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BombTech Golf Stand Bag
Anthony Holtz (Toronto, US)

Great service as always with a great product.Im never disappointed.

Driver and 3wood bundle

Over many years of playing top level golf i just wanted a new set to replace my ageing Titleist driver and 3wood. Having known Sully from before Bombtech when he built me a bespoke driver i decided to purchase the driver and 3wood. No regrets it very much does what it says on the pack and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a great club at a very affordable price.

BombTech Golf Stand Bag
elmer brandhorst (Carbondale, US)
BADD ASS !!!!!!

Love the bag looks awsome. Now you guys need to design some golf gloves in the same color.

BombTech Golf Stand Bag
Austin Landry (Wheatland, US)
Best Bag I’ve Ever Owned

Title says it all! I haven’t played golf a heck of a whole lot in the past few years, but Bombtech ads convinced me to go all in. Part of that was this badass bag, which is amazing! I love the 14 dividers and the pockets fit more than enough of what I need for a day out on the links. Highly recommended!

New! BombTech Golf 66 Degree Lob Wedge
jackson ko (Wichita, US)

New! BombTech Golf 66 Degree Lob Wedge

Excellent golfing clubs

I love these clubs I Hit them pretty good

NEW! BombTech 3.0 Driving Iron Package
Carlton Code (Parker, US)
Driving irons

I am extremely pleased with my 2 and 3 driving irons very easy to hit . Driver has been staying in the bag lately. Will be ordering the 1 soon

Really nice wedges

Love the feel and the look of the wedges worth every penny and what a good price thanks

Great feel

I actually love the feel of both clubs while swinging, little light for me though having to adjust my swing, which actually has helped some.

BombTech Golf Stand Bag
Bill Russell (Pearland, US)
Great Fit

This bag is a great fit and value.

Wedge set review

Perfect for the weekend warrior.

BombTech Golf Stand Bag
RIchard BElanger (Maynard, US)
Bag replacement.

So far so good

Limited Edition BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set
austin wilburn (Waynesville, US)
Very well balanced wedges!

I love my new wedges

NEW! Limited Edition BombTech 3.0 Black Iron Set
Ethan Pacheco (West Valley City, US)

Had some of the original wedges plus the 72. Decided it was time to upgrade my irons and add some hybrids to my set. Got the black 3.0 irons and the hybrids. Received them very quickly. Took them out to the range and tried them out. Swung very balanced and nice. Finally got to use them for 2 games if 9, and took an average of 4 shots off my average! On top of my game getting better, they look fantastic! Thank you to sully and the whole team at bombtech

NEW! BombTech Golf Hybrid Wood
Tracy Whitman (Clemmons, US)
Great club

This club has great loft and distance from any surface. You don't need the ball sitting pretty on the fairway to smash it 200+ yards. I was still hitting it around 200 yards from the rough.
It's really easy to hit compared to a 3 wood. I recommend this club to newbies and veterans. The performance you get is well worth the small price tag!!
So just go ahead and buy one. See for yourself. You will not be letdown by it's performance!

Better than expected and they are a great value

I purchase the wedge set and the clubs look amazing , I finally had a chance to try them out on thanksgiving day and they are very forgiving since I haven’t played golf in 13 years and wasn’t any good back then and now relearning the game again with new clubs. I also purchase the hybrid set which are awesome and hit some great shots with them. What I really love was that the owner of BombTech reached out to me personally after both of my purchases . You can’t beat the quality and price . Hopefully I will get the fairway wood some day.

BombTech Golf Stand Bag
G. Wise (Mt. Dora, US)
Bag is the bomb

Love the look and colors of the bag. Light weight, plenty of pockets and padded dividers. Comfortable shoulders strap, and has a sturdy stand, even though I don’t walk the courses, Lol. All around a great bag for an outstanding price. Thanx, Sully for looking out for the average golfers.

Limited Edition BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set
Pedro Gonzalez (Bakersfield, US)

Great set of wedges. They look good and preform just as good. I got them for a great price and shipping was surprisingly fast!!

Limited Edition BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set

BombTech Golf Stand Bag
Joe C. (Forest Hill, US)
Bomb Tech Golf Stand Bag

Very nice bag! plenty of storage! Love the individual club slots!

NEW! Limited Edition BombTech 3.0 Black Iron Set

BombTech Golf Stand Bag
Kim Schwambach (Reading, US)

It’s a Christmas present so it hasn’t been used yet. I will review after Christmas

Great wedges

NEW! Limited Edition BombTech 3.0 Black Iron Set
Chase Long (Maryland Heights, US)
Very happy

These clubs cannot be beat for this price. I have tried out some “premium” clubs that are 5x the price and felt very little difference. You will not regret these being in your bag.


There awesome