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Comprehensive Guide to Distance Control

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Distance control is a vital part of golf. There’s no point in hitting powerful shots if you’re unable to position them where you want. This is true for all the shots with all your clubs. You should be able to properly control your drives just as you have to know how to control the shots with your 60 degree wedge

However, this is also the portion of the game many high and mid handicap golfers struggle most with. To be honest, learning how to control the distance of your shots is not easy, but it is certainly manageable and you can learn it. However, you have to know where to start and you have to know how to do it. Here’s a detailed guide on mastering distance control. 

Why is distance control important?

First and foremost, being able to control the distance with a variety of your clubs, especially those you would use within 100 yards is essential for achieving consistently low scores. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your irons or your 60 degree wedge – knowing how far you can take your shots will help you: 

  • Hit a lot more greens than before.
  • Ease your finishing shots with closer putts.
  • Intentionally miss the green in certain situations, for example eliminating the need to pitch over a bunker.

How can I enhance my distance control?

There are numerous ways to enhance your distance control, but here are the five most useful ones: 

1. Using a rangefinder

Rangefinders are devices that allow you to see how far your current position is from the flag, and also allows you to see where your pin is on the green. Knowing these two parameters helps you design a strategy for your next shot without having to take a more or less educated guess. Using a rangefinder is the first step towards monitoring and enhancing your distance control. 

2. Shot planning

When you learn how to properly use rangefinders, it’s time to take that knowledge and transform it into a clear strategy for each of your shots. First, you need to understand that you should not calculate all your shots to get on the green. You should control your distance in other ways as well, such as missing the green to avoid the short-sided misses that would come after. 

3. Learning distance by practicing

Also, you need to get to know yourself and your game better too. This means learning your average distances by putting in the hours at the course to practice different shots. This means using all the clubs at your disposal, not just your trusty 60 degree wedge.

Go out, use your clubs, take several shots with each of them, and see what distances you’re achieving for full-swing and other types of shots. This is the beginning. Once you know your average distances you can start modifying your shots to go farther or nearer. 

4. Focusing on the tempo

The tempo of your shots is vital for ensuring they travel as long as far as you want them. Your tempo should be smooth throughout the entire motion, with acceleration through the point of impact. Make sure you have a smooth transition between your motions, and that you never slow down before hitting the ball. 

5. Adapting to the weather

Finally, you have to take the weather conditions into account when playing golf and controlling distance. Weather has an enormous impact on the distance a golf ball travels. The usual golfing conditions can be separated into three categories:

  • Dry and hot weather: The ball will fly farther, approximately one to two club lengths more than average. 
  • Muggy and wet weather: Such conditions make the air thicker and heavier, which sends the ball flying shorter distances, about one to two club lengths less than normal. 
  • Cold weather: These conditions also make the ball fly about one to two club lengths less than it normally would. 

What drills should I perform to improve distance control?

Finally, there’s no mastering distance without practicing and doing certain drills that will allow you to get the most out of your every shot. Knowing the right strategies for improving distance control is nothing without taking the time to practice it. These are the two best drills to do so: 

1. Clock drills

The length of the swing affects the length of the shot, and the point of clock drills is to practice and see how swing lengths affect the distance the ball travels. Many golfers take huge backswings only to decelerate as they hit the ball, when they should do the exact opposite. 

Use a sand wedge or a 60 degree wedge to practice your swing until you achieve a constant follow-through and tempo during each shot, as well as a uniform distance. 

2. Target drills

Another great way to practice achieving the distance you desire with your shots is to set up targets around the course and attempt to intentionally hit them from different positions and distances. This will help you achieve better distance control through repetition. 

Where can I purchase a high-quality 60 degree wedge for sale?

Learning proper distance control is vital, but it is only the cherry on the cake of what makes a good golfer. First, you have to pay attention to the golf clubs you buy. And, when you buy them, you should take care of your clubs and clean them properly and regularly. While you’re doing all that, it could be wise to learn more about the rules of golf handicap, just for fun.

Well, not just for fun – knowing how to calculate your handicap is important, and so is being physically fit for pulling off those long, precise drives. Plus, there are a lot more habits you should try to develop to become a more proficient and stable golfer. As you can see, there’s plenty to learn about golf, and so little time. That’s why we’re here to help you.

We can’t teach you how to play, but we can give you the best possible tools for the job. BombTech Golf makes modern golf clubs per advanced specifications. Our equipment will give you the edge over your competitors and advance your game further. And all this at a reasonable price we achieve by selling exclusively online and eliminating our overheads. Take a look at our stock and order your equipment today. If you don’t like it, return it in 60 days. 

