

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GolfBalled - Grenade Putter Review

July, 2014

Our Golf Pro Regie "PinHi" Pinuelas from Van Nuys GC has been gaming our BombTech Grenade putter for a month now and here is his take on the putter. 

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Hooked On Golf Blog - Grenade Driver Review

June, 2014

For the last couple of months I’ve been testing out the Grenade Driver by Bombtech Golf. I really enjoy working with some of the smaller golf companies who have a great entrepreneurial spirit, love of spirit, and a passion for the gear. Sometimes those basic qualities can be lost lost in the mega-marketing campaigns and big-corporate worlds of the large players in golf equipment

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Bunker's Paradise - Grenade Putter Review

May, 2014

In the past 2 years we have seen Bombtech Golf burst into the scene with intense engineering and quality in their flagship product, the “Grenade” driver. They quickly followed up with a booming line of fairway woods. It is safe to say that Bombtech has made a name for themselves in the distance realm, but as the old addage says “drive for show, putt for dough”.

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Average Guy's Golf - Grenade Putter Review

May, 2014

What do you get when a company known for a bold in your face driver, decided to make a putter?  Seems like a riddle but it is anything but that BombTech Golf, known for their Grenade Driver jumped into the putter market with their release of the Grenade Putter, which hit the market last week. AGG was sent one of the first putters completed and we are honored to be one of the first to review it. 

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3 Men In A Bunker - Grenade Driver Review

May, 2014

We received our Bombtech Grenade driver just over a month ago now and it's time to give you our official take on this Bomber! Just the short time it took to come over from the States got us pretty excited - we’d read all we could and were really looking forward to putting the Grenade through its paces.

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Golf Review Guy - Grenade Driver Review

January, 2014

When you are looking for a new driver, what are the first things you look for? Many people are looking for a driver that will hit that long ball. Others are looking for one that will allow them to get the best hit off miss shots. I am a sucker for the feel and sound of a driver. If the club does not feel good and have a great sound, it is really hard to fall in love. 

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AmongMen - Grenade Driver Review

November, 2013

"Whoa, that’s the coolest driver I’ve ever seen," exclaims a passing wide-eyed 12-year-old when I remove the cover off of BombTech Golf’s gunmetal black 460CC head and take a few practice swings at the driving range. Sharply accented by a lime green shaft, this wild wood packs a visual payload fitting of its name.

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Three Guys Golf - Grenade Driver Review

August, 2013

With a name like Bombtech Grenade, you would expect me to begin this review with claims of picking up 25 yards and crushing drives like Gary Woodland. While I do believe the Bombtech Driver may give you extra distance off the tee, I want to begin by telling you why this driver is different than any driver you will find in a store and why it might be the best driver you have ever bought. 

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The SandTrap - Grenade Driver Review

July, 2013

We take a look at one of the most, well, explosive new drivers in golf. When I heard that we had a chance to review the BombTech Golf Grenade driver, I jumped after the opportunity after a bit of research. BombTech Golf is a new company, based out of Vermont, that makes clubs by hand in the United States.

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GolfBalled - Grenade Driver Review

June, 2013

For the past couple of years, I have received many items to test and review. There has never been one that blew my mind as much as this driver. Upon receiving the Grenade driver from BombTech Golf, I was a little skeptical. Can a guy really get together with some college students and create a driver that is comparable to those already on the market?

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Bunker's Paradise - Grenade Driver Review

May, 2013

We tend to get a lot of products to review at Bunkers Paradise that come from small start-up companies trying to find their way into the golf world. Some are good, some not so good. It is pretty rare that a flagship product (and only one at that) of a brand new company shows the promise to be at the very top of the industry.

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