10 Tips on Breaking 100, Pt. 2

Golf has a way of getting under your skin. Once you start playing, you’ll get into the enjoyable cycle of striving to improve and constantly one-up not just the other players, but yourself as well. It’s that thrill of constantly attempting to get better that’s made golf incredibly popular around the world.

And that’s where the score of 100 comes in. When you’re just beginning to play golf, scoring under 100 seems like a surreal goal that you probably won’t ever be able to attain. However, as you become better and better the 100 becomes closer and closer, until it’s finally in sight and you’re missing the tiniest bit of skill and luck to reach it.

This is the time when you shouldn’t simply start looking for some of the best sand wedges for sale in 2022, hoping they’ll get you over the hump, but rather look into your strategy and start implementing new routines that will help you reach that highly coveted score for all new players. Once you do, sky's the limit, and 90 is just around the corner.

How can I go over the score of 100 in golf?

Getting your score under 100 is an incredible achievement for all newcomers to the world of golf. However, actually reaching that score takes a lot of time and effort. To make it easier and more worthwhile, it’s important to know what to do and what to pay attention to in your attempt to finally break the 100:

1. Ensure reliable tee shots

One of the most important aspects of breaking 100 on your golf course is getting the ball in play as frequently as possible. Put simply, scoring means you have to find the fairway as often as you possibly can. Sending balls flying into the hazardous areas of the course and out of bounds will make it nearly impossible to score below the 100.

In order to keep the ball in play, it’s important to ensure your shots stay within bounds and out of the rough. That’s why choosing your go-to tee club means picking one that you feel the most confident will actually place the golf ball in play. Some of your choices can come down to your hybrin, fairway wood, or driver. From there, it’s important for you to know two things:

Don’t stick to the driver

If you’re still not feeling confident hitting your driver, don’t feel pressured into starting every hole with it. Know that, in the beginning, accuracy is a lot more important than distance and speed, especially when looking to break 100. That’s why it’s perfectly fine to hit your 3 wood instead of your driver. Yes, drivers are more fun, but accuracy wins points.

Tame the slice

However, if you’re set on using your driver and honing your skill with it, know that you have to focus on accuracy, not distance. Hitting the ball hard without any control is a recipe for out-of-bounds shots and rough outings. An important aspect of boosting accuracy is controlling your slice.

The more slice you have on your shot, the more distance and accuracy you’ll lose on every single one of your drives. However, know that one of the most common reasons for additional slice when driving is a loose and weak grip, and identifying the cause is the first and the most important step in resolving the problem.

2. Automatic 3-foot putts

Continually missing your short putts is probably one of the biggest reasons why you’re struggling to break 100. Statistically, these are some of the easiest shots to make and lead to the biggest accumulation of points on the course. This is why 3-feet puts, as well as shorter ones, are essential for lowering your score and achieving your goal. \

However, also know that even with all the practice in the world you’ll still miss some of your easier putts, and that’s completely OK. Your goal is not to achieve perfection, as such a thing doesn’t exist, but to have an easier time putting and to lower the potential for mistakes as much as possible. You can do that with these two fundamentals of putting:


First of all, remember to accelerate through the ball when putting. This is one of the most common mistakes individuals make when struggling to break 100. Instead of thinking which of whether the ball will enter the hole or not, you need to stick to your putter, practice the acceleration through every shot, and make it a part of your game.

Also, remember to do the opposite of what you might be thinking is the right thing to do. Instead of using a long backswing when putting, shorten it and focus on a longer follow through as you accelerate through your putt. This will grant you enhanced feel and control, in time getting you a lot more successful easy putts.


Also, remember that you mustn’t peak too early with your putts. Concentrate, be steady and patient, accelerate, do the entire motion of the follow through, and make this a normal part of your routine. Keep your head down and steady throughout the entire stroke and only get your head up when you’ve completed it. Otherwise, you risk breaking the motion, stopping it eary, and botching the shot.

3. Overcome your fear of sand

Now it’s time to think about which among the best sand wedges for sale available in 2022 you should buy. However, before you do, remember that a sand trap is nothing to fear and that it’s not the end of your good run. In the beginning, sand leads to plenty of skulls, fat shots, and lost balls. It doesn’t have to be like that. 

Before we get into the specifics of mastering your sand shots and losing any fear you might be harboring, always remember this one thing – you’re not hitting the ball, you’re hitting the sand. From there, it’s easy to get into greater detail on what it is you have to do and how you can enhance your sand play:

  • Place approximately 70% of your weight on the front foot, prompting a descending blow, sand first.
  • Focus on a spot of sand 2 inches behind the ball and try to hit there with your club.
  • Open your wedge and utilize all the bounce.
  • Accelerate during your follow through and don’t lose any of the speed when in the sand.

4. Practice with purpose

To become a more consistent player, capable of making pars and scoring below the 100 and 90, you need to practice. However, practicing and knowing how to practice are two different things entirely, which is why you need to keep the following pieces of advice in mind every time you’re practicing your shots:

  • Hit all the clubs: In order to familiarize yourself with your swing and to test all the clubs in your arsenal, make sure you practice with all of them instead of just hitting the wedges, drivers, and mid irons.
  • Love the green: Don’t just focus on the driving range, but pay equal attention to the practice green as well. As mentioned, one of the most important tasks you have is making your putts as easy and as confident as possible. 
  • Chip shots: Finally, make sure to practice chip shots as well, for example with a pitching wedge. Making this one of your more confident shots can add a whole new dimension to your game and allow you to get below 100.

5. Implement golf course management

Finally, once you master the shots you need to achieve 100, it’s time to start thinking about your strategy. Having a solid game plan in place can help you organize your course and shave plenty of points off your score. Here are some of the most useful strategies you should consider, especially when you’re just starting out:

  • Play the right tee shots
  • Aim for the fat greens
  • Eliminage large mistakes
  • Overcome bad shots quickly

Where can I purchase the best sand wedges for sale in 2022 that will help me break 100?

There’s nothing quite like improving your score in golf and becoming a better golfer than you were yesterday. That’s why finally managing to break the score of 100 is such an important moment for most players, and it’s probably been the same way through the entire history of this beautiful game, or at least since the introduction of modern scoring methods.

However, you have to know there’s work to be done if you plan to go past that score and complete your first milestone. Among other things, you need to improve your game in the hot weather, as well as during cold weather. Also, don’t forget to work on increasing the number of pars you make during your round of golf.

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