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3.0 one iron

I live in Massachusetts. I haven't been able to try it yet but I'm looking forward to it.


Clubs are great, refreshing look in bag, people seem to like them.

First Bump n Run EVER!!

I received the wedge set and went right out to test them out! About 30 yards out off the green, I grabbed my 56 and BOOM, first bump n run ever!! Thanks fellas, I've recommended them to like 3-4 of my cousins already!!

These wedges are awesome!! I get some great loft and spin on the ball which is exactly what I was looking for. Plus, I love the way they look in my bag, thinking about buying the irons also here soon.

Beautiful clubs

I absolutely love the look of these wedges. A friend of mine has the regular version of these clubs and I had a chance to test them this past season and loved the weight and ball flight from them, which persuaded me to get a set of my own.

3.0 5 wood

i love it

Awesome Wedges!

I love these wedges. They legitimately took 5-10 strokes off of my game. Shot an 83 yesterday, Granted it was in a simulator. I can't wait to get these clubs on a course.

Haven’t hit yet

I haven’t hit it yet but the company is amazing!

Awesome Iron Set!

These are the best irons that I have ever owed!



Bombtech silver wedge set

A very good high quality feel for a really good price. Will only buy BombTech from now on!

Limited Edition Volcano Torched BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set

Hell yeah

Haven't bought a driver in year...love these!!

No review yet

Haven't had chance to use yet because of Cold weather.

Amazing Feel Amazing Look

Just finished my first round with my new bombtech wedge set. And I love the feel of this clubs. Had some great shots one the first time swinging them. Can’t wait to pull them out of the bag on the next round. Great look and great customer service. Thanks Sully for the call and card. Can’t wait till my wife lets me buy the iron set.

Great club

Love this club .


I like the way these wedges look and love the way they feel. They feel a touch heavier to me which I love; less need for precise control and forgiving. As with all new clubs I would recommend finding a grip that makes these wedges feel comfortable in your hands with control. For me, when it comes to wedges that is the CP2 Pro Jumbo size grip; it is soft and the jumbo size allows me to feel more in control of my wedge. Overall, I would recommend these to anybody and everybody who enjoys the game and they won't cost you an arm and a leg!!

I'm sure it will be great 👍

I am going to prematurely give it a 5 star rating, as with the recent below zero temps the past month I have yet to try it out. But I am confident as with all of my Bomb Tech golf clubs it will perform as good as the others and live up to the expectations of your great quality easy to products. Thanks for asking.

James Bowen loyal customer

3.0 5 wood

I love it.
Hits great and feels even better

One iron

Very happy with my one iron. I’m new to golf and this iron has help my game. Since I can’t hit fair woods yet.

BombTech Golf 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set


Really enjoy using these wedges. I’m hitting them good and they hit with consistency.

Volcano Looks Amazing

I've swapped my 60 for the 66 as of now. All my clubs are the black BombTech and this is my first Volcano. It's so nice I want the rest to be volcano now.

Got what I needed

I can't hit a fairway wood to save my life so I needed a long range club. My one iron is that club. It puts par 5's in range and par 4's possible. Also I don't fear the forest anymore. Driving the ball under the trees is something I did three times today. It is an extremely easy club to hit and a joy to play with.