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An In-Depth Guide to Golf Club Sets

Posted by BombTech Support on

If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality set of golf clubs that will see you turn from beginner to pro in no time, there are many aspects you need to take into account. First, you have to know how to select the best driver for your set. 

Next, you should be familiar with the most common mistakes to avoid when buying golf irons. Finally, you should learn about the differences between various golf wedges, and know which ones to incorporate into your ideal golf club set.

Only once you’ve covered all the bases, and once you’ve learned about all the nuances between different types of clubs in golf can you start assembling your set. Now, let’s see how you can choose a premium set of golf clubs that will serve you well when you’re a beginner, and even better when you become proficient. 

Do golf clubs have to match?

When you’re just starting out with golfing, choosing a good golf club set seems paramount. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, you’re not exactly sure what you should buy nor what to pay attention to, and you’re thinking that it will be some time before you have to replace it with a new one. And that is a mistake.

Purchasing a matching set of golf clubs is one of the mistakes most beginners make. The goal of getting a quality set of golf clubs to last you from a beginner to a proficient golfer is to assemble a set of clubs based on their individual quality, not the brand. 

That is why you should always look for advice when looking into your first golf sets for sale. Ask more experienced golfers how to assemble a good set, and browse the market to find reasonably-priced clubs that offer a sufficient degree of quality that you will not have to replace altogether in a year or two. 

How many golf clubs do you really need in a set?

If you’re a golfing beginner looking to assemble their brand-new set of golf clubs, it’s normal to want to inquire about which clubs are essential for golfing. It is important not to clutter your bag with plenty of clubs you don’t know how to adequately use.

Rather, it’s wise to select fewer golf clubs of higher quality at the beginning of your golfing journey, learn how to use each and every one of them proficiently, and then add a couple of new clubs if you feel your game is lacking a certain degree of finesse. Now, let’s see which golf clubs are considered essential in a beginner’s golf club set. 

  • Wedges & irons: Your starter set doesn’t need to contain any irons lower than 5. Modern hybrid technologies have influenced the play, and even pros tend to use hybrids instead of long irons. 

You should always have a 5-iron as it allows you to easily get the ball airborne. Then, skip the 6-iron and the 8-iron, and go for the 7 and the 9. As for the wedges, you need a pitching wedge for short shots. You should also have a sand wedge if you’re confident in your bunker technique. 

  • Hybrids: Hybrid clubs are a cross between a fairway wood and an iron. The hybrid’s head resembles a wood, while the shaft’s resembles an iron. It is this combination that makes hybrids easier to wield than both the woods and the irons.

For beginner golf club sets, two hybrids are usually sufficient. Your first hybrid should have a loft between 18 and 21 degrees. Your second hybrid should have a loft between 22 and 25 degrees. 

  • Woods: Every bag has to have a driver, or #1 wood. A driver with plenty of loft should be your first choice, as it will allow you to get the ball flying higher in the air. Don’t buy a driver with a loft lower than 10,5 degrees, or higher than 13 degrees. Also, add a 5-wood or a 7-wood, as it will serve you well for long fairway shots, as well as some hits from the tee.
  • Putter: Finally, to complete your golf club set, make sure you include a putter. Find a putter that feels comfortable to you, and start golfing.

What does a golf club set consist of?

Traditionally, all golf club sets, be they for beginners or for pros, consisted of four distinct types of clubs, made from different materials and for different purposes.

  1. Woods:  These are the clubs that hit the ball farthest. They have the name “woods” because they used to be made from wood. Nowadays, they’re made from titanium, steel, or different alloys.
  2. Irons: Irons are mainly used for medium-distance shots, and as the loft degree of an iron increases, so does the height of the shot, which means the ball will travel a shorter distance. Few players carry entire sets of irons, because lower-numbered irons are very difficult to accurately hit.
  3. Wedges: Wedges are clubs with the highest lofts in the golfer’s bag. They are used for short-distance shots, they get the ball very high in the air, and they allow for plenty of control during the shot. The higher the skill of the player, the more wedges they will have in their bag to be used in a variety of golfing situations.
  4. Putters: A putter is an essential part of every set of golf clubs, whether they’re for beginners or professionals. They have nop loft, they send the ball rolling across the terrain, and they are used for putting the ball into the hole.

