12 Interesting Expressions in Golf

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Whether you're just starting out or you’re a veteran on the green, you've likely heard some strange expressions while playing golf. While some of these phrases may make sense, others can leave you scratching your head.

So, before you take your full set of golf irons and hit the course, get acquainted with the twelve of the most interesting and downright funny expressions used in golf. Next time you hear one of these phrases, you'll know exactly what it means.

What are some fun golfing expressions?

Do you know what a Mulligan is in golf? Or a “fried egg”? Golf is full of interesting expressions that are used to describe both the good and bad moments on the course. To help you better understand the game’s weird phrases and terms, we've gathered twelve of our favorites. There’s more to golf than just browsing 2022 golf club releases… Let’s have some fun.

1. Dancefloor

No, nobody is asking you to show off your dance moves. The area of the green around the hole that is cut down to a lower height than the rest of the green is called the dancefloor. This area is usually about 3-4 feet in diameter and is designed to help stop balls from rolling off the green.

2. Shotgun start

A shotgun start is a type of start used in some golf tournaments in which each group of players starts from a different teeing ground at the same time rather than taking turns starting from the first tee. This allows for a more efficient use of the golf course and prevents backups on the first tee. Shotgun starts are most common in large tournaments with many players.

3. Chicken stick

Golf is a game of strategy that sometimes forces you to be more reserved with your play. A chicken stick is a golf club that a golfer can always rely on when he "chickens out" of a bold play. It's usually the one he would use when hitting the ball a short distance or when he's being cautious.

4. James Joyce

This golfing phrase is named after the famed Irish novelist and poet James Joyce who was renowned for his challenging style of writing. Ir refers to the most difficult area of the course – the green. Because of its various slopes, a golfer must analyze and decide on what type of shot to take.

5. Yips

Yips is a condition that can afflict golfers in which they lose the ability to control the muscles in their hands and fingers. This results in a loss of accuracy and consistency in their shots. The cause of yips is not fully understood, but it is thought to be related to anxiety or stress. Treatment for yips typically involves psychological counseling and relaxation techniques.

6. Cat box

A cat box is a bunker or hazard on a golf course that is shaped like a box. The term "cat box" is most commonly used in the United States, but it is also used in other English-speaking countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom.

The origins of the term "cat box" are unclear, but it is thought to be derived from the shape of the hazard, which resembles a box cats would use to urinate in. The term could also be a reference to the fact that bunkers are often referred to as "sand traps," and cats are known for liking to dig in sandboxes.

7. Mulligan

A mulligan is a do-over in golf. If a player hits a bad shot, they can take a mulligan and try the shot again. Mulligans are usually not allowed in tournament play, but some informal games allow players to take one or two mulligans per round.

8. 19th hole

The 19th hole is the term used to describe the golf course's clubhouse bar where players often go after a round of golf to socialize and relax. Over time, the 19th hole became synonymous with any post-golfing activity, whether it's grabbing a bite to eat or heading out for drinks.

9. Banana ball

No golfer wants to hit a banana ball because it refers to a bad slice. The curvature of the banana is comparable to the trajectory of the slice, as it curves left to right for righties, and right to left for lefties. Banana ball has become such a negative term in the sport that it’s now synonymous with any terrible shot.

10. Snowman

A snowman is a score no golfer ever wishes to have on their scorecard. It refers to a score of 8 which resembles the shape of a snowman. Of course, if you make an 8 on any hole, it's not the end of the world, but it's still a score you'd rather avoid.

11. Fried egg

The ball landing in the bunker is frustrating, but a fried egg trumps it. When your ball is lodged in the sand with only the top part exposed, it gives off the appearance of a fried egg, with the yolk being the ball. This position makes it hard to control the shot for amateurs and pros alike, leading to unreliable shot selections.

12. Albatross

An albatross is a score of three under par on a single hole. It is considered one of the most difficult feats in golf and it’s very rare. Alternatively, the term can also be used to describe a very good score on any hole, especially if it helps the player to shoot a low score for the round.

