Guide to a Proper Pre-Shot Routine

Do yourself a favor and postpone your game a bit the next time you’re at the course. Instead of picking up your clubs and going out to the hole, wait for a bit and watch the more proficient golfers around you. See what they do before every shot and notice that they’re all probably repeating identical or similar actions.

That’s a pre-shot routine and all the low-handicap golfers have adopted a form of it. Having the best golf driver for slower swing speeds for 2022 in your bag will do you little good if your pre-shot routine is poor or non-existent. You might be thinking: “Why is it so important to pay attention to this aspect of my game? Isn’t actually hitting the ball more important?” 

It is, but this is a form of mental and physical preparation that helps you get your head and body in the right place to be able to make the shot that counts. In fact, we’d go as far as to say there’s no good shot in golf without a proper pre-shot routine, which is why it’s essential for you to learn how to master it.

How do I improve my pre-shot routine?

Establishing a detailed pre-shot routine will also help you speed up your play, increase your levels of confidence, and also help you adjust to new and unfamiliar courses faster and more easily. Now that you know why you need a solid pre-shot routine as part of your golfing arsenal, it’s time to explore what you can do to establish it:

Start early

We don’t mean in the morning, but before your shot. The earlier you begin with your pre-shot routine, the calmer and more confident you’ll arrive at your golf ball. Ideally, begin with your routine prior to actually hitting the ball on your very way toward your green, fairway, or tee box, and preferably on foot.

If you’re approaching your ball on foot, pay attention to all the contours on the course, especially if you’re on the green, as they’ll help you immensely during your shot. Also, it might sound silly, but you also need a trigger for your routine.

You know how when you get in your car everyone has a certain routine, like fastening the seat belt first before placing your key in the ignition? Do the same with your pre-shot routine. For example, velcroing your glove can be the trigger that signals you’re starting to assess your shot. This way, you’ll train yourself to start paying attention and get in the zone as soon as you’re done putting on your glove. Might sound silly, but it works.

Calculate the distance

One you’ve put on your glove and velcroed it, you should transition to the next portion of your pre-shot routine, and that’s to calculate the distance you wish to achieve with your shot which, in turns, affects the shot you’re about to make. Some of the aspects you have to consider when calculating the distance for your drivers before you pick up your golf driver for slower swing speeds include: 

  • How you’re planning to play the hole
  • Which club you’re planning to use
  • What outcome you’re planning to achieve
  • What hazards you need to pay attention to, such as sand pits and fairway bunkers
  • What your desired target for your shot is

When it comes to calculating the distance on your fairway shots, consider the following: 

  • The distance to the flag as well as the back and the front of the green
  • The club you plan to use to get to the green
  • The target you’re aiming for at the green
  • The bunkers and hazards you need to avoid

This can get a bit much in the beginning, but you’ll get the hang of it and it will become easier and easier to accurately plan your shots by calculating the distance you’re looking to achieve. This way, you’ll become more precise with your shots and boost your score.

Pick the club

This is an essential part of your pre-shot routine as it will affect how you’ll swing and hit the ball and what targets you’re hoping to achieve. Choose a club that suits the shot you’re planning on making, and then modify the remainder of your plan to accommodate for your choice of club.

Choose your target

OK, so you’ve arrived at your ball with the right club in hand and you’ve planned the distance you’re hoping to achieve. What next? It’s time to choose a target for your shots. Now this is all about combining a clear strategy for the hole and the benefits of visualizing your shot. 

When you choose your target, you’re also choosing the strategy you’re about to implement for the hole in question. From there, it’s all about visualizing your shot and making it happen as closely to the shot you have in mind as possible. This will calm you and allow you to enhance the precision of your shot.

Practice swings

Once you’ve done visualizing your shot, make sure to have a couple of practice swings before you hit the ball. Go through the motions and try to recreate the path of the swing you’re hoping to achieve when actually hitting the golf ball. However, don’t get too technical and mechanical. This serves as the part of your pre-shot routine that calms your nerves and allows you to clean your mind before the actual shot. You’ve got it.

Address the golf ball

Finally, it’s time for the final stretch before hitting the ball. Approach it, position your body properly, and take the shot. If you’ve botched it, don’t dwell and move on to your next shot. Unvelcro your glove and remember that your next shot is the only one that counts before repeating your entire pre-shot routine all over again.

Who makes the best golf drivers for slow swing speeds in 2022?

Establishing a detailed pre-shot routine is among the most essential aspects of your game. It’s one of the things that will help you increase the number of pars you make on the course and assist you in achieving the score of 100. However, that’s not the only thing you need to think about if you’re set on making it across the course with a score of under 100.

You also need to explore some tips on improving your golf grip while also paying attention to reducing or eliminating the number of shanks with your irons. Finally, don’t forget about using the highest-quality clubs and equipment for the job, as the tools of the trade are as important as all the other skills. Luckily, you have BombTech to help you with that.

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