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Our Mission

Advanced technology, top-quality materials & innovative design combine to create golf clubs you’re proud to swing. All of our products are co-engineered with the University of Vermont. We guarantee that you will see, feel and hear the difference. Join our team!

Sully, BombTech Golf CEO

From Vermont To You

Our products are assembled by hand in Vermont, USA and delivered direct to you. The goal of this process opposed to the traditional way is to offer you the finest quality golf equipment at an affordable price. We spare no expense when it comes to materials, production methods, or design. Each golf club is built by hand to offer you guaranteed performance and the unique opportunity to customize your clubs if so desired.

Most importantly, instead of focusing on our relationships with retailers, we can focus our time and energy on building relationships that matter. The relationship with you!

What golfers are saying

  • "I Hit my NEW Grenade Driver by Bombtech Golf the other day in a golf dome. I have had many companies ask me to try their product, and tell me they are "The Latest Technology". The Grenade is all that and much more. Numbers don't lie when it comes to the Grenade. When I was hitting the Grenade and the sound echoed in the dome, a few guys came over and asked about it. As they approached I said walk slowly, I have a live grenade (Haha) They was right handed golfers and I am left handed, so I could not offer them the chance to try it. First thing one of them asked is it USGA approved, I said YES! I then wrote down the website for them. It's winter in the Chicago and Wisconsin area and I am itching bad to pull the pin on the Grenade on the course. Bombtech Golf is the REAL DEAL, and I am honored to be on Team Bombtech"

    Jon V.

  • "I have had my Grenade for over a month now. It is easily the best driver I have owned. The face is very forgiving and the sweet spot is amazing. When I first got it the thing I noticed immediately was how it looked. The flat black combined with the green shaft looks awesome. Then I hit it. I thought I was hitting it pretty well. Then I found the sweet spot. There is no way to describe what it feels like when you get one perfect. The sound is completely different. Since I bought the golf driver I have switched balls because it is allowing me to play a much harder ball and get more distance. It is a great product and everyone who has hit mine were super impressed with the fact that it comes with a really nice shaft. They've also all loved how it plays when they've hit it. All in all very impressed"

    Tom from Georgia

  • "First tee - 280 down the middle, 2nd - 305, 4th - 295. 20-30 yards longer than any driver I have owned, just amazing. And the accuracy is nothing but perfect. I normally tend not to hit a driver because of it being erratic, but after 3 rounds, the ball hasn't duck hooked or sliced like I would normally get 1-2 times per round. This golf driver has found a permanent home in my bag, that's for sure!"

    Rick from Massachusetts

  • "This driver is everything you said it was. I hit it straight and its launches the ball 25 yards further then my TaylorMade stage two. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The quality and workmanship that went into this golf driver is truly top shelf. Listen I can't say enough. Golfer's you are missing out if you do not at list try this great product."

    Bernie from Vermont

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