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Limited Edition BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set
Stephen Baral (Mission Viejo, US)

Lots of bang for the buck!

Great clubs

I was looking for a 3 wood and figured what the heck give BombTech a try, and I bought used and was sent from what I can tell was two brand new clubs. Very happy with the price and quick delivery. I’ve only been able to use at the range haven’t used on the course yet.

Great fast shipping and everything was packaged well!


Love the putter! Need one of your guys hats now

The ball jumps of the face.

Limited Edition BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set
John Fitzgerald (Mount Juliet, US)
Wedge Set: 52,56 and 60.

These clubs give me a lot of options around the green.I really enjoy them. Great investment!


So so far very happy.

Pre-Owned BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Dale Sutton (Buffalo, US)
Pre own irons 4.0

Thanks very pleased they all had new grips, so it felt like a new set. I had purchased the 3.0 set years ago and got good service out of them with no complaints. The 4.0 set feels slightly heavier and like that.

Showed up on time and fast

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
Frank Lemieux (Charlotte, US)
Great club. Easy to hit straight.

Pretty confident with it at 160-170 yards.

Awesome clubs and customer service

Glad I finally pulled the pin on getting a set of Bombtech tech clubs. Now just waiting for the volcano putter to be off back order

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
Dale Sander (New York, US)
7 wood

Awesome club. Can’t believe the low price!

Pre-Owned BombTech Golf 3.0 One Iron
Paul Powell (Sugar Land, US)
Enjoyed it,did well with it,I will use it often,thanks

Worked well,was a good purchase,hit well with it,thanks

Awesome clubs and service!

Absolutely love the 3 wood! Had an issue with the driver and the company replaced it immediately with no questions asked. Highly recommend! Wish they made a 7.5 degree though, I'd snatch that up asap too!

Three Wedge-Night

I bought these three wedges....52-56-60...after using a couple of mismatched clubs from other sets far I am happy with them....they are consistent, they feel
good, and they look good.

Driver & 3 wood combo

I just went out yesterday, and I love them. I’m hitting the driver a hell of a bit better than I ever have. As for the 3 wood , I have absolutely been crushing it. The customer service warranty is excellent, I don’t know why, or how the head cracked on the driver, but the replacement is perfect . I had no issues or problems at all. Thank you.

Pre-Owned BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Adam Rittenhouse (Knoxville, US)
Pre-Owned 4.0 Irons

When I bought the clubs I was really hoping that they would come in good condition. When they arrived it looked like they hadn’t even been played with, they played amazing and I will be upgraded when to next generation comes out! Amazing set of clubs!!!

Clubs for wife

She loves them, hitting straighter and longer

I better watch out

Limited Edition Midnight Shadow BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set

Pre-Owned BombTech Golf HyWood
Jim Flanders (Calgary, CA)
Previously owned Clubs

When I received my pre-owned HW club it looked as if it was brand new! It performed very well. If your considering an in between hybrid do not hesitate!!
Pull the PIN !!!!

Great feel around the green. Exceptional spin. Yardage was within 5 yards of my Vokey wedges.