However, with the appearance of hybrid clubs, there are fewer irons and woods in modern golfers’ bags. Hybrids are a cross between irons and woods, they are easier to handle, which makes them a suitable choice for contemporary golfers. 

What is the ideal golf club set?

The best set of golf clubs is one that possesses different types of golf clubs that suit your level and style of play. Some golfers will have a 3-wood in their set, some won’t. Others can’t play a round of golf without a sand wedge, while others use only a pitching wedge. 

The trick is to place those golf clubs in your bag that you know how to use well, that suit your golfing technique, that feel good in the hand, and that are of high quality. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or an experienced golfer – you should have a good golf club set that will be with you for a long time and will see your game improve. 

Who offers premium golf club sets for beginners and pros?

We’re constantly hearing the same-old “go for a cheap set of clubs if you’re a beginner” nonsense, and we’re tired of it. Every golfer deserves a high-quality golf club set that will see them transition from beginner to pro with ease, and be there with you every step of the way. And that is exactly our mission at BombTech.

We’re trying to give every golfing enthusiast the best possible golfing experience with our premium-but-reasonably-priced golf club sets for sale. When you buy with BombTech, you’re buying the best possible gear for your money. We sell all our items online, which helps us keep our overheads low, and allows us to offer you superior clubs at a normal price. And that’s how we get a hole in one every single time.

However, if there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, you can try out our clubs and return them within 60 days of the purchase. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

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How Can I Get the Most Out of My Top Golf Driver?

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Having a top-quality golf driver as part of your set of golf clubs is essential if you’re looking to make the most out of your golfing experience. Knowing how to choose the best golf driver is just as important as choosing the best set of clubs, being familiar with the mistakes to avoid when looking to purchase golf irons, and knowing the differences between all the golf wedges.

That is why you should pay attention to your golf driver, know when you should replace it, and consider the many vital aspects of purchasing the best golf driver for 2020. It all starts with the drive, so let’s see how you can get the most out of it. 

How long do golf drivers last?

Every club used in golf has a lifespan, and the driver is no exception. The longevity of your driver depends on several important factors, with three standing out as vital when it comes to determining how long a driver should last.

  1. Quality of the driver: The manufacturing quality of your driver is what impacts its lifespan the most. That is why you should always look to purchase a premium driver, as it is one of the most important clubs in your arsenal, rather than searching for the best golf driver for beginners in 2020.
  2. Style of play: How long your driver will last also depends on how fast you send the ball flying. Pros that hit the ball at speeds greater than 110-115 miles per hour will wear out the driver far quicker than an intermediate golfing enthusiast ever could. 
  3. Frequency of play: Finally, the more frequently you play, the sooner you will start looking to purchase the best golf driver for 2020. However, if you’re a beginner or intermediate player, you can expect your driver to last around five years before losing its pop. 

How often should you replace your golf driver?

As long as your golf driver continues to serve you well, and you’re not noticing any great drops in the distance or speed of your drives, there is no need to replace your golf driver. Unless it cracks or breaks, you can continue using the same golf driver for four to six years before it starts to lose its pop.

That being said, there are two instances in which it is completely normal to want to replace the driver you’ve been using.

  1. Transitions: If your game is rapidly improving, you want the clubs that can support it. If you have a golf driver for beginners, you can’t expect it to advance your game, increase your drive distance and speed, and boost your precision. If you’re becoming a more proficient golfer, you should always treat yourself to one of the best golf drivers for distance of 2020. 
  2. Quality: Sometimes, it’s the other way around, and what you need to push you past the “beginner” golfer mark is a premium golf driver. A driver is a most frequently used club, the one that you’re always going to be most comfortable with, so always spring for the best one you can afford, as it will last you for a long time and help your game immensely.

How can I get more distance from my driver?

While a good golf driver does a lot of work when it comes to improving your drive, there are some essential driving skills that you need to master in order to get the most out of every opening shot. Here are some top tips on getting more out of your driver.