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13 Ways to Prevent & Treat Golfing Blisters

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Golf blisters are more common than you may think and if you’ve ever experienced them, know that you’re not the only one and that even experienced players face this inconvenience every once in a while. However, the truth is they tend to be quite troublesome and painful and can hinder your game and everyday activities.

Whether you're a mid handicap, high, or low-handicap player, chances are you’ll find yourself in this situation sooner or later. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent your hands or feet from blistering, and effective methods to treat it if it does occur, so you can go back to your game and your precious equipment including one of the best golf drivers for 90-100 mph swing speed you just got this year.

How do I prevent blisters when golfing?

Why fear blisters and all the inconveniences they carry when there are things you can do to prevent them from occurring? These tips will help you reduce that risk to a minimum:

Keeping the hands and feet dry

Getting high-quality waterproof gloves and golf shoes is a must so you can stay protected during rainy weather and wet conditions. If your feet or hands get moist, you’re on the right way to getting a blister by the end of the game.

Invest in quality socks

There are special acrylic or anti-blister socks that have extra padding. They feature a soft texture which helps decrease the friction that occurs inside your shoes as you walk or move, reducing the risk of blistering.

Ensure your shoes fit perfectly

Finding proper golf shoes that fit is one of the most essential steps. If you experience any kind of discomfort or pain once you get off the course, it’s possible that your shoes aren’t a perfect match.

There are a lot of different styles and brands available today so it shouldn’t be difficult to find the pair that fits you best. However, keep in mind that different manufacturers tend to have different sizing, so be careful if you’re switching between brands.

Start using foot powder

Powder helps create a less favorable environment for blisters inside your shoes. It helps reduce friction and prevent dampness, which are two crucial factors that cause blistering.

Wear your golf glove

Wearing your glove is one of the most effective and easy ways to prevent blistering. It’s a great way to protect your skin and not worry about the gripping pressure while you proudly take a hit with your best golf driver for 90-100 mph swing speed. Moreover, quality gloves are also moisture-wicking, which helps you ensure your hands are dry.

Regrip regularly

Other than being less effective, old grips tend to hold on to bacteria, dirt, and sand, which will only worsen your situation with blisters. With new grips, you won’t have to worry about dirt, and you’ll also be able to get a better handle of your club, allowing for a more natural movement. If you play regularly, you should consider regripping a couple of times a year.

Avoid practicing for too long

Practicing is important. However, spending too much time practicing creates perfect conditions for blisters which then affects your performance in the following rounds and causes pain and discomfort.

How do I treat blisters if they appear?

When you do get a blister, you want to do everything you can to heal as soon as possible so you can go back to fully enjoying your game. The following are some of the best methods you can apply:

Always keep your glove on

Wearing your golf glove throughout the game will help prevent worsening the condition. It works as a protective layer which probably wasn’t there before, when the blister was created.

Opt for golf tape

If you’re having trouble with two specific areas on your hand or if your fingers rub together as you swing, then golf tape is perfect for you. You can wrap it around your knuckles or fingers before starting the game and it will prevent the blisters from getting worse.

Vaseline or neosporin

Both vaseline and neosporin will help you make sure you adequately protect blisters and also facilitate healing. However, you should always take care that the blisters are clean, especially before applying these ointments in order to prevent any infections.

Have a break

Taking a short break from your favorite game is sometimes a necessary and most efficient way to treat your blister and allow it to heal as soon as possible. It can be difficult to make this decision, since we all just want more hours on the course, but if you give yourself a couple of days off, it can be just enough for your blister to heal on its own.

Bandages and bandaids

There’s a variety of blister bandages and bandaids you can use on your blisters on your foot or hand. They provide cushioned protection and bring and help relieve the pain. However, you should replace them frequently to keep the affected area clean.

Keep your hands clean

Finally, what matters most is keeping your hands always clean. If a blister becomes infected, it will take much longer to heal, and definitely cause greater discomfort. Keeping it free from germs and bacteria will prevent further complications and shorten healing time.

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While blisters can take away from the precious time you spend on the course, you can view it as an opportunity to expand your knowledge about the game and discover some interesting facts about it, learn all about the types of hazards or the parts that make the course, or even find out more about the terms you haven’t heard before and about how much fun you can have playing five-player games.