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7 Habits of a Proficient Golfer

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Golfing is more than just shots and equipment. Sure, it’s great to learn how to hit long and accurate drives and it does feel great when you finally find that perfect 56 degree wedge for sale at an affordable price. But, becoming a good and, more importantly, consistent golfer requires you to start developing proper golfing habits that will boost your game. 

However, most people focus on practicing their shots and finding clubs that match their style and forget about the minor details that improve their game. That's why we’re going to divert your attention in another direction and give you a selection of golfing habits that will help you take your game to the next level. 

What golfing habits should I develop?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started playing golf, or if you’ve spent years doing it and you’re looking to master your 56 degree wedge – it’s never too early or too late to start developing habits that will make your game more consistent. Take a look at the seven most important habits every golfer should pay close attention to:

1. Creating a pre-shot routine

As superficial as it can seem, creating a consistent routine before making your shots actually has numerous benefits for your game. First of all, going through a familiar routine can help reduce the pressure before the shot by making your body feel comfortable before the club hits the ball. 

Also, a pre-shot ritual will eliminate any negative thoughts you may have and grant you additional time to focus on the shot you’re about to make. Finally, you get a chance to visualize your shot as you’re going through the motions. Remember to make your routine your own – don’t try to copy anybody else but do what works for you. 

2. Staying present in the moment

Golf is a physical activity, but it is also a mental one. There are many external and internal factors that can affect your game and your shots. For example, you can focus on the wind that just picked up as you were approaching your ball, or you can ponder on that missed opportunity with your 56 degree wedge a couple of holes back. 

All these negative thoughts can affect your next shot, which is why it’s vital to keep your head in the moment and prevent your thoughts from wandering. Only pay attention to the shot you’re making now and block all other thoughts from entering your mind. Mastering this will grant you calmness before playing the shot, which often translates into a better play. 

3. Having a positive attitude

Staying in the moment is only a part of the correct mental attitude you should have when playing golf. The other part is trying to stay positive at all times. However, it can be really tough to keep a smiling face if your game is not really going as you thought it would. One thing that helps is practicing positive self-talk and remembering that no golfer plays perfectly all the time. Forget the past and focus on making your next shot count!

4. Setting clear goals

Setting goals and replacing them with new ones as you achieve them is paramount for ensuring your game doesn't remain stagnant but keeps improving. The best way to approach the goals you set is to make a difference between two types of goals:

  • Short-term goals: These are goals you can achieve more easily and that keep you motivated towards achieving your greater potential. 
  • Long-term goals: There are the most important goals you set and that take a lot longer to master.

Also, make sure to set different goals for different parts of your game and to make sure you keep clear track of your progress.

5. Envisioning a strategy

Every golf course is different and it comes with its own distinct set of challenges. You should develop a habit to carefully study the course before you start playing and to pay attention to even the smallest, seemingly trivial details. 

This allows you to create a strategy for dealing with the potential difficulties of the course and help you make easier work of it. Just note that the strategy can change as you begin to play and that you should remain open to mixing it up as you’re advancing through the course. 

6. Practicing with intent

Practicing is important for improving your game, but only if you practice with a specific intent. Taking the time to do numerous shots with the 56 degree wedge you just bought will only get you so far without a clear strategy for all of your practice sessions. Always practice towards a single aim and dedicate your practice to mastering different parts of your game per session. 

7. Being more adaptable

Finally, you have to step out of your comfort zone if you want to become the best golfer you can be. This means trying out new things and replacing your current arsenal of shots with new ones if they work better. You have to be flexible to improve, and you have to constantly be on the lookout for new easy to enhance your game. 

Which company offers the best 56 degree wedge for sale?

There’s more to golf than just picking up a club and going out on the field. In fact, there are many important aspects you should consider, such as learning how to buy a quality set of clubs, and then finding out how to adequately clean your clubs to maintain performance. You should also try to get to grips with the rules of golf handicap so that you know how to calculate yours. 

And all this before you even start thinking about the more important aspects of golf, such as getting physically fit to boost your shots and improving distance control of the shots in your arsenal. Golf is a complicated sport with plenty of important details that you have to master in order to become better and better at it. However, let’s start with the basic – clubs.

BombTech Golf is here to provide high-quality golf clubs at an incredibly affordable price. We believe that every golfer deserves premium equipment, and that is exactly what we’re here to do. We use an online-only model that eliminates our overhead costs and allows us to offer premium clubs at reasonable prices. Our only mission is to bring equipment that performs great and lasts long to all the golfing enthusiasts out there. Check out our stock and order your selection now!

