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Love these clubs

72 degree wedge

Great looking wedge, with lots of backspin. Takes some getting used to finding it’s range. I would definitely recommend you have one in your bag.

New! BombTech Golf 3.0 One Iron
Tim Heer (Marion, US)

New! BombTech Golf 3.0 One Iron

Wedge BombTech Clubs

I really want to thank BombTech with these awesome wedges. I’ve used them several times at the golf course and they are great!! These clubs are affordable and very nice too! Again, thank you!

Bill's review

I like them

Pre-Owned Black BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set
Dwight Kirkwood (Kansas City, US)
Used wedges

I bought the wedges used because I wasn’t for sure if I would even use them I’m not a wedge guy they came quick and they look great and I use them all the time love them I’m glad I bought them and they look new awesome

Steal of a Purchase

Low price for high preforming wedges. I love them. I will definitely get another set after these are worn out

Bomb Tech wedge set

I love these wedges! Still getting use to distance on each. Good bite/check with Titleist AVX.

New! BombTech Golf 3.0 One Iron
C. (Manchester, US)
BombTech One Iron

When I bought the one iron I was skeptical of its performance and just hoping for average performance. After using this club for about 50 holes of golf I can say with confidence that this club is worth every penny. For someone who struggles with a driver, the one iron has became a solid option for a long tee shot. I have been consistently hitting it over 230 yards with even some going as far as 275. I have been playing golf consistently for less than a year now so I can easily say that this club can be hit by any golfer and will rival high-end drivers; if you have an above average swing speed.

Clubs work great! Look very good as well!

Pre-Owned BombTech Golf 3.0 Driver and 3 Wood
Daniel Ross (Jacksonville, US)
Pre-owned clubs

Bought these because they were out of new ones.
The clubs boxed as if new. The driver looked barely used and the 3 wood looked like it was never used. Both worked great. Very satisfied with both clubs.

NEW! Limited Edition BombTech 3.0 Black Iron Set
Christopher Disselkamp (Cocoa Beach, US)
3.0 black iron set

I've been out several times with the new irons and I hit them as well or better than any other set I've used. Excellent quality for a great price.

NEW! Limited Edition BombTech 3.0 Driver and 3 Wood Bundle
Christopher Disselkamp (Cocoa Beach, US)
Bombtech 3.0 driver and 3 wood

Driver and 3 wood are both excellent quality clubs for a great price.

NEW! Limited Edition BombTech 3.0 Black Iron Set

Bombtech wedge set.

I went from a set of powerbilt wedges to these and haven't looked back since. The forgiving bounce angles have really increased my consistency in my approach shots from 80 yards or less. For 130 bucks you can't beat em.

New! BombTech Golf 3.0 Volcano Torched Iron Set
Rodney Offield (Green Bay, US)
Very comfortable feeling

From my first swing, I have enjoyed these irons. The ball just takes off. Once I dial in the distances, I will score even better and I have already shot a 41 my second time using this year.

Bombtech 💣 Irons

Absolutely love my new wedges and irons from bombtech! Lots of compliments on the course on the finish of the 3.0 Volcano set! Love them!!

Limited Edition Volcano Torched 3.0 Driver
William Archer (Washington, US)
Good quality

The driver is great. I can’t use it as the shaft is to soft, wish it had a stiff shaft but other then that it’s great.

Great Purchase

Love the clubs!

BombTech Explosions Golf Towel
Edward Manzello (Brooklyn, US)
Terrific Towel

Anything Bombtech touches turns to gold. Love this company!

New! BombTech Golf 3.0 Volcano Torched Iron Set
Dwight Kirkwood (Kansas City, US)
Finally pulled the pin

I wasn’t too sure about buying these I’m not that good of a golfer been golfing a lot lately took couple lessons bought the irons and wedges within that week bought the driver package now the game is much more enjoyable ball plays in front of me clubs feel great they look fantastic if you don’t play better with them you’re gonna look better with them had them for about four weeks got my first eagle which is pretty big for me when I’m used to playing (snowman)

Love the driver and 3 wood. They have a nice feel to them, easy to swing, and great driving distance. Would highly recommend

New! BombTech Golf 3.0 Hybrid Set
Ronnie Adrianse (Forest City, US)
BombTech Hybrid set

Played 36 holes in a weekend with my new hybrid irons and was very impressed with the consistency of hitting as well as the forgiveness of the club head. I am a for fun golfer and was struggling with my second shots at every hole. Now, with my new hybrid irons, my second shots are landing on the green or leaving a simple chip to the pin. Pull the Pin! You won’t regret it!

New! BombTech Golf 3.0 One Iron
Michael Lipps (Portland, US)
Bombtech 1 iron

To be honest with you all. The club is awesome. I struggle hitting my driver. Nothing but slicing almost every time. But this one iron. I hit just as far as my drive but straight. Nice sold hits. When you hit the ball just right you can barely hear it. And is so soft. It feels like your not hitting anything. And when you look up and see your ball flying straight and far. It's a great feeling. I like it so much I bought the 4-p iron set. With just the 1 iron I improved my game by at least 8 strokes. If you're thinking of buying it. I would. You'll find it worth it.

Have been able to play 2 rounds so far with iron set, LOVE THEM. I am hitting the ball straight and the length is great. Would recommend these for any weekend golfer, very easy to it, even 4 iron. I believe the 2 & 3 iron combo is next addition to bag.