Frequently Asked Questions: 

If you want additional personalized support from our golf experts, please call us at +1 844-975-5101 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST or email us 24/7 at info@bombtechgolf.com.

Do we make left handed clubs?

    • At this time we do not make left handed options. As demand continues to grow we hope to offer left handed options in the future. If interested in receiving updates on left handed clubs please email  info@bombtechgolf.com and we will add you to our exclusive list for Left Handed Golfers.

How do I know what flex to chose? Regular or Stiff?

    • Most beginner golfers purchase and enjoy using regular flex.

If you know your swing speed:

    • If your swing speed is under 95mph, we typically recommend regular flex.
    • If your swing speed is over 95mph, we typically recommend stiff flex.

If you don't know your swing speed:

Driver and Woods
    • If you hit your driver less than 250 yards, we typically recommend regular flex. 
    • If you hit your driver more than 250 yards, we typically recommend stiff flex.
    • If you hit your 7 iron under 150 yards, we typically recommend all your irons should be regular flex.
    • If you hit your 7 iron over 150 yards, we typically recommend all your irons should be stiff flex.

Can I swap the Three wood for a different option?

    • Not at this time, everything comes as is on the website and we do not edit bundles currently.

Can I purchase an individual club from a set?

    • Not at this time, we do not offer individual clubs apart from what is listed on the website.

Can I get this custom fit to my size?

    • We do not offer length customization in house. These are standard lengths men's clubs which work well for golfers 5' 6" - 6' 2". If extensions or shortening is needed it can be done locally, but it will void the warranty.