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BombTech 3 Wood

What You Get - BombTech 3 Wood

Pure Engineering

The dual cavity design was co-engineered with the University of Vermont's Engineering department.  We took the original dual cavity design and modified it to work with our fairway woods!

The Benefits of the Dual Cavity Design

- More weight positioned behind the sweet spot

- Cavities increase accuracy on off center hits.

- Reduction in drag leads to higher club head speeds

NEW! Premium BombTech Shaft

We have designed a new low-torque, mid-launch, and mid-spin shaft that helps maximize your distance and tighten your dispersion. This new shaft contains a 40 ton carbon material that creates a lighter AND more stable golf shaft than ever before. You will be able to swing harder and still make consistent contact. This new shaft upgrade will make you more confident when swinging a 3 wood.

Standard Length: 43.5 Inches

Dexterity: Right Handed

Grenade Club Head Specs

Face Material: Stainless Steel

Hosel Depth: 34 mm

Weight: 211 grams

Loft: 15 Degrees

Face Angle: 0.5*

Size: 160 cc

Lie: 57*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 585 reviews
Grenade 3 Wood

I finally got a chance to play some golf and to try my Grenade 3 Wood. Let me say, Damn I Love this club, using it off the tee I'm getting 225yds - 250yds but my ball is in the fairway!!! I told my son about it and he's ordering himself one!!!


i have been using these clubs (15 and 18 degrees) since they first out . When my driver not working i go to the 3 long and hit quite well. easy to hit out of fairway. Both woods are my go to clubs. Long par 3 i use the 5 wood no problems. Very happy golfer with these clubs.

Glad to hear it Bob, thanks for your continued support!
Broken hand

Haven't had a chance to use it! Broke my hand the day I got it. Looks bad a$$ though

Love it!

I’ve only played a couple rounds with the grenade 3 wood but so far I am very happy. I feel very comfortable with it. I crushed it a couple days ago on a long par 5 and rolled up to the edge of the green for an eagle put. I have never hit that green in two. It may be time for me to step up and get the driver.


3 wood hits ball straighter - very satisfied with purchase

Thank for your review and order Alan!
3 Wood Rocks

I have the grenade wedge set which are the best wedges I have ever owned. Decided to give the 3 Wood a try. It did not disappoint. All of a sudden my golf buddies are interested in these clubs. When I tell them Sully called to see how I liked the new club they look at me like I'm crazy. BOOM!

Boom! We love to hear that Mike, thank you so much for your support!

BombTech 3 Wood

Thanks for your review Joe!
Yes sir!

Boom! I pulled the trigger. Been following this company for a long time and I have their wedges and love them. Just purchased the 3 wood. Hoping it’s as good as advertised. Will update once used.

Thanks for your order Dustin! Glad to have you on the team!


Excellent Accompaniment to my Grenage Driver

I can now hang up my Taylor Made 3 wood as the BombTech does the job.