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6 Five-Player Golfing Methods to Try Out

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A lot of players assume that a game of golf can’t be fun without an even number of players, and therefore typically play in groups of 2 or 4. However, this isn’t quite the case, and there’s a plethora of amazing games that a group of 5 golfers can enjoy.

Why not make room for one more friend, colleague or business partner, have fun trying out new methods and not miss an opportunity to show off your top rated golf irons? Once you get the hang of the rules, you may find this team format even more amusing.

What are some interesting five-player games?

Exploring new methods and ways of playing can be exciting, so let’s take a look at the rules of some of the most amusing five-player games:

Two carts

Two carts is a great choice if you also want added exercise. As you can induce, it’s possible to drive only 2 carts, which leaves room for only 4 players. However, all 5 players start off following the regular rules – they tee off on the first hole, each of them adding up their shots. The player who has the highest number of strokes at the end of the first hole remains without a seat and walks to the next hole.

The fun starts when the unlucky fellow has to go on foot while the other 4 golfers enjoy a comfortable ride. However, they can regain the position in one of the carts by not having the highest score again.


Wolf could easily be one of the most exciting gambling games as there’s no particular rule about the stakes and it can be whatever your group decides. The game begins by all the players gathering close to the first tee box in order to decide which golfer will be the wolf on the first hole.

Spinning a tee until you establish the rotation is the easiest way to go about it, but you can also get creative and invent your own ways. What matters is that each player should be the wolf at least once. Being a wolf brings you advantages such as choosing whether you’d like to be a lone wolf or play with a teammate and being the first one to tee off on the hole with your top rated golf iron.

Once you hit your tee ball you can announce that you’re the lone wolf, but you can also choose to wait until the other players take their tee shots. When you’re a lone wolf, winning the hole gets you 2 points instead of 1. In case you lose, the other 4 golfers get 1 point each.

Wolf allows for a range of variations. For instance, you can choose to play for a set amount or agree to change bets on each hole.

Round Robin

One of the games that never get dull is definitely Round Robin. The matchups rotate every 3 or 6 holes, so there’s no one team that dominates the entire round. In fact, a team of 3 players opposes the other 2, and once they finish 3 or 6 holes, the golfers must rotate and re-pair.

When re-pairing, you can always go for tee spinning – your next partner is the player the tee points to. Another way is to throw the balls toward a specific target and form the groups according to the result so that the three balls closest to the target make one team and the remaining two the other team.

Each player keeps their own results and the number of matches they won. Finally, the winner is the one with the most matches won at the end of the round.

Best ball scramble

Best ball scramble is a wonderful game when you want to relax and leave competing aside to purely enjoy the beauty of golf. In this game, all the players are on the same team and each of them hits their ball off the tee. All the players together decide who had the best drive, then everyone goes to that position to hit their second shot. This way of rotation goes on until you complete the hole.

High vs. low

While this game is typically played in a group of four, it also works great for five golfers. The teams form in such a way that the two players with the lowest handicaps play together against the three players with the highest handicaps.

The players then follow the same rotation as in the best ball scramble and keep record of their scores at the end of each hole. If one team’s losing heavily you can switch up once you’ve played 9 holes. The goal of the entire concept is to keep everything as competitive and fun as possible.


Rather than following the traditional stroke method, Stableford has its own scoring system. A bogey is worth 1 point, pars score you 2, birdies get you 3, eagles count as 4, and an albatros counts as 5 points.

This game doesn’t penalize you for bad holes, you simply don’t get any points for it. You can decide if you’d like to have every golfer playing for themselves or go for the 2 vs. 3 format. Finally, the winner is the golfer with the highest score.

Where can I find top rated golf irons for sale in 2022?

Enhancing your game takes patience and practice, but it also requires you to get acquainted with important aspects of the game such as the parts that make the golf course and the different types of hazards. Going even further to discover some surprising facts about the course, learn interesting golfing expressions, and find the right way to treat and prevent blisterswill only make it easier.

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9 Interesting Facts About Golf Courses

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The incredible feeling of stepping onto a golf course is indescribable. It's like walking into a whole new world, a world where the grass is greener, the air is fresher, and the sun shines just a little bit brighter. It's a place where you can forget all your troubles and just focus on hitting that little white ball.

