9 Tips on Playing Golf in the Summer

Golf can be a rather different game depending on the season you’re playing it in. For example, winter golfing can be wildly different from summer golfing. OK, the shots remain the same and the basics are the basics, but let’s take a look at course conditions. Summer grass and soil are very different from winter grass and soil, impacting many different aspects of your game. 

And that’s just the beginning of it all. There’s air humidity, ball flight, as well as your own body which behaves differently in different seasons. That’s why it’s important to adequately prepare yourself for golf during different seasons. With summer fast approaching, here’s what you need to consider besides just getting the best driver for the money in 2022 and swinging away. 

How do I prepare for summer golfing?

There’s no denying that for many golfers summer is the ideal season. Longer days and clear skies make summer the season for golfing. However, even summer isn’t without its caveats. For example, high temperatures can make it more physically difficult for you to move around the course. That’s why it’s essential to know how to prepare for summer rounds of golf: 

1. Stay hydrated

The first and the most important thing you have to remember when playing golf in the sweltering summer heat is to always stay hydrated. This means drinking plenty of water as you’re advancing through your round of golf. Don’t just think about which top golf driver for 2022 to bring, pay attention to your body as well. 

Summer golfing has a tendency to literally such the moisture out of your body, which is why it’s essential to remember to drink plenty of water while playing golf in the summer. Take a bottle with you and fill it up as soon as you’ve drunk all of it. Also, start drinking water before you actually begin playing to keep your body in optimal condition. 

2. Sunscreen is a must

Besides staying hydrated, you also need to take care of your skin. Applying sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays which can harm your skin and cause sunburns. The American Academy of Dermatology states that you should opt for the sun protection factor, or SPF, of no lower than 30 to ensure you’re protecting your skin. Also, if the sun’s particularly scorching during your round of golf, use sunglasses to protect your eyes as well. 

3. Dress to stay cool

At the golf course, fashion is important, and summer has its rules as well. However, while playing by the golf style rulebook, remember to also choose apparel that helps you stay cool. This means it’s time for polos, skirts, and shorts made from materials and in colors that will actually reflect sun rays away from you. If you want to go the extra mile or if your skin is particularly prone to sunburns, think about using sun sleeves to protect your skin further. 

4. Carry a towel

Summer golfing entails sweating and it’s extremely useful as well as important to remember to bring a towel. A sweaty brow is a nuisance, but sweaty palms can significantly hamper your game. If your hands get sweaty, you’ll lose the firmness and the security of your grip, becoming unable to hit the shots you’re planning. What’s more, you risk the club slipping mid swing. You can quickly resolve these problems with a towel. Just bring an extra one, just in case. 

5. Play early or late

If you really dislike heat, the best way around it is to play either earlier or later during the day. Early morning rounds of golf can be incredible and you’ll probably finish them by noon before the sun’s high up in the sky. However, if you’re not an early bird you can opt to play later during the day as the temperatures begin to drop. Either way, you have two excellent options if you thoroughly dislike golfing in the high heat. 

6. Use the cart

Yes, walking to all the holes of the golf course is the preferred option. It’s healthier, it burns many calories, and it’s excellent cardio. However, you’re allowed to cheat during the summer if you’re playing when it’s very hot outside. Use the cart if you notice that you simply aren’t feeling too well in the heat. This way, you’ll be able to focus on surmounting your golfing obstacles rather than making it to the next hole only to be too exhausted to actually make the shot. 

7. Make good use of any shade available

If you can, take a golf umbrella with you to protect you from the heat while at the hole or when preparing for your shot. Other than that, try to find as much natural shade as possible and remain there until it’s your time to play. This way you won’t allow the heat to exhaust you and you’ll protect your skin from those harmful UV rays even more. 

8. Play more golf

Summer brings long days, and long days are ideal for double rounds of golf. If you have the stamina and the time, this is the perfect time to make the most out of your golf day and play two rounds back to back. This is especially true if you’re visiting a course that\s not exactly near your home. Pack everything you need and spend the day doing what you love. 

9. Be mindful of how you feel

Finally, make sure to pay attention to the way you feel. It’s common for the summer heat to overwhelm everybody at one point or another. If you notice you’re feeling unwell or uncomfortable, take a break, visit the club, and grab a refreshing drink. Listen to your body and remember not to overdo it. 

Who offers top golf drivers for the money in 2022 to boost my game further?

Playing golf in different seasons brings much diversity to the game and is an essential aspect of preparing for your round of golf. However, that’s just the beginning. For example, you first have to choose a suitable golf course you want to play and prepare the proper golfing attire according to the weather and course conditions you’re expecting. 

From there, why not brush up on the essentials of golfing history and find out how it came to be and what’s making it so popular to this day. Finally, make sure you’re taking the time to get your head in the game and doing everything you can to create a comprehensive mental preparation to maximize your results

Finally, and most importantly, make sure to assemble all the tools you need to boost your game further and improve your handicap. BombTech Golf can help with that. We’re an online store that sells high-quality clubs and equipment at reasonable prices due to our online-only model. Check out our stock, choose the clubs you want, and let the performance improvement start. 

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