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The Importance of Golf Fitness: How Exercise Helps You Up Your Game

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Today’s golfers live in an exciting time. Everywhere we look, we see rapid changes in the way the game is played. Distance is becoming more of a factor as we start seeing impressively long drives off the tee that would’ve seemed unfeasible just a couple decades ago. High-quality golf wedge sets are available for sale at affordable prices, and deep knowledge about the game is easier to find than ever before.

One of the major reasons for this shift stems from the physical transformation of the golfers themselves. Golf fitness programs have advanced to the point where many health clubs offer tailored programs that help you develop both the physical and mental abilities you need to become a better golfer. Keep reading to learn more.

Why is fitness important in golf?

Before discussing the golf-specific benefits of a regular fitness routine, let’s talk about why you should be working out in general. To say that keeping yourself fit is massively beneficial for both your body and mind would be a huge understatement.

Major benefits of regular physical activity include:

  • It strengthens your muscles and bones.
  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • It helps control your weight.
  • It limits the risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.
  • It reduces the risk of some types of cancer.
  • It boosts your mental health and improves your mood.
  • It reduces the risk of injury while playing golf.
  • It improves your balance and prevents falls, if you’re an elderly adult.
  • It improves the quality of your sleep.

In golf, proper physical preparation can boost your outlook, take strokes off your score, and make the game more enjoyable for you. Combined with a great iron or wedge golf club, it can make you as close to unstoppable on the golf field as a player can be.

How does fitness improve my game?

You can have the most effective strategy, the deepest understanding of the game, and the best golf wedge set in the world, but you still won’t achieve your desired results if your body is currently incapable of executing the physical aspects of your game.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have the stability and the full range of motion where I need it?
  • Can I perform the necessary movements comfortably and with good form?
  • Can I also perform these motions when there’s increased resistance, or in a forceful, athletic way?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, that’s a clear sign you’re limiting your potential as a golfer and should take the necessary steps to address this aspect of your game. This is the purpose of a specialized golf fitness regime.

What should I pay attention to when improving my golf fitness?

Fitness involves numerous steps, but they all serve to make it easier for your coach to help you take your game to the next level. Once they’ve identified the key areas you need to improve, they can set you on a golf fitness program that will boost not only your game, but also your overall health.

Here are the key areas of golf fitness:


Being mobile in golf means being able to freely and comfortably rotate your hips, neck, spine, and shoulders. This enables you to execute complex and demanding motions, which translates into smoother swings and improved balancing.

Strength training

Having a quality driver or wedge golf club means nothing if you simply don’t have the strength to strike the ball as hard as you need to. Unlike other types of strength training, however, golf doesn’t require you to strengthen muscle groups as much as it requires you to train up your movements in a free-weight scenario.

Things to focus on in your strength training include:

  • Compound movements such as those involved in a golf swing.
  • Balance during free-weight motions and strength in stabilization.
  • Motions that are promoting force production through the ground.

Core training

To swing faster, you have to push through the ground harder. However, without enough strength and stability in your core, that power transfer is lost. You have to train your core by training three specific motions: rotation, lateral tilt, and flexion. You need to be able to control all of these movements while keeping your spine neutral.

Developing power

The ability to produce power is developed through your CNS (Central Nervous System). To create a muscle contraction, your CNS needs to send signals to the neuromuscular system, and the faster it does this the stronger the contraction is going to be.

Here’s how to train up your CNS to send signals faster: 

  • Low loads. CNS fires signals faster and creates more abrupt muscle contractions when the loads are lighter. Just make sure they aren’t too light, as that will reduce the force production.
  • Greater speeds. When training a movement for power development, you need to execute it as quickly as possible while still keeping it under control. 
  • Low volume. The central nervous system tires quickly. Training needs to be fast and effective, and not include excessive repetition, as that will only fatigue the CNS and weaken the contractions it creates.

Where can I find state-of-the-art wedge golf club sets for sale online?

Just as a premium wedge golf club won’t turn you into a great golfer if you lack physical fitness, being in excellent shape won’t help you advance your game if you’re using subpar equipment. Luckily, BombTech Golf can provide you with the club set of your dreams at a highly competitive price.

Our founder, Tyler “Sully” Sullivan, has perfected the art of manufacturing exceptional quality golf clubs that can be purchased both individually and as full sets. By selling our clubs online, we’re able to offer you better prices by completely taking the middleman out of the equation.

We also want to share our passion for the game of golf with others by discussing various golf-related topics on our blog. Whether you’re looking to learn about the key habits successful golfers cultivate, or how to master distance control on the green, you can count on us to provide you with various tips and tricks. 