However, that’s not the only interesting thing about golf courses. These havens of peace and relaxation have a fascinating history and evolution, and you should take the time to explore these aspects of the game further besides only focusing on your backswing, posture, drive, and so on.

Due to their layout type and size, golf courses play a vital role in the game of golf. Every shot is unique, which contributes to the sport's unpredictability and addictiveness. So, before you go out to buy the best golf irons for mid-handicappers and other equipment, get to know a little bit about the history, features, and surprising facts about golf courses.

What should I know about golf courses?

Golf courses can be found in nearly every country in the world and come in all shapes and sizes. From the sprawling 18-hole layouts to the more intimate 9-hole tracks, there is a course to suit every golfer’s taste. No matter if you’re a seasoned golf veteran or if you’re just picking up the stick, there are certain interesting facts about golf courses you may not know. If nothing more, just to pique your interest a bit more.

1. The world’s oldest golf course is in Scotland

Scotland is home to the oldest golf course in the world, with records of golf being played there as far back as the 15th century. The course has a unique layout, consisting of 22 holes (11 out and 11 back), which are played in order before repeating the cycle. Much like tennis with Wimbledon, It’s considered by many to be the home of golf.

2. The world’s largest golf complex is in China

Founded in 1992 and located in Shenzhen, China, this behemoth of a course features 12 courses and 396 holes. It was designed by some of the biggest names in golf and it covers an area of more than 2,000 acres.

3. You can play golf on an active volcano

In Hawaii, you can tee off from a volcano. The course is situated on lava fields that were created by eruptions in the late 1800s and early 1900s, offering a unique experience and challenge to all those players willing to dare tread its ground.

4. The longest hole in golf is on a par-6 course in Australia

One of the most interesting golf courses in the world is a par-6 17th hole in Australia. It’s officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the longest hole in golf. Measuring a staggering 855 yards (781 meters), this hole is not for the faint-hearted.

5. You can tee off from the top of Africa’s tallest building

For those looking for a truly unique golf course, how about teeing off with one of the best golf irons for mid-handicappers from the top of Africa’s tallest building? The Burj Khalifa in Dubai stands at an incredible 2,717 feet (828 meters), and there is a special ‘Top of the World’ tees box located on the 124th floor where you can take on the challenge.

6. Expert golfers are the best golf course designers

While some might not think that being a good golfer would necessarily make one a good designer, there is actually quite a bit of overlap between the two skill sets. Both require a keen eye for detail, as well as a deep understanding of how the game of golf is played. In fact, many of the most successful course designers are also experienced golfers themselves. So, besides accomplishing a lot on the course, you can maybe pursue a career at course design as well.

7. Courses have a cooling effect

Golf courses provide a refuge from the summer heat. The typical temperature on a golf course is 5-7 degrees cooler than in an urban downtown setting, and 7-15 degrees colder than a residential area. This is due to its large, open expanses of turfgrass, trees, and other vegetation.

8. Healing takes time

There’s an art to golf course maintenance, and there’s nothing that signifies it better than the fact that it takes two to three days for a ball mark to heal if an expert has taken the time to repair it. However, without proper course maintenance, it can take as many as 15 to 20 days for the ball mark to completely heal, and even then the “wound” might never be the same again.

9. Courses breathe

And not only that, they also produce oxygen as well. An average 18-hole course can produce so much oxygen that it can support anywhere from four thousand to seven thousand people. As surprising as this is, maybe it shouldn’t be, as a regular course covers between 125 and 150 acres, which is plenty of breathing room for all the green.

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4 Types of Hazards on Golf Courses

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Hazards can be quite intimidating, especially if you're only starting your journey through the lovely paths of the golf course. However, as you evolve and become more adept at different styles of play and courses, you’ll discover that you can use some of the hazards to your own advantage, while others inevitably go against you.

Different factors can affect the way you perceive these hazards, the main being your opponents. If you’re playing against yourself, trying to win an all-time score, each of the hazards is your own obstacle. However, when you’re playing against another player, these hazards become your opponent’s obstacles as well, which is something to keep in mind.