  • Center contact: Hitting the ball with the center of your driver will help you improve distance, speed, and allow you to control the golf ball better.
  • Faster swing: You should try to gradually increase the speed of your swing. Do not try to boost your swing speed at the expense of precision. Go slowly and work your way up.
  • Shaft lean: The goal is to have the shaft of your driver leaning more forward than in the initial position. If your shaft leans back at impact, it will add loft, affecting contact between the driver and the ball, reducing speed and distance.
  • Long hand arc: By taking your hands further back during the swing, you can elongate your arc and add force to your drive. 
  • Ground: Use the ground to your advantage by slowly allowing your heels to come up during the hit. 
  • Equipment: Spend a little more on a top golf driver for 2020 and see how a premium-quality club can help improve your drive.
  • Swing faster: In the beginning, you need to slow down your swing in order to do it properly. However, once you get good, you should speed up your swing to get more power.

What is the best golf driver for distance in 2020?

When looking to purchase a new golf driver, you should focus on finding the right one for you and your level and style of play. However, even if you’re just a golfing newbie, you should not look for the best golf drivers for beginners of 2020. Always buy a premium club while paying attention to the following:

  1. Head size: The higher the head cc, the more forgiving it will be to the golfer. On the other hand, a smaller head will increase the maximum distance and precision. Choose the head size that your style needs.
  2. Adjustability: Modern drivers have increased loft angles which helps the precision and the overall impact. A cutting-edge driver allows you to modify the horizontal center of the drivers using weight sliders to help you improve performance.
  3. Shaft: Finally, choose the right grip and shaft for your golfing level. An adequate shaft and a good grip can boost your drive distance by as much as 20%.

However, there is one driver that stands above the competition. The BombTech 3.0 driver employs cutting-edge technology to give you the best drive possible. Its dual cavity design reduces drag in order to increase head speed, while the weight placement gets the ball airborne fast. Finally, its heel and toe weights increase forgiveness on off-center strikes. If you’re looking for the best golf driver for 2020, you may have just found it. 

Who sells the best golf drivers for distance in 2020?

A high-quality golf driver is one of the most important clubs in your arsenal, and you should definitely treat yourself to a top golf driver that will help you advance your game and see you drive the ball farther than ever before. However, the market is flooded with sub-par drivers, which makes it difficult to make an informed decision.

Don’t fear though, BombTech is here to help you out. We are an online-oriented company that cuts its overhead costs by supplying premium quality golf clubs online. This makes our clubs competitively priced with superior quality. If it’s time to replace your battered driver, you’d make a mistake not given our BombTech 3.0 driver a try.

If it’s not to your liking, which we doubt, you can always return it within 60 days of the purchase. We’re here for you and your game. Contact us and let’s see you swinging for the greens. 

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking into Golf Irons for Sale

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With sufficient skills and experience, you can play golf using the most basic set and achieve great results. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to find top rated golf irons that match your play style and help you improve your game. Although golf equipment isn’t everything, a proper set can significantly improve your strokes and facilitate your game improvement. 

Unfortunately, there is a lot that can go wrong when looking for individual golf irons for sale. If you don’t know what to look for and what to avoid, your chances of finding the right fit are greatly diminished. 

In this article, we look at 5 common mistakes golfers make when buying irons for their set. Keep reading to learn how to pick out the best irons for your play style and maximize your chances of becoming a confident golfer. 

What should I avoid when buying golf irons? 

From picking out the right iron for your skill level and game improvement goals to finding the right club head, there’s a lot that goes into choosing golf irons. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when looking into golf irons for sale. 

1. Going for looks rather than quality 

One of the most basic mistakes golfers make when buying irons or golf clubs in general is going for a club that looks amazing and forgetting about quality. Sure, you may look like a hot shot on the course with your stylish iron, but what good is that if it doesn’t fit your style and or doesn’t have the right feel to it. 

Instead of going with the newest, trendy looking club, make sure to explore as many different golf irons you can and get relevant stats on your shaft flex, swing speed, and trajectory. This will help you determine what kind of club would be the best fit for your needs. 

2. Blindly buying what the pros use 

Similar to the first mistake, a great number of golfers tend to be drawn to individual golf irons for sale simply because they saw a professional use it. Of course, it is perfectly fine to use a golf club used by professionals if it helps you level up your game, but many golfers don’t even consider this before purchasing. 

It is important to remember that professional golfers get paid to use golf equipment and promote it. In fact, they get paid a LOT. So make sure not to let yourself get swayed by what the pros use, and try and explore other options before making the final decision. 

3. Purchasing the wrong flex & shaft 

The kind of flex and shaft you pick will affect the overall feel of your iron, your swing speed, and the overall distance it can produce. 

