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NEW! BombTech Golf Hybrid Wood
Daniel Zais (Jacksonville, US)
Hw review

Love it! It fits the 210-230 yard shot club for me perfectly.

Great feel looking forward to this year's golf season


Love the feel of them but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get out due to weather and injury. But I am pumped up for the upcoming season with the torched irons

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Hybrid Set
Brian Vigil (Victorville, US)
Must have Hybrids!!

The worst part of my game used to be 160-180 out and these are perfect! Easy to hit and the new look it great!

Great Clubs! Price?

I was very happy when I purchased the 3 wedge set for $160 and got 20% off. I was less happy when the price dropped to $117 a few days later.

Wedge Set

I already had the wedge set for a while, and I let my brother use them when he visited me in AZ. I’ve never seen the kid so consistent from <70 in..

Naturally I had to get him a set for Christmas, and he seems to be putting them to good use :)

New clubs

Driving the ball 30 yards longer. My golf buds can’t wait to try my clubs. I am really enjoying them.

NEW! BombTech Golf Hybrid Wood
Mitchell Farnes (Joseph City, US)

NEW! BombTech Golf Hybrid Wood

BombTech Golf Stand Bag
Trey Moya (Phoenix, US)

Love my bombtech bag and putted!!
The driver and wood set I got is great!!!

BombTech as Advertised!

Have only used them once, but I was truly happy with the set. They hit true and were forgiving when needed. I am stoked to get out and play them regularly.

NEW & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Five Wood
Bernard Siskavich (Lakeland, US)
5 wood

excellent club.

NEW! BombTech 7 Wood
John B (Myrtle Beach, US)
This club is really awesome!!

The 7 wood is a great addition to my golf bag. This club works great every time I use it. It's my 4 iron 3 iron club since I don't carry a 3 iron or 4 iron. The ball really does launch off the face and gets going fast. The loft is just right to cover my gap for a 4 iron or even a 3 iron. I can hit this club almost as far as my 5 wood it's a bit more accurate. It's very easy to hit a draw into the green since the shaft is shorter than a 5 wood. I got the stiff flex shaft and can draw or fade the ball pretty easy. The head cover is very premium as well. If you're looking for a 7 wood but want a great price for a great club you can't go wrong with the bombtech 7 wood. I still have my bombtech wedges I use them every round. Definitely give the 7 wood or any bombtech club a try you got a 60 day trial period it's pretty much a no brainier. Thanks for creating another awesome club Sully.

New! Limited Edition Volcano Torched BombTech 72 Degree Wedge

NEW! BombTech 3.0 Driving Iron Package
William Handy (Omaha, US)

have not gotten to use them yet to much cold weather but they look really great when it get warmer I will see how good they will be. thanks

I love this driver.

It was been out for 4 rounds so far. Took about 9 holes to adjust too it, but I'm able to hit a fade a draw and a straight line. I'm about 10 yards further then my other driver. And we took the 1st win of our employee Winter series.

Wedge Set

Love the new wedge set. I will definitely be doing business with this company in the future.

New! BombTech Golf 66 Degree Volcano Torched Lob Wedge
Douglass Bowen (Altamonte Springs, US)
Set of wedges

I got the set of all the wedges. Super happy with them.

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Driver and 3 Wood Bundle
valerie balfour Schassler (Supply, US)

Great workmanship!! Love the clubs improved my game!!

Fantastic clubs, fantastic price.

Bomb tech clubs are amazing. I took a leap of faith and tried them out due to the return policy they offer and I will not be returning them.

1) the price is unbeatable when they have sales, even when they don’t I doubt you could find a better deal elsewhere.
2) the clubs are great. I’m no pro. I’m a casual golfer who wants something nicer than a regular starter set. These hit so well, especially the wedges which are unreal. They also look amazing, I’ve been out on the course three times since I got them and have gotten compliments every time.
3) customer service is amazing and quick. My first order was lost and they sent new clubs, expedited shipping at no extra charge within a week.

Try them out!

The weather has either been raining or snowing haven’t even hit them yet

New & Upgraded! BombTech Golf 4.0 Iron Set
Toryano Thompson (Aurora, US)
4.0 Iron set

I love my new 4.0 iron set and I brag about them all the time I plan on getting the 3 wedge set and 3 wood driver combo sometime hopefully soon you all are amazing and thank you

NEW! BombTech Golf Hybrid Wood
Robert Ziegler (Las Vegas, US)
It Works

As a new golfer at 79+ years old, it has helped me considerably with my fairway shots. I need more practice with it, when the weather warms, and then I expect to hit some 200 yard strokes. Nice addition to my garage sale clubs. It is a much better club than I am a golfer.

Bombs away

Club looks good and is easy to hit!

BombTech Golf Chipper
William Trantham (Ballwin, US)

BombTech Golf Chipper


I am a 60 yr old woman who started golfing in 2014. Struggled with woods and hybrids. Absolutely love the 2&3 irons! Forgiving and easy to hit. I just ordered the 1iron!!