5 Tips on Making More Pars

When you’re just starting out with your golfing adventure, getting a par seems about as easy as climbing Mount Everest dressed in shorts and flip-flops. Getting an even result on only one of the holes after several months of golfing is going to seem like the best result of all time, and it should feel like that. Your first par is a sight to behold.

And then you’ll just go back to frequent bogeys and you’ll start wondering where it’s all gone wrong and what you can do to get your game to pick up. Is it time to start browsing all those new golf club releases for 2022 and refresh your gear? It might be, but before you do purchase a new driver or 3 wood, assess your game.

There’s an art to scoring pars and an even bigger art to gradually making them the basis of your game. It’s when the par becomes a sort of your default that you’re really starting to become a proficient golfer that’s not only breaking the 100’s, but also attacking the 90’s, maybe the 80’s too. So how do you get there? There are a couple of things you can do.

What is a par in golf?

Basically, a par is the score needed to complete a certain hole on the golf course. This score refers to the number of shots an average golfer would take to complete one of the holes on the course. 

For example, let’s take a normal golf course with 18 holes. Some holes may have a par score of 3, others may have a score of 4 or 5. This refers to both the length of the hole and its difficulty. The higher the par score for any given hole, the longer and potentially more demanding it is. 

So, a par on a hole is the “break even” score that you have to attain in order to not receive additional points on your scorecard. Going a shot below par grants you a -1, while going a shot above par grants you +1 above the par score for the hole you’re playing.

How can I make more pars in golf?

Knowing what a par exactly is and how it’s relevant to your current skill level and score is one thing. Actually playing and using your golfing prowess to get a par is a lot more difficult than it sounds. In fact, it’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks for all novice players, as it can be extremely tough to get a par when you’re just starting out.

All this can get you to doubt yourself and to start looking for solutions elsewhere. It’s very common to lose confidence in your game and your skill and to begin exploring new golf club releases for 2022 because you simply can’t seem to get over the hump and start making those pars. Looking for a solution in all the wrong places is also a vital part of becoming a more proficient golfer.

However, know that even if you do get one or two parts, it’s a whole other matter getting consistent pars and, from there, advancing to birdies, eagles, and more. All this makes the par an essential part of your golfing. So, what can you do to get more of them and to start attaining them on a regular basis? Here are a couple of strategies for securing pars that will certainly help you:

1. Find the right strategy

Absence of strategy is one of the most common reasons behind a golfer’s inability to make consistent pars. Simply stepping up to the tee, taking your new and shiny driver and swinging as hard as you can will get you nowhere, even if you’re the most talented golfer in the whole word. There’s more to golf than just the swing and the desire to send the ball flying far.

Golf is a game of strategy as much as it is a game of skill, and learning how to strategize on each and every hole is one of the things that will start getting you more and more pars. As you’re preparing for the approach shot, consider the yardage, the lie, the wind direction, the pin placement, and all the other aspects that might affect your shots. 

However, don’t stop there and start thinking about a couple of shots in advance. Consider where you’re planning to land the golf ball with each of your shots, but also have a plan ready in case things don’t go as planned. Golf always requires a back-up plan, and you have to keep that in mind at all times.

Finally, make sure you prepare a comprehensive plan of play even before you’ve stepped on the grass to prepare for your opening shot. Assess the course, the holes, and the potential problem points and make sure you create a strategy that will get you through the entire course in as few shots as possible. This will certainly net you a couple of pars more.

2. Short game is essential

Short game is another vital aspect of your attempt to get more pars. In fact, this is one of the fastest ways to improve your score, and your confidence. The fact is that you can make up for the shots you might have botched playing the hole on the green. In fact, you can save your pars almost 50% of the time if you hone your short game.

So, if you’re aiming for pars, the rule is practice the short game as much and as often as possible. What good is hitting all the shots up to the green only to waste another three or four shots trying to get your ball into the hole. So, strategize as thoroughly as possible to arrive at the green, don’t fret if you’ve made a shot or two more, and make up for it with your short game.

3. Think about your swing speed

Swinging as fast as possible and hitting the ball strong and hard is all well and good. However, you should never increase your swing speed at the expense of your accuracy. If you’re aiming at pars, the importance of the distance you’re able to achieve with your shots is surpassed by its accuracy.

You need to think about your swing speed and modify it accordingly and in a way that you retain a high degree of accuracy while achieving respectable distances that will get you in the par ballpark without causing too much risk. Control the speed of your swing at all times, don’t overdo it, think about the accuracy, and get close to that green.

4. Good contact is everything

Talking about accuracy, a solid contact is everything. If you’re aiming for consistent pars you have to be able to strike the ball solid most of the time. This is essential for your accuracy, flight control, and the distance you’re looking to cover with each shot. 

Mishitting the ball can quickly lead you down the rabbit hole of increasingly poor shots, so make sure you practice making proper contact with the golf ball during the majority of your shots and you’ll be well on your way to more pars.

5. Stock shot is worth practicing

Finally, practice your stock shots. A stock shot is all about controlling the curve and the line of your shot. This, again, boosts both accuracy and distance, allowing you to send the ball flying to the exact location you envisioned, getting you a lot closer to pars, birdies, and eagles. 

Mastering stock shots also grants you greater consistency during a round of golf which, again, leads to scoring more pars at different holes. After this, golf becomes a lot more fund and your score will only keep getting better and better.

Where can I find the newest and best golf club releases for 2022?

For most golfers, striking more and more pars is about the time when they start becoming more proficient and that the 100 is finally within arm’s reach. In fact, it’s that thrill that you get that’s made golf one of the most popular sports on the planet today. Even as you take a look at the history of the sport, it’s this battle against yourself that keeps you going.

To make more pars you have to pay attention to plenty of golfing essentials, from your swing to your short game, your strategy, and everything in between. You even need to look up some tips on how to boost your summer golfing or learn how to play in the rain and snow, just to be ready for making pars under all circumstances. However, let’s not forget another important thing.

Yes, that’s right, the proper equipment. It’s that amazing driver and that 3 iron that will get you over the hump and into the 100’s, and that’s exactly what we’re here to do. BombTech Golf is an online-only maker and supplier of top-quality golf clubs and equipment. Our tools of the trade look great, feel great, play great, and come with a 60-day return policy. What’s not to love?

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