6 Five-Player Golfing Methods to Try Out

A lot of players assume that a game of golf can’t be fun without an even number of players, and therefore typically play in groups of 2 or 4. However, this isn’t quite the case, and there’s a plethora of amazing games that a group of 5 golfers can enjoy.

Why not make room for one more friend, colleague or business partner, have fun trying out new methods and not miss an opportunity to show off your top rated golf irons? Once you get the hang of the rules, you may find this team format even more amusing.

What are some interesting five-player games?

Exploring new methods and ways of playing can be exciting, so let’s take a look at the rules of some of the most amusing five-player games:

Two carts

Two carts is a great choice if you also want added exercise. As you can induce, it’s possible to drive only 2 carts, which leaves room for only 4 players. However, all 5 players start off following the regular rules – they tee off on the first hole, each of them adding up their shots. The player who has the highest number of strokes at the end of the first hole remains without a seat and walks to the next hole.

The fun starts when the unlucky fellow has to go on foot while the other 4 golfers enjoy a comfortable ride. However, they can regain the position in one of the carts by not having the highest score again.


Wolf could easily be one of the most exciting gambling games as there’s no particular rule about the stakes and it can be whatever your group decides. The game begins by all the players gathering close to the first tee box in order to decide which golfer will be the wolf on the first hole.

Spinning a tee until you establish the rotation is the easiest way to go about it, but you can also get creative and invent your own ways. What matters is that each player should be the wolf at least once. Being a wolf brings you advantages such as choosing whether you’d like to be a lone wolf or play with a teammate and being the first one to tee off on the hole with your top rated golf iron.

Once you hit your tee ball you can announce that you’re the lone wolf, but you can also choose to wait until the other players take their tee shots. When you’re a lone wolf, winning the hole gets you 2 points instead of 1. In case you lose, the other 4 golfers get 1 point each.

Wolf allows for a range of variations. For instance, you can choose to play for a set amount or agree to change bets on each hole.

Round Robin

One of the games that never get dull is definitely Round Robin. The matchups rotate every 3 or 6 holes, so there’s no one team that dominates the entire round. In fact, a team of 3 players opposes the other 2, and once they finish 3 or 6 holes, the golfers must rotate and re-pair.

When re-pairing, you can always go for tee spinning – your next partner is the player the tee points to. Another way is to throw the balls toward a specific target and form the groups according to the result so that the three balls closest to the target make one team and the remaining two the other team.

Each player keeps their own results and the number of matches they won. Finally, the winner is the one with the most matches won at the end of the round.

Best ball scramble

Best ball scramble is a wonderful game when you want to relax and leave competing aside to purely enjoy the beauty of golf. In this game, all the players are on the same team and each of them hits their ball off the tee. All the players together decide who had the best drive, then everyone goes to that position to hit their second shot. This way of rotation goes on until you complete the hole.

High vs. low

While this game is typically played in a group of four, it also works great for five golfers. The teams form in such a way that the two players with the lowest handicaps play together against the three players with the highest handicaps.

The players then follow the same rotation as in the best ball scramble and keep record of their scores at the end of each hole. If one team’s losing heavily you can switch up once you’ve played 9 holes. The goal of the entire concept is to keep everything as competitive and fun as possible.


Rather than following the traditional stroke method, Stableford has its own scoring system. A bogey is worth 1 point, pars score you 2, birdies get you 3, eagles count as 4, and an albatros counts as 5 points.

This game doesn’t penalize you for bad holes, you simply don’t get any points for it. You can decide if you’d like to have every golfer playing for themselves or go for the 2 vs. 3 format. Finally, the winner is the golfer with the highest score.

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