A poor choice of shaft will get you nowhere if you’d like to increase your swing speed. If that is your goal, make sure to go with a lighter graphite material that will help you generate a better and faster swing. If you’d like to have more club head control, on the other hand, choose a heavier steel shaft to get the desired balance. 

When it comes to flex, your choice will largely depend on your specific play style as well as your distances. There are five different flex categories: senior, ladies, regular, stiff, and x-stiff, all based on skill level, range of motion, and swing speed. Make sure you know your swing speed if you wish to avoid ball slicing issues and determine the right flex and shaft for your clubs. 

4. Getting the wrong club head

The choice of club head should be a crucial factor in choosing your golf club set. Which club head option you choose will depend on your general performance and experience. There are three club head types to choose from: 

  • Cavity back club heads are very forgiving, thus great for high-handicappers and beginners. Cavity-backs have a larger club head area which means that the ball will be more likely to stay on course even if you miss the sweet spot. 
  • Muscles back club heads are a bit less forgiving, but offer an amazing feel and help you shape your shots. Great option for intermediate and skilled players who want to have more control over their shots.  
  • Blade club heads are the least forgiving option of the three. Blades are the right choice if you want pure shots and wish to have complete control over them. Just make sure not to use blades if you’re a complete beginner.  

5. Not trying out the irons before buying them 

    It’s hard to tell if even a top-rated golf iron is right for you unless you try it on the course or a driving range. Most sporting stores have driving ranges meant for that exact purpose. If you’re purchasing your irons online, most reputable sellers will give you a chance to try out the clubs and return them if you decide that they are not the right fit for your style and skill level. 

    The bottom line is that your golf irons should match your game style, not the other way around. Choosing the right golf irons will make sure that your equipment doesn’t slow down your progress and  maximize your chances of success.

    Maximize your potential with top-rated golf irons for sale

    Whether you are searching for the finest golf driver in 2020 and wish to learn which golf wedges are forbidden by the USGA, BombTech is at your beck and call. As a renowned golf equipment manufacturer, we are fully committed to helping golfers of all skill levels improve their game and maximize enjoyment while playing. Our golf clubs are carefully crafted for your maximum benefit, combining high quality with forward-thinking design. 

    On top of all that, BombTech Golf also offers a fantastic money-back guarantee that enables you to try our golf clubs for sale and return them within 60 days if you’re not 100% satisfied.  And as if that wasn’t enough, we also boast a 100% safe payment system that uses encrypted SSL security to protect your payment information. Ready to maximize your golfing potential? Contact BombTech Golf today and get your premium quality golf clubs! 

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    Chipping: What Wedge Should You Use to Improve It?

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    Improving your short game can be one of the seemingly most difficult tasks in golf, as it is easiest to plateau in chipping and playing close to the green. Game improvements in short game are the most difficult to perceive, making it look a lot more demanding than it should be. Although a quality wedge set for golf enthusiasts can get you closer to improving your chipping, even that can prove more difficult that looks. 

    It’s challenging to first choose the perfect wedge set to chip with even before you start improving your technique with so many different wedges to choose from, and a variety of wedge angles that affect your shots. But that’s something to work on, not something to fear, and improving your chipping game is one of the ways to go from a high-handicap to a mid-handicap golfer.

    What is chipping in golf?

    In golf, chipping shots are those shots that a golfer plays around the green and with the aim of getting the ball on the green and rolling as close to the cup as possible. The chip shot is very similar to the pitch shop.

    However, the difference between a chip shot and a pitch shot is that a pitch shot flies a lot farther than it rolls, while a chip shot rolls farther than it flies. Depending on the terrain, a chip shot can end up covering more ground than a pitch shot, especially on steeper slopes.

    Chip shots are, somehow, often overlooked. Realistically, you won’t have to perform chip shots on every hole, but when you do have to resort to chipping, you should do it well. Whenever you miss the green, you’re in for a chip shot, and it can be crucial to shaving a couple of strokes off your game. 

    How can I improve my golf chipping?

    Improving your chip shots is an excellent way to elevate your golf game. Chip shots are tricky shots to master, but they can be vital when you find yourself in a situation where you need to reach the green from a relatively short distance away.

    There are several important aspects that you have to pay attention to when looking to advance your chipping game, and here’s a detailed breakdown.

