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My Most Popular Golf Driver Set

Posted by Tyler Sullivan on

What is up guys Sully here the owner BombTech Golf I am showing you the new grenade 2 driver, there she is. This has been our most popular bundle of all time and I started BombTech Golf almost 5 years ago for one reason to offer average golfers performance and value. All of our clubs are back to the 60-day guarantee. I am so confident you love these if you don't send them back. But again I just want to let you guys know about this insane offer and why I did this. It is for you guys the average golfers, I don’t do it for pros, I could care less about retail. It’s only for you, so if you guys want an awesome deal grenade 2 driver and a free 3 wood. Click the link now, guaranteed to outperform what’s in your bag. I don’t care what you got, bring it on, I am here for the average guy because that is what I am, peace.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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Shock your friends when you pull this out... 😱

Posted by Tyler Sullivan on

Grenade 2 Driver and Free 3 Wood 

Woah! I know, it's totally outrageous. But we are launching the Grenade 2 driver with a FREE 3 wood. Literally saving you $147 on this limited time offer. Bomb it past your buddies and still have money for the 19th hole.

Pure Engineering 

After 4 years of feedback from our original Grenade driver, it is finally time to release the BEAST. Grenade 2 is here and ready to give you more confidence off the tee. The original dual cavity design was engineered with the University of Vermont capstone project in 2012-2013. This aerodynamic design was created to break up the airflow and reduce drag.  Could our new design be even more aerodynamic?  

The University of Vermont engineering students found that Grenade 2 had a 50% increase in aerodynamics over the original version. In addition, the new cavity profile positions the CG slightly deeper and lower, this will give you more vertical hitting area for launching high and low spin drives.  

Premium Graphite Shaft

Finally a new shaft that is more stable, lighter and lower torque. We made sure that our new shaft would truly be worthy of that premium title.  I am confident that our new shaft set up will give you more confidence when you are swinging hard and on your mishits.  No need to upgrade when your stock shaft already is!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - 60 Day Return Policy

Our 100% online business model means that we don't sell in retail stores and I refuse to pay pros. This means you get more for your money...My promise is simple, you will not find better performance and value combined. If you do, send it back. 

Grenade Club Head Specs

Face Material: Ti-1188 hardened titanium

Hosel Depth: 38mm

Weight: 199 grams

Face Angle: 1* closed

Size: 450cc

Lie: 59*

Dexterity: Right Handed

Grenade Shaft Specs

Torque: 3.8

Launch: Mid-High

Kick: Mid

Weight: Senior 50 G, Regular 52 G, Stiff 54, Extra Stiff 56 G

Driver Length: 45.75 inches

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New BombTech Golf Driver Review

Posted by Tyler Sullivan on

Hey what is going on everybody Cody with View Golf and today we have got a product review for you. We have the new BombTech Golf Grenade 2 driver.

First thing is it is more aerodynamic, so you are going to get a little more swing speed and that was proven in the wind tunnel by University of Vermont students. Which is pretty cool, I like that fact that they had some really credible non-biased people run that test in the wind tunnel, I think that is really, really cool.

Now on the look side of things it’s pretty simple and that is something that I like. You get that stainless-steel sole, you get nothing to excessive on the button of the club. You get the loft, you get the name of the club, the size of the club, and the brand of the club. That’s as simple as it possibly gets. On the crown you do get a little Grenade 2 branding, the backwards “R” kind of weird looks like maybe a third grader writing in crayon for dad in a Christmas card and wants to be cute and puts the “R” backwards. Also the “N” backwards kind of funky, kind of a fun house effect on the name of the club. I guess that is kind of what you are getting with this brand, they are brash and different, you know you get the lime green shaft and lime green accents.

You get these two little craters in the back of the club. I am sure you know what that is going to do they can take the weight out from there and put it further forward in the face. You are going to get that lower spin, higher launch, all those great things that we like to see.

Now on the face we have more lime green accents, you can kind of see a theme going on with this Grenade 2 driver here. We have the lime green grooves that frames the sweet spot very nicely. Then we have the crown of the club which I have already mentioned we have the Grenade 2 branding with the backwards “N” and backwards “R” and I guess the “A” could be backwards too we just don’t know. Anyway, we have the matte black top which I actually like, I think it’s really cool. It is not going to show any finger prints or stuff like that. There is no adjustable loft on the Grenade 2, you can get it in a 9 degree or 10.5 degrees, whatever you want. Bunch of different shaft options senior flex, regular flex, stiff flex, X-flex. Whatever it is that you want you get this Grenade 2 branded golf shaft with which is pretty cool.

Another thing that I noticed which is nice attention to detail by BombTech is on the grip you get that BombTech logo which is pretty cool. Also on the top of the club you get this grenade on the butt end of the club which I think is one of the coolest things I have seen in golf this year. I think that is just really cool.

Overall, we have a really subtle looking club, but there is a lot of brash colors and that’s what makes it pop and I think that is pretty cool just sitting on a shelf. Without further a due we are get this a couple of hits and see what we think about it performance wise, feel wise, sound wise. Then we are going to take it over to the View Golf lounge. We are going to give it a 5-star view golf review and tell you what we think about it, let’s go.

