7 Different Golf Course Styles

All golf courses are, in their essence, identical to one another. You have your tee boxes, your bunkers, your putting greens, fairways, rugs, and other sections that make up a course. However, a golf course is a lot more than just the sum of its parts and each course carries with it a different look, feel, and atmosphere.

This is why you can hear one group of golfers enjoying a course in one style and another group enjoying a completely different style of course. This is why you should try out several different types of courses and find the one that suits you best. It’s similar to how not every one of the best golf club releases in 2022 might be suitable for you.

Before you try all the different styles of golf courses, it’s important that you find as much information on them as possible and try to narrow down your choices at least a little, since trying out even the most popular styles can take a long time. Luckily, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with.

What are the different styles of golf courses?

The biggest part of the course heavily relies on the natural environment and terrain on the location of the course, strongly impacting its layout and structure. However, golf courses can also differ based on their distribution of different sections and many other aspects, making it essential to get familiar with the most common types of courses you can play.


This is one of the oldest styles of courses, originating in Scotland and England, the cradle of golf. Taking into account that the incredible game of golf has been in existence in its most ancient form since the 1400s, there are players who consider this kind of course design outdated. However, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of history, right?

These courses are common in regions close to the sea and they’re flat for the most part, consisting of wavy elevations rather than steep changes. Their steady terrain and hard ground allow for plenty of roll with long bunkers and difficult roughs. Oh, and let’s not forget the potential for incessant wind that will make it a bit more difficult for you to use one of the golf clubs you purchased as best releases for 2022. The well-known courses that utilize the links design are Pebble Beach located in California and Royal Portrush located in Northern Ireland. 


These courses are very similar to links courses and are also most frequent across Europe. They feature pretty much identical structural and design characteristics with the biggest difference being that heathland courses are in the vicinity of the sea, lowering the presence of wind and increasing the number of trees present on the course. 

Another important feature is the natural hazard on these courses in the form of heath and wild flowers, making for a gorgeous sight as well. The most famous heathland course is possibly the Sunningdale Golf Club located in England.


This is by far the most common type of golf course in the United States of America. It’s mostly surrounded by trees, which are also the biggest hazard on this course. They mold themselves according to the natural structure already present, so if there are hills, you’ll experience a hilly course and if the land is flat, you’ll experience a flat course for the most part.

Parkland golf courses tend to be lush and green because of frequent hydration and they’re mostly located inland and feature little to no wind. The Augusta National in the state of Georgia is possibly the most famous parkland course of this kind in the world.


These are the courses you can find near the ocean with plenty of water to go around. No, we’re only joking, they’re reserved for the desert and the desert terrain can be anywhere from five to fifty yards away from your ideal path from tee to green. It’s vital to remain on the grass, because it’s especially difficult to get back into it after hitting it into the desert rough.

These courses tend to be more difficult to play and can get pretty exciting. Another characteristic is that they’re often flat with few blind shots required to make it to the hole. At this moment, the most highly rated course of this type is The Quarry at La Quinta located in California.


These types of courses have one main characteristic, and that’s that they’re designed to host small and big tournaments. Some of the most common features of all stadium or championship courses are 18 holes, good length and a fair amount of challenge. What’s more, these courses often have to consider places for spectators with good vantage points and holes that will be exciting to spectators. The original golf course of this type is the TPC at Sawgrass at Florida.


These golf courses consist only of par-3 holes. Another name for these courses are pitch-and-putt golf courses because they’re short and only pitches are necessary to get around them. This is an excellent choice for golfers who are just starting out and who need to adopt the basics of the game.


These courses are very similar to par-3 courses with the main difference being you have a couple of drives to hit on an executive course. Most of the holes here are also par-3 and the usual number of holes is 18. Contrary to their name, these courses are completely open to the public and there’s a good number of them across the board.

Who sells the best golf club releases in 2022 for use on different types of courses?

It’s easy to completely focus on honing the technicalities of your game, such as looking for techniques you can implement to improve your backswing and trying to find out how to get rid of the slice in your game. You’ve probably even forgotten about getting yourself mentally prepared for the ups and downs that inevitably occur during a round of golf.

However, have you even thought about the various aspects of the course and the play style? Have you considered the different types of golf games in order to adequately prepare for your day at the course and have you explored all the types of grass you can find on a golf course that can significantly affect the movement of the ball and your shots?

All this is important, but so are the clubs and the equipment you use. That’s why you need to check out BombTech Golf, reputable manufacturers of cutting-edge golf clubs and equipment that offer a premium feel at the price you can afford. We cut our overhead costs with an online-only model, and our 60-day return policy ensures your absolute peace of mind.

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