    1. Stance: You want to position your feet parallel to the target line, with your feet completely square and from 0” to 6” apart.
    2. Grip: You don’t want to grip your wedge too tightly during chip shots. Instead, you want to softly grip the wedge and place your bottom hand at the grip bottom, and use your thumb to push down the shaft and provide power.
    3. Ball position: The golf ball should be right in the middle when chipping. Even though you can place the ball in the back for a more descending blow, or in the front for more loft, the usual position for a chipping shot should be in the middle.
    4. Weight set-up: You should try to put about 70% of your weight forward, but also pay attention to maintaining proper balance during your shot.
    5. Ball striking: As said, remember that all the power comes from the thumb. Also, chip shots are shoulder swings. There is no movement in the wrists or the hands, it’s all in the shoulders. 

    These chip shot tips should be enough to get you over the hump and into confident chipping territory. However, if you still notice some problems with your chipping, you might be making some of the common chipping mistakes?

    What are the common mistakes while chipping?

    There are 5 extremely common mistakes that beginner and intermediate golfers tend to make while chipping. Let’s see what they are and how you can eradicate them.

    • Some golfers stand too far away from the ball before a chip shot. Instead, get in closer to the ball before you swing. 
    • Never use your hands or your wrists while doing a chip shot. All the movement comes from the body and the shoulders, and you should pivot your entire body while chipping.
    • Avoid the temptation to help the ball along when chipping. If you have a quality set of golf wedges, trust in the loft to do all the work.
    • Do not use only once club to chip. Vary the clubs you use for chipping depending on the current situation. 
    • Don’t hit the chip shot too quickly. Develop a chipping routine you can go through in order to hit every chip shot equally well.

    Combine the tips for improving your chipping and try to eliminate these common chipping mistakes and you’ll be on the fast track to mastering your chip shots and having one more weapon in your golfing arsenal.

    What degree wedge is best for chipping?

    Typically, it is the sand wedge that is considered the best option for chipping. Sand wedges come in loft degrees that range from 54 to 58, and they can be suitable for a variety of golfing situations that require chipping.

    However, you can also use a pitching wedge for chip shots if your ball is just off the green, some ten or so yards away, and if the ground to the green is relatively flat. In this situation, you can use the pitching wedge to keep the golf ball low so it can easily run to the hole.

    So, the first thing you should do before choosing the wedge for your chip shot is to assess the shot. If there are obstacles in your way, resort to the sand wedge to clear the obstacles and land on the green. If not, you can use the pitching wedge to get your ball on the green.

    What degree wedge do pros chip with?

    Professional golfers are adept at inspecting the situation they’re finding themselves in and choosing a wedge for their chip shot accordingly. That is why providing an answer to what loft degree professionals chip with is impossible.

    Pros will use anything from a 56° to a 60° for chipping. But things can get even weirder than that. Some PGA golfers will use putters for chipping in some situations, or even 7, 8, or 9 irons, depending on the shot they’re about to make.

    This just goes to show that there is no ideal golf club for any of the most frequent golf shots. There is the perfect golf club for the current occasion, and that’s it. You need to know how to assess the shot you’re about to make, and choose your club accordingly.

    Who sells the finest golf wedge set that can improve my chipping?

    Finding a high-quality set of golf wedges that can improve your short game is a difficult task. The selection is vast, but not all wedges that look good will actually be good for your game. However, at BombTech, we make premium sets of golf wedges that look amazing, feel incredible, and will push your game forward at a reasonable price.

    We take the overhead costs out of the equation by offering all our golf clubs to the customers online, which allows us to offer supreme quality at a normal price. At BombTech, we believe that every golfer deserves to have a premium golf club in their hands, and we do all we can to make that happen.

    Finally, we greatly value the satisfaction of all our customers, so if there’s anything not to your liking, you can return your clubs within 60 days of the purchase. We eliminate all the stress from buying fresh clubs. Contact us today and let’s improve your shots together.

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    Wedges: What Is the Degree of an A Wedge & How Far Can a 56 Go?

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    There are many differences between golf wedges that affect in which situations you should use them. This will allow you to choose the perfect wedge for a given situation. For example, you’d use a certain wedge for chipping, while you’d use a completely other wedge for pitching. This is why you will usually find sets of 3 golf wedges. 