Again at setup it looks really, really good, it looks pleasing. The matte black finish with the stainless-steel face really frames everything, really makes alignment easy which I like. So let’s see what we think. First impression the shaft feels really, really, really light. Okay I mean it feels like a regular flex even though it says stiff flex. It was really weak for me, 285 carry, 313.8 total. Got a 171 mile per hour ball speed off that one which is nice. By the way I have not hit this club yet, so that is important to know. So all this I learning and going through it with you, 9 degrees of loft, ball 2 let’s see. I hit that one up a little higher I think, 274 carry, 302 total, ball speed down to 163 there. I hit it a little bit off the toe there and ball speed went down 8 miles per hour. But carry distance was still up there, still pretty good. Hit it really straight too I like that ball flight.

That felt pretty good there 290 carry, 317 total, 172.3 ball speed.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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Flop Shot from Everywhere 😱🏌️

Posted by Tyler Sullivan on

What’s up guys Sully here owner of BombTech Golf, we have got Chris and myself hitting the 72 degree wedge. Everyone asks us how far you hit that thing. Listen it’s a flop shot from everywhere. We are going out for 45 yards, Nick show them, we are going to see how close we can come on our practice green. I am no pro, we will see what we can do.

Chris what’s your handicap?

12, 12 handicap.

72, it is good over a bunker, with in 50 yards around the green. Hit it high get it t sit down, that’s when I would use the 72.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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Did that Really Just Happen... 🚆 | Quest for 80 Ep. 6

Posted by Tyler Sullivan on

What’s up guys Sully here, Quest for 80 episode number 6. It is second round, third 9 of the year. I have got some blisters on my fingers from hitting too many driving range balls. So I am taping up like my old rugby days. We are here at Cedar Knoll this is my nemesis course, never played well here. It looks super appealing because it is wide open but super hilly and windy. So you don’t want to swing super hard but that is what I do. Goal today is to sneak in a quick nine today.

We have got some hacks in front of us, this guy is already on shot number 7 and he is only 40 feet away, it could be a long 9. First hole is a doozy, par 5, 494 I think, I am going driver to wedge bro let’s go. Eh, it is a miss, but I think I got a member’s bounce hit the tree and kicked back, should be fine. Dude I couldn’t hit it any better, that never happens, that’s going stay up there, perfect. Alright bogey one over.

Hole 3, par 4, 300 yards up hill into the wind, 2 over par dude, Cedar Knoll! That’s the one, that’s deep dude, I’ll take that all day. Nick out drove me, don’t tell anyone, I am in the fairway though, I have probably got 40 to 50 yards to go. Alright guys super windy hopefully you can hear me, OnCore thanks again for the balls guys appreciate it. 3 holes deep, I was on in 2, actually hit the fairway with a nice drive. Was putting for birdie guess what I freaking did I 3 putt it.

Hole 4 I have got to redeem myself, this is a tough hole, super dog leg right. What you think that is a little dog leg right. This is risk versus reward, 333 yards, you can cut the trees right. I am going to the safe play which is probably 180 yards so maybe a 5 iron or 6 iron. That’s what I am going to do not play dumb. I hit it pure comeback, right side, chip and a putt. Too many long putts today, par putt, I need my BombTech Mallet, sold out of them got nothing left. That’s how you stay on the bogey train, hole 5 that is where we are going to heat up, bogey.

Hole 6 we just finished we were on Facebook live another par chance missed it. Bogey train I am 6 over through 6. This is a tough hole over water, hole 7, 341 yards uphill. Going to hit driver that’s been keeping me straight all day. Alright uphill, drive was good dude look at this, look at this lie Nick, this is the lie of the day almost in the hazard. I don’t know how I am this far right for that shot. We have got 145 uphill, weird lie here, think it is going to come out a little wet. Here we go birdie putt, it’s getting a little dry, so it is going to run a little more, be the one sit, sit, ah man. Alright here we go to freaking make par, some days you just make bogey’s every hole.

Alright guys I am trying to stay positive dude because I am out here golfing and it is beautiful out, so I couldn’t care what I actually shoot. I can’t make anything but bogey. We are on hole 8 par 4, I am going to lay up here. I am going to hit I think 6 iron, lot of wind down hill. See if we can at least par in and save this round dude. Beautiful day third 9 of the year I can’t complain. Not sure about distance here, center of the fairway again dude what video is this, freaking loving that! Birdie chip it’s got to run, I didn’t hit it well, but it has got to run, thank god I didn’t hit it far. Got to make a par, hit it easy it is going to break a ton, dude can’t make a par. Beautiful day man, it is a beautiful day to make bogey on every hole.

It’s time to get to practice boys just finished Cedar Knoll, first 9 on a real golf course. Bogey’d every single hole par 36, show them the score card Nick. Every single hole bogey train, shot 45 I can’t be mad, we are going to practice here hit some chips and go live… well I hit it well.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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