What can you do to successfully overcome these obstacles? One way to master them and their potential advantages is to equip yourself with your finest clubs and pick the best golf wedges for mid-handicappers, but is it enough? What you also need to do is gather up substantial knowledge about them.

Why do golf courses have hazards?

The primary function of hazards is to make players create a strategy, incur potential penalties, and suggest to the player to carefully think about opting for a different route. They affect the intensity with which a golfer attacks the hole or the type of stroke he or she can play. Their diversity and effect on golfer’s play, both mental and physical, are what make the courses endearing and unique.  

However, hazards are also there for aesthetic qualities, making each course unique and more attractive for both the players and the potential spectators. Finally, their design often follows natural features of the terrain in order to preserve them whenever it’s possible. 

What are the types of hazards on the golf course?

When golfers discuss hazards, they typically mean anything that’s an obstacle on their way to a perfect score. However, the official rules say there are only two official categories of hazards present on various golf courses:


Waterfalls, ponds, and meandering streams make the golf course beautiful and unique, but they also add an exciting challenge to each visit to each round of golf. When you reach a stream, the sounds and energy of the flowing water provide some moments of tranquility. However, they don’t last for too long since you’ll quickly realize you need to keep the ball as far away from it as possible. 

Originally, the strategy of the game didn’t involve a lot of water bodies, but today, streams, ponds, creeks, wetlands, and lakes make a prevalent part of golf courses worldwide. 


Bunkers are hazards that have the ability to intimidate, delight, excite, and penalize players all at the same time. They intimidate players of any level due to their magnitude and depth, and if you land in one of them, it delights your opponents. They evolved in order to penalize bad execution.  

Whether they have high flashy sand, grass-faced banks, turf islands in the middle, or convoluted fingers, they provide a special sort of flow throughout the course, and can set it apart from others. 

Other types of hazards

You may face other amusing and not-so-amusing obstacles in an attempt to find the shortest way to the hole. Even if you boast your best golf wedge for 2022, they can be more or less difficult in comparison to water and bunkers, but you should certainly look to avoid them. These include:

  • Vegetation: Tall grass, plants and trees can be tricky opponents on the golf course. Making a shot into the overgrown bush or tall trees will significantly affect setting up your next stroke or even lead to completely losing a shot.
  • Wind: The impact of natural elements such as wind can pose a significant obstacle, but also help you make an excellent hit. Since it varies constantly, it’s always a refreshing attribute that ensures you play each hole a bit differently, depending on the strength and direction of the wind.
  • How do I deal with the golf course hazards?

    While you should always strive to keep your ball out of any hazards, the reality is a bit different, and you’ll occasionally end up in one. The good news is that you do have options to choose from and continue your play following one of them:

    Play the ball as it is

    You can always choose to continue playing from the ball’s location, unless, of course, it’s underwater. However, you should think carefully before making this decision. If you’re not sure whether you’re able to make firm contact with the ball and get it back to the fairway, it would be wiser to go for another option. 

    Stroke & distance relief

    This option is practically the same as when you strike it out of bounds and brings the most penalties of all the other options. If you go for it, you receive a one-stroke penalty and must return to where you made the last stroke. You should only choose this option if none other is possible. 

    Back on the line relief

    While this is one of the best options to take, it’s often the most confusing one as well. First, you need to identify the spot where the ball crossed the line of the hazard. Next, use that spot and the flagstick of the hole to draw a line. You can drop the ball on that line as far back as you’d like and the penalty is one stroke. 

    Lateral relief

    The lateral relief option is available for red hazards only. You identify the point where the ball crossed the line, then you can drop the ball within the length of two clubs. The penalty is one stroke. However, the spot where you place the ball can’t be closer to the hole than the point where the ball entered the hazard. 

    Who offers the best golf wedges for mid-handicappers in 2022?

    Mastering your golfing skills involves a lot of aspects including the versatility of course grass types, the characteristics of different course styles, as well as the variety of ways to play your game. Being aware of the elements the course comprises and other important course characteristics provides you with a full scope of knowledge and allows you to progress smoothly. 

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