    Being familiar with the different degrees of golf wedges and knowing how far wedges of varying degrees can send the golf ball is essential for improving your game and getting the most out of every shot. If you’re looking to make the transition from a beginner to an intermediate, you have to know your wedges well.

    What is the degree of an A wedge?

    First of all, it’s best to clear up the confusion that might arise around what an A wedge actually is. It’s a relatively modern term in golfing, one which came into existence only a couple of years back, and one that needs further clarification.

    The “a” in A wedge most commonly stands for “approach”, and less commonly for “attack”, depending on the person you ask. The A wedge is there to fill in the empty space between the sand wedge of 56° and the pitching wedge of about 48°. 

    The A wedge is almost the same type of club as the gap wedge, and it can have a loft degree of anywhere between 49° and 55°. However, the usual loft degree for the A wedge is 52°. Just to be sure about the degree of the A wedge, you should always check the manufacturer’s specifications.

    What is the highest degree wedge in golf?

    Let’s first clarify how loft degree affects the trajectory of the golf ball once you hit it. The higher the loft degree, the higher the golf ball will fly once you hit it. That means that a wedge with a loft of 56° will send your ball flying higher than a wedge with a loft of 48°. 

    There are four main types of wedges that have distinct characteristics, one of those characteristics being the loft degree. Take a look at the loft degrees of the four basic types of wedges:

    1. Pitching wedge – The common pitching wedge has the lowest loft, ranging from 46° to 48°. 
    2. Gap wedge – The gap wedge, often referred to as the approach wedge, or the A wedge, has a loft of 51° to 53 degrees. 
    3. Sand wedge – This wedge has a loft of 54° to 58° and is used in sand areas, as the name suggests.
    4. Lob wedge – Finally, the lob wedge has the highest loft of all wedges, traditionally ranging from 58° to 60°, but there are some manufacturers that offer lob wedges of 64°, and even higher.

    The loft degree of the wedge you decide to use greatly affects the movement of the ball off the club, and you should always carefully consider the wedge to use in any given golfing situation. This is the only way to ensure the best possible shot in current conditions.

    What is a 56 degree wedge used for?

    The 56° gold wedge is more commonly known as the sand wedge. The sand wedge originated in the 1930s, and its creation is usually credited to Gene Sarazen. The sand wedge was designed with a single purpose in mind – to help golfers get out of two dreaded situations:

    • You need a sand wedge to get out of horrible sand traps you’ve inadvertently found yourself in.
    • You can also use a sand wedge to escape from bunkers around the green if the situation demands it.

    Finally, because of the usual 56° loft, a sand wedge can be very helpful when taking shorter approach shots that are about 80 – 100 yards long. There is one vital characteristic of a sand wedge, in addition to the high loft degree, that makes it suitable for these shots.

    The sand wedge has a high bounce angle, which makes it extremely effective in tough situations when you’re on soft sand or long grass. Also, you can hit the ball with a sand wedge with less than full strength, allowing you greater control of your shot.

    How far should a 56 degree wedge go?

    The length a 56° wedge can go depends on other factors in addition to the characteristics of the wedge itself. The single biggest aspect that affects how far your 56° wedge can go is your experience and skill as a golfer. 

    • If you’re a beginner golfer, you can expect your 56° wedge to send the golf ball flying some 60 – 80 yards.
    • Intermediate golfers can achieve a distance of 80 – 100/110 yards with their 56° wedge.
    • Finally, professional golfers can cover the distance of 115 – 120 yards with their 56 wedge.

    A single golf wedge can achieve varying distances depending on the person wielding them. Almost 50% of all golf play is short play, and that’s where wedges come in handy. That is why you should not focus all your efforts on your drives, but also dedicate equal attention to your chips, puts, and approach shots.

    Where can I purchase a premium 3 wedge set to improve my golf game?

    Treating yourself to a set of top-quality quality golf wedges is a great start to transforming your game and opening a whole new set of moves that will help you shave a couple of shots off your current game. However, with so many sub-par wedge sets to choose from, it’s easy to make a mistake.

    That is why BombTech is here. We offer excellent quality golf clubs at a competitive price by cutting all our overhead costs and bringing premium golf wedges to you online. We want you to have the best possible clubs for the money, which is why we do all we can to bring quality to you at a reasonable price. Check out our stock for a club you like.

    And if there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, don’t worry – you can contact us within 60 days of your purchase and return the clubs to us. We care about you and your game.

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