6 Tips for Fixing Your Slice

There’s no other way of putting it except that slice, well, sucks, and that’s it, all the truth you need. First, your shot will look horrible as the ball rises through the air and goes only the smallest fraction of the distance you envisioned. We know that aesthetic concerns are probably last on your list of slice grievances, but an ugly shot is usually a poor shot as well.

Speaking of poor shots, a slice will not only cause you to significantly lose on your distance, but it will also seriously hamper your accuracy. Can you imagine springing for a top-quality club in 2022 at one of the best online golf equipment stores only to botch your shots with incessant slices? It’s not the club’s fault, it’s the slice.

And finally, a slice will cause you to lose your temper more quickly than you could’ve ever imagined and your entire round of golf is in danger of sliding downhill from there. Not being able to hit the fairway is a sure recipe for bad nerves and poor playing. So, what is it that causes slices and how can you prevent them from occurring in the first place?

What causes slice in golf?

Slices are a common occurrence in golf and there isn’t a player who hasn’t encountered them. Sometimes, it’s down to the poor fundamentals of your game, while at other times it’s simply not your day and you keep slicing away from one hole to the next. However, in order to correct a slice and prevent them from happening frequently, you first need to know what causes them:

Bad swing path

Poor and improper path of the swing is definitely the most common reason behind the dreaded slice. When you approach the ball and perform an overly enthusiastic swing motion, you’re probably going to start more than necessary on the left and try to correct your motion by slicing to the right. 

The more open your club face is, the more you’ll slice. Also, the amount of slice depends on the club you’re using. For example, you’re more likely to feel the slice hitting the ball with the driver than with an iron. Overall, your slice will cause the ball to fly erratically with little control and there’s no premium equipment from a reputable online golf store that will correct this.

Poor alignment

Your alignment is the foundation of your game, and addressing the ball with improper alignment can cause a wide range of issues, one of them being the slice. The worse your alignment, the worse your swing path and the actual contact with the ball, causing you to slice the ball rather than send it flying to its intended destination.

Weak grip

Finally, if your grip is too weak you can end up slicing your ball. Why? Because a weak grip promotes a left-to-right shot, especially if your left hand is on the weaker side during your grip, assuming you’re naturally right-handed. The grip you want is neutral, as it offers the best results for hitting the ball exactly as you wish.

How can I fix my slice?

When it comes to slices, you need to know that everyone has and continues to experience them when playing golf. Yes, you can minimize them as much as possible, but they’re going to keep appearing intermittently, depending on the place your game is at a certain point in time. However, if you’re set on limiting the number of times they occur, here’s what you can do:

Stop aiming left 

First of all, disregard one of the most usual methods for correcting your slice, which is to aim to the left in order to offset the flight of your ball to the left. This will only make it worse, as you’ll keep repeating the core mistakes that are causing the slice in the first place. Instead, keep aiming as straight as possible and work on the other aspects of your game to eliminate your slice.

Adjust your setup

This is among the simplest solutions that will contribute to you gradually eliminating the slice altogether. If you place your ball too far forward, you’ll adjust your stance in the wrong way, causing you to start slicing the ball. What you need to do is move the golf ball further back in your stance and correct your posture and alignment. This is a method that works immediately, no matter if you’ve just bought top-tier equipment from the best online golf store in 2022 or you’re playing with aging clubs.

Mind your divots

This is an excellent method for inspecting your swing path. Use an iron to hit a fairway shot and see if your divot is pointing to the left-hand side of your target. If it is, there’s a problem with your game that’s causing the slice and this is the first step in determining the reason behind you slicing away. What’s more, it will help you understand how bad your slices are and how much you’ll need to work to correct them.

Grip properly

As said, your grip is among the most common causes behind a slice. If your grip is weak, it’ll promote poor swing path and ball flight, causing you to hit slices left and right. To fix your grip, try rotating your left hand (all this is assuming you’re right-handed) and wait until you notice your three knuckles. From there, ensure you’re not gripping your club loosely and make sure your hand positioning remains correct throughout your swing.

Tuck your elbows in

You need to keep your elbows close to your body during your backswing in order to make the first step toward a proper swing that will eliminate slicing. It’s usually your right elbow that tends to flare out and away from the rest of your body, causing a left-ro-right swing path and, consequently, the slice. Tucking your elbows will feel uncomfortable at first but trust us, this is the way.

Transfer weight

You need to learn how to adequately transfer your weight when swinging in order to avoid slicing your ball. Ideally, you should ensure your weight is moving toward your back foot when swinging back, and then toward your front foot when you begin your downswing trajectory. If you leave your weight on the back during the downswing, you’ll probably end up slicing the ball.

What is the best online golf equipment store in 2022 that offers high-quality clubs?

Golf is a complex and often complicated game that yields gorgeous results when you master it, or at least come close. That’s why you need to work out any kinks with your slices, but also do all you can to enhance your grip and see how you can prevent shanking the shots with your irons by adopting a proper pre-shot routine you’ll use every single time.

However, don’t stop there and also explore the most useful methods for improving your backswing in order to send the ball flying farther. Finally, know that your nerves can also cause a wide range of problems with your game, so it’s important to learn how you can prevent performance anxiety from appearing when golfing.

Before all that, ensure you have the best possible clubs and equipment by exploring all that BombTech Golf has to offer. We design and manufacture top-quality clubs fit for all levels of play that don’t cost an arm and a leg. We’ve adopted an online-only model with a 60-day return policy that cuts overhead and ensures you receive the best deals possible.

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