Contact us to learn more about who we are and what we do, or check out our selection of iron, woods, and wedge golf club sets for sale today!

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How to Properly Clean Your Brand New Men’s Golf Club Set

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There’s more to golf than just trying to perfect your pitch shots. For example, advanced golfers looking for a deeper understanding of the game start learning about the rules, including getting into details on golf handicaps. Not everything is about browsing men’s golf club sets for sale trying to find the best one for you. Golf is about other things as well. 

One of those “other things” is taking the time to properly care for your golf club sets and cleaning them thoroughly. This will preserve their quality and allow you to keep making good shots with them for a long time. Let’s take a detailed look into how you should clean your golf clubs. 

Why should I clean my golf clubs?

Putting in the time and effort into maintaining your clubs is important for three reasons:

  • Storing away dirty golf clubs without taking the time to clean them will significantly impact their durability. Purchasing new clubs means you expect them to last for many years. However, if you choose to store them damp and muddy, you will lower their life span.
  • Also, clubs have to be completely clean in order to provide maximum performance. Dirty club heads make it a lot more difficult to hit precise, long shots. The groves are especially important for this, as they impart spin, which means you will lose a lot of control if they’re dirty or clogged.
  • Finally, you must not underestimate the psychological advantage clean and shiny clubs bring as you step onto the field. And you need that extra dose of confidence as you approach your first drive of the day. 

How often should I clean my clubs?

There isn't a specific rule that states how often you should clean your set of men’s golf clubs. The amount of dirt they accumulate depends on several factors, such as the weather and terrain conditions during your session, as well as the amount of time you spend in sand or tall grass. 

Also, the more you play and use your clubs and equipment, the more frequently you should clean your complete set of men’s golf clubs to keep them in the best condition. That being said, you should try to tend to your clubs as frequently as possible and always keep them clean to ensure longevity and optimal performance. 

What equipment do I need?

While you could come to a hasty conclusion that you need specialized equipment for cleaning your clubs, there’s no need to visit the shop. Cleaning your clubs effectively requires only the following equipment you probably already have lying around:

  • Bucket with warm water
  • Dishwashing detergent or soap
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Cloth and a towel
  • Steel or chrome polish

How do I clean my clubs?

Now, it’s time to take a look at how you should approach cleaning your men’s golf club set. We put together a list on how to clean the most important parts of the different types of clubs you have in your bag. 

Cleaning the head on irons

First, let’s see how you should clean the club head on your irons: 

  • First, take some dishwasher liquid or soap and pour it into your bucket of warm water. Don’t use water if it’s too hot, and don’t pour too much washing liquid into it. A couple of teaspoons will suffice.
  • Take your club and place the head into the water for approximately 10 minutes. This loosens the dirt and allows you to clean them more easily and without damaging them. The dirtier the clubs, the longer you should leave them soaking in the water. 
  • Once you’ve loosened the dirt, take a soft brush and clean the head of every club. You should pay special attention to thoroughly cleaning the groves, but don’t neglect the rest of the head. 
  • Once you’re done, wash the head under running water and then take a dry towel to dry your club head. Storing wet or damp clubs can lead to rust. 
  • Finally, if you want to give your club heads a final touch, take some polish and rub it on in circular motions before removing. 

Cleaning the head on metal woods

The process of cleaning the club head on metal woods is very similar to the process of cleaning the heads of your irons. However, you should not let your metal woods soak in water and you should not clean them under running water. Instead, use a damp brush to clean the head. 

Cleaning wooden clubs

The best way to clean your wooden clubs is to avoid soaking them in water and to use a damp cloth for wiping and cleaning. Also, pay utmost attention to storing your woods only once they’re completely dry. 

Cleaning the grip and the shaft

Cleaning the shafts and grips is rather easy. However, you still need to be gentle and not damage these parts of your clubs. For the shaft, simply clean it with a damp cloth. You can clean the grip with a soft brush and some gentle soap before wiping it with a dry cloth. 

Who offers the best men’s golf clubs complete sets for sale?

Cleaning and keeping care of your clubs is an important part of your game. In fact, it’s equally vital as the seemingly “more important” aspects of your golfing, such as assembling a good set of golf clubs, improving your hits with irons and drivers, and getting to grips with the minutiae of golf spins

Cleaning your clubs is essential for ensuring they keep serving you well for a long time and that you keep pulling off all those tricky shots. However, cleaning can only get you so far, and you should first pay attention to the clubs you buy in the first place. Only go for a premium manufacturer of high-quality clubs such as BombTech Golf. 

