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I am so pleased that I purchased the Limited Edition Volcano wedges. I bought them because they are simply beautiful. When I got them I was disappointed that they weren't graphite because that's what I'm used to hitting.
However, I was shocked when I hit them the first time and they were spot on. I could actually hit them better and had more accuracy than my graphite clubs. I am so excited and love, love, love them. Price is also very reasonable for such an awesome wedge set.

Limited Edition Volcano Torched BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set

the bomb tech driver is the bomb

25 extra yards

I love these clubs!

They look awesome. Feel great to swing and i hit them well. Very glad i tried these wedges.

Fantastic wedge set!

Took these wedges to the range and can't wait to try them out on the course! Very accurate and forgiving. Can't wait to add the blade putter to my bag!...as well as adding the bag!


Clubs came in timely manner. Looked great and feel great on course.

Frickin Sick!!!

Great balance and bounce! BY FAR THE BEST $107 I HAVE EVER SPENT!!! So much feel. Never had a ball respond the way they do coming off the face, beautiful!!! 11/10

Great play and even better price point.


I enjoy using them. They swing smooth, spin well, and look cool too.

Big help

What a difference maker. Iā€™m excited to get more control out of my shots with these wedges. I do believe I will buy the driver/woods or iron set next!!!

Absolutely Great!

I've always been lazy with my club selection. Mainly due to pricing. When I saw the deal for the wedge set, I had to snatch it up. Couldn't be happier. Just played the other day and used them for the first time and have to say, a big improvement in the short game. Liked them enough, I bought the iron set as well

Great look and feel

Love the 3 wood , but think I might need a stiff shaft on the driver.

Gift for grandson

Grandson says they are great. Loved them

Customer for Life!

My new Bombtech Driver (9Ā° Stiff) and 3 wood are a valuable upgrade from my previous Bombtech 10.5Ā° Regular driver and 3 wood. I am still adjusting , but am consistently getting 20 or more yds with the driver. I will not be returning it... ever. In addition, the service from the team and how they stand behind the product is outstanding. You cannot and will not go wrong trying out these clubs. I am very happy. THANKS! šŸ˜ƒ

Limited Edition BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set

Great Contact and Control

I've always struggled with distance from 80 - 40 yards out, but this set is starting to save me. They are heavier than other wedges, but once you get a feel from them the call comes off smooth. I have great control with them and they offer great bite on the greens. It will take some time to get used to their weight where you need to swing a little quicker, but the control is still great. For the price and quality there is no comparison.

BombTech review

Up front i have only had a chance to play 2 rounds with the driver set and the Limited Edition BombTech 3.0 Black Iron Set. Only a few times at the driving range but what i can tell you so far is that i am extremely impressed with the look and feel of the complete set. The Driver and the 3 Wood has added better distance and control to my game. the Iron set is just what i was looking for in a new set of clubs. i am positive my overall game will improve.

Great feel

These wedges led to 2 of 4 birdies my last round. Great feel coming off the face of the club.

Impressed so far

So far so good! Only been out once with them.


Higher handicapper but absolutely love these clubs. Very forgiving

Look sharp - play smooth.

Moving from 50, 56, and 58 to these 52, 56, 60 wasn't the biggest difference...even though dropping a flop shot in front of your buddies with that 60 over a bunker feels f***ing sick. The response I get for the torched finish is more than expected. I've had a group behind waiting to tee off ask about them, grab one to inspect, and swing it a few times. When I say what I payed, I think I sent all three of these guys heading your way. They play great, and I'm moving up the line to the irons and driver.

Wedge set

Great clubs for a great price would recommend!


I bought these wedges instead of saving more money for an engagement ring and I am extremely satisfied with that decision. The weight and constancy of these clubs pair extremely well with my game and have greatly assisted me in my journey to hit below 85. Not a great golfer but these sure do help!

Consistently DTM

In case you're new at this, it's "Consistently Down The Middle" as long as I keep my swing under control.