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Why We Sell Direct



We say 'no' to sophisticated golf driver "tech." We don't do wrenches, we don't pay pros to play our clubs. We are your golf company. We listen, ask and build our brand with your input. We design golf clubs you will be proud to swing. Clubs that you can't wait to play. Golf clubs that people gather round at the 19th hole to talk about. We back our golf clubs with a 60 day on course guarantee! We are BombTech Golf, and we deliver awesome golf clubs direct to you.

Q. How do BombTech Golf clubs compare against the big OEMS?

A. We could never compete with them on marketing, so we decided to compete on quality of production process and materials. Our golf driver is manufactured using a 2 piece production process that offers the tightest tolerances for COR or rebound and durability. Bottom line, we cut no corners to offer the hottest legal golf driver, fairway woods and hybrid line on the market.

Q. Where can you swing one?

A. Every golf club is sold direct from this very website. Our direct to golfer model, as opposed to the traditional way means we can offer the highest quality custom golf clubs at the lowest possible price. We spare no expense when it comes to materials, production methods, or design.

In addition, we pledge to only release new golf equipment if it outperforms its’ previous model. Since we are not in the traditional retail environment, there is no pressure to release product after product in such a short period of time. Most importantly, instead of focusing on our relationships with retailers and distributors, we can focus our time and energy on building relationships that matter. The relationship with you!

Q. Sounds good, but what if you don't love your new Grenade golf club?

A. Each club is backed by a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.  You have the option to exchange it for a brand new golf club or return it for a 90% refund.  Which is the same as renting a  golf club for around $9 (wedge set) and playing it on the golf course for 60 days!

Q. Any other questions?

A. Call Us Today at 1-802-560-3192


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