8 Types of Golf Games

There’s literally a million different reasons to fall in love with the beautiful game of golf, but the biggest one is probably that no game is ever exactly the same. A botched shot here, a new par there, a gorgeous drive and a bad putt all contribute to the feeling of being eager to get to the course again

However, what if you could make your game even more interesting and every subsequent visit to the course even more intriguing? No, we’re not talking about updating your bag with a brand-new set of high-quality men’s golf irons available for sale in 2022, but rather about introducing some more variety into your games.

We’re talking about the very style of play you choose to partake in. The majority of golfers choose to stick to the standard varieties, such as stroke and match. The reality is that there are so many amazingly interesting formats of play you can adopt when enjoying a round of golf that your game never has to become even remotely stale.

What are the different ways to play golf?

There are hundreds of ways you can play golf, each with its own challenges and rulesets and it would be impossible to cover all of them. That’s why we’re going to provide an overview of the most popular ways you can enjoy a game of golf and add some variety to your favorite pastime activity if you’ve noticed it becoming “more of the same” lately.

Net vs gross tournaments 

The first thing you need to know is how gross and net tournaments or styles of play differ. If you’re playing a gross game, the best score is the winner and handicaps make no difference, you just have to achieve the best possible score. On the other hand, net style of play levels the conditions for all the golfers involved, introducing scores based on each player’s skill and proficiency at the course.

Stroke play

Stroke, otherwise known as medal play, is probably the easiest style of play to understand and master. Stroke play means that each golfer plays an identical number of holes and the winner is the player who completed the entire course with the least strikes. Stroke play doesn’t allow for conceding putts and you have to place the golf ball into the hole to finish it. So, all you have to do is pick up your new golf iron set of clubs you got on sale in 2022, give it your best shots, and swing away. This is probably the most accessible style of golf.

Match play

This involves playing directly against one other opponent, making this style of play ideal for going out on the course with a friend. Every hole you manage to complete is worth a single point, and the golfer with the most points at the end is crowned victor. Here, conceding putts is allowed, allowing you to experience a single bad hole without falling too far behind your opponent, as it’s the same whether you lost a hole with a quadruple bogey or a par.

Best ball

This is a type of play suitable for four or two-person teams, usually enjoyed with another team with the same number of players. Every team member plays their own individual ball, counting the lowest score after finishing the hole. For example, if a team member manages to score 4 while other members score 5, record the 4. Also, giving advice to your team members is not only allowed, it’s encouraged and allows for as much fun as possible. Finally, each player has to complete the hole in order to take their achieved score into account.

Alternate shot

This is a more advanced version of play you can enjoy at the golf course. When it comes to the alternate shot style, you and your one other teammate alternate between shots. For example, you tee off and your teammate takes the next shot until you manage to putt the ball into the hole. At the next tee, your teammate takes the shot with you following up. Remember, no swapping golf balls between shots, you have to use only one ball.


This is possibly the most enjoyable style of golf you can play and the one that’s responsible for some of the lowest achievable scores. Again, you play in teams, all players tee off with the entire team deciding on the best shot and the place on the course they wish to continue from. Then, each player takes the ball and hits the next shot from the decided position, repeating the process until completing the entire hole. It’s worth noting that this format doesn’t allow you to concede putts.


This is a combination of best ball and scramble. Every member of the team tees off and the team determines the best shot with each player taking another shot from that position. After that, the players continue playing individually with separate golf balls until finishing the hole with only the best or two best scores adding to the team total. Also, no conceding putts.


Finally, this type of play is a variation on the stroke style of golf, awarding points based on individual holes, suitable mainly for individual players. You receive a score based on the shot you manage to complete the hole with. For example, eagles are worth ten points, birdies five points, pars two points, and bogeys one point. Higher shot counts receive zero points.

Where can I find the best men’s golf iron sets for sale in 2022 suitable for all types of games?

There’s more to playing golf and improving your game than just looking for the best methods for mastering your backswing and trying to eliminate the dreaded slices from your play. Golf is a game of subtlety and success is a combination of getting your head mentally in the game and becoming proficient at every technical aspect of it.

However, there’s another crucial, but often overlooked, element to golf, and that’s the courses and the games themselves. Besides becoming adept at the type of game you’re playing, you need to be familiar with the different types of grass present on the course depending on the exact style of the golf course you’re playing on. Only then have you covered all your bases.

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