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Great Driver. I should have gotten the Stiff Shaft though. Jobe well done though.

BombTech Merch

Great product! Grip feels great in my hands and absolutely enjoy using these clubs.

Great price and quality

It was nice to get some quality wedges so easily online

New! BombTech Golf 4.0 Driver and 3 Wood Bundle
Michael Winn (Sun City Center, US)
3 wood and driver

Great clubs have me a few extra yards with is exactly what I was looking for head covers came with them which was a added bonus

New! BombTech Golf 4.0 Driver and 3 Wood Bundle
Adam Van Wagenen (Havelock, US)
Amazing clubs

I read reviews and thought I would give the 4.0 driver a try. Probably the best driver I have used. I have been on and off the golf course since I was very young, and I am glad to see there is someone out there willing to provide high quality clubs anyone can afford! Thank you for challenging the golf world, and thank you for the amazing clubs!


This driver is very forgiving great for starters without breaking the bank.

New! BombTech Golf 4.0 Driver and 3 Wood Bundle
Richard Bogardus (Manchester, US)
Outstanding customer service

Thanks so much. Replaced damaged driver and sent a new 3 wood to boot!

4.0 Driver/3 wood

Not only are these clubs awesome they were a replacement because I broke my old one. Customer service was amazing. All around great people to work with

very happy

I'm happy with my new driver and 3 wood

Very pleased

Been a couple of weeks and so far very pleased. Once again very solid golf clubs with a great price. Have turned more people on to Bombtech. All are happy

4.0 3 wood is Amazing

I final go to use my new 4,0 Driver and 3 Wood last weekend. The Driver is Amazing, I love the way it feels. But the 3 Wood..... I have never had a 3 Wood that I liked. Even the 2.0 3 Wood I had from Bomb for some reason I just never felt like I could hit it. But when I first used the 4.0 3 Wood, the feeling I just don't have the words to describe it. The club feels so solid when I come through the ball, it feels so naturel when I swing it. At the driving range and at the course, I must have hit the 3 Wood 250 balls and over 75% good to great shots. Best feeling I have had with a club in a long time.

4.0 Driver and 3 Wood Bundle

While I did end up sending them back because my current club set is fairly similar, they are nice. More than that, everyone at Bomb Tech has been A++ in dealing with questions, concerns, and even the return. I don't know why you wouldn't try these out!

Great clubs

I love the new 4.0 driver and 3 wood!!! LOVE

New! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Mark Kozlik (Newark, US)
Mark k

Nice irons good distance. Very good price

4.0 Driver Doesn't Disappoint

I bought the 4.0 driver and 3 wood bundle after previously pulling the pin on the 3.0 wedges, irons, hywood and 5 wood. Love the feel of the driver. I added a little weight to it to help offset my slice but I was hitting it more consistently and on average farther than my $500 name brand driver. Now my bag is full of Bomb Tech clubs. You can't go wrong with these. DO IT! PULL THE PIN!

New! BombTech Golf 4.0 Driver and 3 Wood Bundle

NEW! Limited Edition BombTech 3.0 Black Iron Set
Dalton Marshall (Brookeville, US)
The actual bomb

The name says it all!

New! BombTech Golf 4.0 Driver and 3 Wood Bundle
Eric Surita (Colorado Springs, US)
Customer service

They are great to work with and back everything they say.

Surpassed Expectations

I am a very average mediocre golfer. I get excited when I break 100 (so maybe I'm actually a bad golfer). Golf isn't my #1 hobby even though I work on a course so I just can't justify dropping thousands on clubs. I finally pulled the trigger on the wedge set and so glad I did.

After one round of getting used to them I love these clubs. They are super easy and forgiving to hit. I rarely have a bad hit with these. Right now I think I hit my 52* further than my 9 iron because I'm consistently hitting the 52* so well.

My close in game has improved dramatically with these in the bag. The looks these clubs get is fun, too. People notice the clubs and many have heard of the brand which makes them wanna try them.

Conclusion. TL; DR: buy these - you won't be disappointed!

Getting extra distance

My new Bombtechs have added close to 30 yards on average to my drives really helping my game.

New! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Evan Stewart (Indianapolis, US)
Great Clubs!

I love my iron set! I would buy them again and again. Quality clubs at an affordable price.

Good quality clubs that don’t break the budget

Nice Clubs!!!

First shot on the course from 50 yards put the ball within 2 feet of the hole.


I bought this set for our son’s birthday. He has wanted them for a few years. He loves them

Completing the sey

Started with the wedge bundle, added the irons, finished with the driver/3 wood combo Love my new sticks