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New! BombTech Golf 3.0 Hybrid Set
Jerry Prokopec (Richmond, US)

Pretty novice golfer….started taking lessons same time I received these clubs. Now that my swing is improving, these are a blast to hit. You don’t need to power up, smooth effortless strokes sends the 5 hybrid 200 yards and straight. I’d recommend then to anyone looking for a quality product for far less cost than big name brands that rip us off just for paying for their name

Driver and 3 wood

I have been to the range a couple times now with these new clubs. The three wood is fairly decent in comparison to my taylormade r7 titanium milled faces three wood. The driver so far is a slice machine. I intend to take it to a simulator and have a pro make the adjustments with the dial. I will say that the irons are fantastic, so I am optimistic for the driver and 3 wood combo to produce.

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
DARRELL BATEMAN (Jacksonville, US)

great clubs hittin the all better than before really like the wieght of the clubs

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Matt Molish (Beaver Falls, US)

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set

Great feel!

These wedges are great! I've hit them on the range, and I'm looking forward to getting out on the course soon!

Limited Edition BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set

Great set!

Definitely help my short game! Very forgiving clubs!

4.0 driver/ 3 wood

Absolutely stoked with it sully..
Great price,great service and happy to be using it here in Aus.


Wedges feel a bit heavy and clunky but a decent club

NEW! BombTech 3.0 Driving Iron Package
Rockett Man (Hudson, US)
They look great

Have not had a chance to use them yet, still snow on the ground. Hopefully only a couple more weeks!!!

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Michael Fitzpatrick (Hudson, US)

Great feel

Used club review

Although they are sold as “used” they are still in amazing condition. And they play better than any iron I’ve used. Lots of forgiveness. Highly recommend

Very impressive

Just what I needed in my bag.
Thanks Bombtech

Great weight and feel

Best irons ever

These irons are the bomb. Cannot beat the product and cannot beat the price. Love them.

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Chase Viars (Batesville, US)

These are really great clubs . Very forgiving . Highly recommend !

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
Justin Wolfe (Hartwell, US)
I love bomb tech clubs

I own all the volcano torch clubs except putter because it doesn’t exist! :( But I love these clubs a ton! I’ve never crushed any goofballs this far in my life. Will pick up any club immediately when it’s torched. Hands down best investment in my entire life. Thank you Bombtech!

Unable to Play

The clubs feel nice and heavy, unfortunately I am rehabbing from neck surgery.
I need to change the grips to Jumbo to get them on the course. Great service fast shipping and follow up!

BombTech Golf 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set
Kenny Jordan (Brandon, US)
Health issues

I haven’t been able to play them yet due to chemotherapy treatments I’ve been receiving due to a recurrence of cancer. May have to sent the order back for a refund. Hope you understand.

Just what I was looking for and not break the bank

These wedges are what I was missing, I only use a 60 degree for all my short around the green, now with having the 56 degree for multi use I can leave my 60 just for hi lobs.

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Holly Viz (San Antonio, US)
Iron set

I purchased this set as a gift for my brother. Loved mine so much I wanted him to experience them.


The clubs react the way I would expect them to. Great feel when hitting the ball. Wonderful product!!

Must have for amateur players!!

I love my Bombtech Irons set!!!! I recently pulled the pin and I am so thankful that I did! Super forgiving, hit further and a fraction of the cost of other brands out there. I 1000% recommend making the switch if you are looking to upgrade!

Quality and feel

I haven’t had much chance to use my wedges yet as we got hit with kind of a second winter right after my purchase but from the little time I’ve had to use the clubs I can tell that they are good quality clubs. I’m by no means a pro nor have I golfed very long but they feel like a good set of wedges for someone like myself that is fairly new to the sport and still learning.

New wedges

I really like them. I am still get use to the weight as the are some of the heaviest wedges I've used.