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New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Ronnie Quinto (Elizabethtown, US)

Great transaction thx.agian look forward to playing with them

Great Wedges

Look good and feel good. Great performance so far.

4.0 driver

hitting straighter and longer , love it

Better than expected. Great value for the price.

Driver off the tee box.

Played 18 Sunday and had the best round ever for myself as far as hitting fairways off the tee box with the new 4.0 driver. Front 9 I hit 8 out of 9 fairways and back 9 hit 6 out of 9 and I’m 52 and was out driving my 22 yrld son and his friend around the same age by 10 yards.

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Tracy Beasley (Ashville, US)

Really happy with my bombtec. Had the iron’s lengthened 2 in for my height and new grips. Completely satisfied

NEW! BombTech Golf Hybrid Wood
robert traylor (Levelland, US)

I have played 3 times and feel confident that the clubs will do their job better than me!

No time

I live in MN weather is no good enough to get out

NEW & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Five Wood
David Ward (Social Circle, US)
The Bomb!

Great club. Excellent price and fast delivery.

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
Kevin Walker (Lancaster, US)

My bomb tech 7 wood out drives my old one by 20 yards

Good job

They are great clubs and they were delivered fast

Great customer care

Took new clubs out to range for first time. Club broke. Customer service immediately sent new set. Standing behind a product now a days is a blessing.

Waiting to put it to use.

Living in Michigan this time of year makes playing a round difficult. I haven’t had the opportunity yet.

NEW! BombTech 3.0 Driving Iron Package
Michele Weimerskirch (Bettendorf, US)

They are a Christmas present for my family member

BombTech Golf Chipper
Ryan Waddington (Scottsdale, US)

This club is going to take 10 strokes off my game. It’s so easy to hit and consistent. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I can group balls within a couple yards of each other even from 30 yards out. My only issue now is, it seems like it could almost replace a wedge, I’m not sure what the max distance this thing is designed for! lol.


I bought the whole set. 52 56 and 60. I did replace the grips with a thicker grip and wish that was an option. I really like the 60 degree.
I like the look and people comment as soon as they see the limited edition wedges
I also bought the 72 degree for fun. I need some practice but am hoping this can replace my fairway flop shots that I am not good at.

Driver and 3 wood

I hit the ball straighter with the 3 wood and longer and straighter with the driver

New! BombTech Golf 3.0 One Iron
Tugger LaBelle (Colchester, US)

Christmas gift for kids

Gift for

Best wedges for the price

Had played with Cleveland wedges for 20+ years until my son borrowed my clubs one day and lost 2 of them during a round of golf - yes, he is a teenager.
Decided to try these out for 1/3 the price and they are just as solid as my old Cleveland wedges. Very good balance to the club and you get great feel coming off the club face.
Absolutely steal of a deal!

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Hybrid Set
Jamey Jones (Chattanooga, US)
Bomb tech

It has helped my awful golf play tremendously.
I’m not much of an iron guy but love hitting driver,woods and hybrids and before I could never get the ball off the ground from the tee box no matter how low or how high I teed it up. But ever since I got the bombtech driver I’m now hitting it pretty well.

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
Jerry Peace (Lakeland, US)

Nice club easy to hit

Outstanding customer service!

Bomb tech golf is always on top of it. They help me every time something is up. They really stand behind their products and I am very grateful for a company like this! I will always use bombtech

Try the 56 working the kink feel great

BombTech Golf Stand Bag
Rey Navarro (Frisco, US)
Great product and customer service!

Love bombtech!!! I own the iron set, wedges, driver and hybrid. Oh… and also the bag! Committed customer because their customer service is also fantastic! Thank you!