We offer a varied selection of premium golf clubs for golfers of varying skill levels. We believe that each and every enthusiast deserves a club that feels good and performs better. We do not separate your equipment into different categories – it’s all of the highest possible quality. Plus, our online-only model allows us to cut the overhead and offer lower prices. Check out our stock!

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Golf Handicap 101: The Complete Guide

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Many golfers are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest in golfing clubs and equipment and on the mission to find new and advanced ways of improving their game. High handicappers are looking for the best 2021 irons for sale, mid handicappers are trying to find best irons for their game, and so on. 

But they rarely stop to think about the basics of the game. While learning more about the rules and details of golf, including handicap, might not seem as important as some other aspects of the game, the truth is far from it. Don’t just look to purchase a quality golf iron set for sale from 2020 – start paying attention to the core of the game and see how your understanding deepens. 

What is a handicap in golf?

The simplest way to explain golf handicap is that it’s the approximate measurement of an individual golfer’s ability. That is why you will often hear golf clubs and equipment being separated into different categories based on handicap. For example, you can explore different irons for mid handicappers that were popular in 2020 or find the best irons for high handicappers in 2021 available for sale

The handicapping system was designed to allow golfers of varying skill levels to play together on a level playing field. Handicap allows players who are not as proficient to remove a stroke at more difficult holes. Once the round of golf is finished, players add up their score and take off those strokes they were allowed to remove. 

This provides a net score according to each individual handicap and the winner is decided by taking into account a golfer’s skill level in conjunction with their performance. This is how handicap levels the chances of both experienced and inexperienced golfers. 

However, the biggest benefit of the handicapping system is that it allows golfers to track their progress in great detail. The handicap of the golfer is usually based on their recent games, which means it is never outdated and it always provides an up-to-date insight into a golfer's current playing ability. 

What is the difference between a bogey and a scratch golfer?

Scratch and bogey golfer is a term used to describe the general handicap of a golfer. Scratch golfers are those players who have a handicap of zero, while bogey golfers are those players with the handicap of 20 or more. At the end of each round, golfers add or subtract their handicap to the final scores. 

What is the USGA handicap system?

This type of handicapping system is used in Australia, Mexico, and, most notably, across America. It’s more complex than the systems found in Ireland and the UK and it also allows for more detailed ability tracking. 

This handicapping system experienced a total overhaul during the 80s with the addition of course and slope ratings which added a new dimension of accuracy to the system. Let’s take a look at what these ratings entail. 

What is slope rating and course rating?

Course rating describes the number of strokes that a scratch golfer would take to complete a golf course. For example, if a golf course has the USGA rating of 73, it means that it would take a scratch golfer 73 strokes to fully complete the course. 

Slope rating refers to the overall difficulty of the course for bogey golfers. The slope rating for an individual course can range from 55 to 155, with the higher numbers describing higher difficulty. 

Finally, par plays no role in calculating handicaps using the USGA system. This boils down to the slope rating, course rating, and the adjusted gross score that represents the allowed number of shots on a certain course minus the number of allowed strokes on some holes. 

What is Equitable Stroke Control?

Equitable Stroke Control refers to the number golfers who play USGA courses receive. This number describes the maximum number of shots they are allowed to take off on individual holes. The number depends on the golfer’s handicap.  The ESC was introduced to limit disastrous holes during a round.

How do I get a handicap in golf?

You can get your golf handicap under the official player’s USGA system after only 5 rounds of golf. However, you should know that the most accurate handicap index can only be issued using results from the 10 best rounds the golfer has played during their past 20 rounds. 

The majority of golf clubs have charts that give players their handicap for that particular course based on their index, the course slope, and the course rating. However, you need to know that in order to receive your official handicap you have to be a member of a club that is qualified to issue handicaps. 

Where can I purchase the best irons for mid and high handicappers for 2020 & 2021?

Learning the details about golf handicap is an essential part of becoming familiar with the different rules in golf. It’s not enough to get yourself a good set of clubs, work on improving your driver and iron skills, and try to become more proficient at using golf spins. While becoming a better golfer is important, don’t get us wrong, it’s not the only thing you should know.

Knowing more about the handicap is one of those seemingly insignificant things that will actually deepen your understanding of the game itself. It’s similar to how cleaning and keeping your clubs in good condition will allow you to get a bit more out of them. And that is why you should try to learn as much about handicap in golf as possible.

But that doesn’t mean you should refrain from always looking to improve your arsenal with new equipment. BombTech is here to offer you a wide array of premium golf clubs and equipment. We want to bring high-quality items to every golfing enthusiast out there. We offer affordable pricing by cutting our overhead costs by using an online-only model. Browse our stock today!

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