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Fantastic looking wedge. Great birthday gift to a friend.

Worth Consideration

I bought the pre-owned set of wedges and wasn't impressed in the condition in which they arrived. Realistically, after you play a few rounds even with a brand new set won't look brand new so I thought that used would be good for a discount. Not sure it is worth saving only $10 for that; discount for pre-owned seems too small to me, but that is a personal choice. That said the customer service team is quite responsive, even if a bit slow. I have been pleased with all my interactions with them (not dealing with offshore or robots).

I had been playing with a set of clubs that were decades old and upgraded to new set of game improvement clubs with PW and GW. Never have been able to use the either wedge well, particularly the Gap. I kept my old SW and 60 degree lob, neither of which I hit particularly well. So I have been considering upgrading my SW and LW and had considered Costco's set, but it was around $200 and had something similar to my GW as part of the set and I wasn't looking to replace that. During my investigation I came across Bombtech and it seemed interesting.

Local US company, entrepreneurial and value based all good reasons to deal with them, if they are legit. Don't know anything about the founder and the story seems a bit questionable, but seemed to me worth strong consideration. They don't claim to be high-end, focused on the pros, they are a value option for everyday players and the price of $100 for three wedges really caught my eye, even though I wasn't interested in replacing my GW. Have now used them for more than a half dozen rounds I can say they have improved my pitching and chipping immensely. Much crisper contact and control over the old clubs and the 52 degree seems to fit between my GW and the 56 which is the club I use most out of the sand. I am extremely pleased with the clubs both for value and play. I mostly use the 56 and 60, but no regrets that I have the 52. No idea how they will last, but doubt I will be needing to change them out for a very long time.

I also can't compare them to more expensive options, but couldn't believe there could ever be a reason for me to pay more for any other option given my level of competence. I was considering the volcano and black wedges and went with volcano. I really like the look and it catches a lot of eyes on the course.

I have bought 3 sets completely every club and more then satisfied tell Sully he owes me.dinner.or a round of golf thanks guys

Bomb tech 4.0 iron set

Absolutely love the irons have also got the wedge set and have ordered the driver and 3 wood combo waiting on those to come in. I’ve only been playing golf about 8 months and the clubs have greatly improved my game

This club is exactly what I needed for 190-240 off the turf. Already my favorite club in my bag after two rounds.

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
Bob Galosich (Seattle, US)
Bombing the 7 wood

Perfect for slow swing speed older golfer for carry over water and hazards

Definitely a game changer took four strokes off my last game and saved me three balls over the game that I didn’t lose

BombTech Golf 4.0 Full Set

4.0 Black Iron Set

I've had the chance to play once with the set and loved them! Just getting back into golf after a few years and I was looking for some affordable clubs. These aren't "cheap". They are priced for the average consumer and are amazing.

Irons are money!

Played with Taylor Made Steelburners for many years. Tried the BT 4.0 irons and instantly noticed far better acuracy. I used to have to aim right on approach shots, now I'm right at the flag with my aimpoint. Still using my beloved TM 3i and gap wedge because I love them. Pros have mixed bags, so why can't I? But the BT4.0 irons have lowered my handicap by 3!

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
Nathan Kemnitz (Northwood, US)
Great club!

Great club! Great product..

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
David Francisco (Sunbury, US)
Love the 7 wood

The 7 wood works great as my 150 yard club
Thanks much, also love the zippered head cover.
Do you have them for the driver, 3 wood and 5 wood?

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
B.S. (Saint Paul, US)
My go to club

7wood has become my go to club in my bag, off the tee or off the turf. As a mid handicap it takes the place of my 3-4 iron. We'll worth the money, possibly will order another one for back.

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
Dale Sutton (Buffalo, US)
Well added Bomb to the collection

When your 73 young you need a straight shooting bomb for that second shot on them long Par 5. Specially when you’re not always a fairway outlaw. This 7 wood is just the bomb you need to get you to that green dance floor and catch them birdies . Thanks Sully and your Crew for another winner, the 7wood is in the bag

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
Paul Cullinane (Warwick, US)

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood

Fantastic Irons

Played with my new Bombtech 4.0 for the sixth time today and they are high quality for a fair price.

Pre-Owned BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Bombtech irons

I have played three times with the new irons and I am hitting it better than ever!

New! BombTech Golf 3.0 One Iron
allen avrutin (New York, US)

My favorite club used to be a 2iron until I played with my new 1 iron. It’s everything I thought it would be.

5 star

Great clubs. Good service. Would try these clubs before you go anywhere else

NEW and Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Black Iron Set
Shane Beaune (Traverse City, US)
I’m hooked

I have the 4.0 irons and two hybrids from bombtech and I absolutely love them. Hybrids fly incredibly strait and have quickly became my favorite clubs. The irons to me are pretty much perfect. Maybe need a grip upgrade but the feel of the clubs is far superior to my previous set and I’m hitting the ball further.

BombTech Golf 4.0 Full Set
Riley Hawkins (Tucson, US)
On point

Really enjoyed these bombers this morning highly recommend.

Replacing cracked driver

I was amazed that you replaced my driver at no charge but you went above and beyond when you included the 3 wood as well. I tell all my golfing buddies how great your company is.

Great stuff

I got this and the set of 4.0 irons. Very forgiving and been happy so far, I just need to re-grip them and I’ll be even happier!!!


I really liked the clubs!