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Golf Etiquette: What It Is & Why It Matters

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In golf, integrity and etiquette are of the utmost importance. While it may seem that all the rules might remove some of the joy from the game, the reverse is actually true - the purpose of golf etiquette is to make the game as enjoyable as it can be, as well as protect the courses and equipment from damage.

Whether you are looking for information about golf etiquette or want to learn what the best golf clubs for high handicap are, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out more about golf etiquette and why it is important. 

What does etiquette mean in golf?

The most simple definition of golf etiquette is that it refers to all rules designed to make golf safe and enjoyable for all the players on the course. While not all the rules and practices are formal,  they are generally customary for all players. In fact, showing consideration on the course is essential in golf, and breaching the official rules of golf might be a minefield for amateur golfers. 

Although golf rules and etiquette are closely related, etiquette is generally considered to be what you should or shouldn’t do, while rules refer to what you must or mustn't do on the course. Both the golf etiquette and rules are important for ensuring fair play and minimizing the risks of course and equipment damage. 

Why is golf etiquette important?

Golf is a sport largely steeped in tradition. If you are a golfer trying to improve, you should pay as much attention to learning the proper etiquette as you do to training. This is because etiquette is there for a couple of important reasons. These are: 

  • Golf etiquette keeps golfers safe 
  • Golf etiquette maintains good pace of play 
  • Golf etiquette keeps the game enjoyable for all players
  • Golf etiquette prevents equipment damage 
  • Golf etiquette maintains the quality of the golf course 

As you can see, golf etiquette is a crucial aspect of the game. It is important for golfers of all ages and skill levels to learn and respect the traditions of golf, particularly in terms of etiquette, as this can be of immense help when trying to become a better golfer. 

What are the three categories of golf etiquette?

There are three main categories of golf etiquette that all players are expected to observe. These include: 


All golfers are expected to show consideration and integrity while playing. This category may include proper behaviors such as turning off your electronic devices or distracting other players in any way, being honest, not standing in front of other player’s lines when putting, as well as  following all other rules and applying penalties. 

Pace of play 

Pacing is essential in golf, especially when it is predetermined in tournaments. In order to prevent slow play, make sure to be ready to play whenever it is your turn as well as invite the group behind you to play through if they have caught up with your group. Generally, golfers should attempt to stay close behind the group ahead of theirs but try not to be pressured by the group that is behind.  

Golf course care 

You and your group should make sure that you leave the course in the condition that you found it in. This may include activities such as smoothing out footprints and holes in bunker sand, replacing divots, repairing any ball-marks, as well as observing all notices and signs present on the course. You should always do your best to prevent unnecessary damage to the golf course. 

What are the five rules of golf etiquette?

If you want to make sure that you are observing all the most important rules of golf etiquette, we’ve prepared a brief guide of five of the most important considerations you should make while playing:

  1. Respect other people’s time 

Make sure to arrive at the course at least 20-30 before you’re scheduled to play. Use this time to practice a couple of putts and warm up. Also, you should avoid cancelling at the last minute if you want to be invited to the course again. Being late to the game is incredibly inconsiderate to your playing partners and will surely spoil their fun. 

  1. Stay quiet during the game

While a fellow player is playing a shot, make sure to keep quiet and not distract them in any way/ This includes turning off or silencing your phone and any other electronic devices you may have. Also, make sure not to undo your glove Velcro while others are playing - do this in between shots. 

  1. Pacing is key 

Taking your time while playing doesn’t mean that you have to be slow. You should strive to be efficient and effective as much as you can. Try not to take longer than 30-45 seconds when checking the lie, selecting a club, anticipating the swing, and taking your shot. Don’t wait for your turn to come before you start gauging the distance and planning your shot. 

  1. Don’t lose your cool 

Nobody likes losing, that’s just a fact of life. But, trust us, losing your temper on the course can be much worse. If you lose your cool, you’ll kill the vibe for other players and risk not being invited again. Not losing your temper means not swearing after each shot, not throwing and breaking clubs, and any other expressions of anger. 

  1. Mind your step 

While others are putting, make sure to say out of their lines. Never stand directly behind a golfer’s ball or 45° over their back shoulder as this is bound to distract the player. Instead, stand between 90° and 45° to the golfer’s chest and at least 2-3 yards from their ball. 

What are the best golf clubs for high handicap golfers? 

At BombTech Golf, we enjoy designing and manufacturing top-quality golf clubs, as well as sharing useful tips on our beloved game. We are your best choice if you are looking for quality equipment that will help you improve your game swiftly and effectively. We offer a wide range of golf irons, drivers, and wedges you are sure to enjoy regardless of your style of play. 

What’s more, we will also gladly give you any golf-related advice you may need, whether it has to do with the number of practice swings you’re allowed to play or learning about 9-shots in golf. 

Ready to try our carefully crafted golf clubs? Contact us today and enjoy our 100% secure payment system and our fantastic money-back guarantee. Get in touch now! 

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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Golf Irons?

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It makes no difference if you’re just starting to get a feel for the beautiful game of golf, or if you’re a mid-handicap golfing enthusiast looking for a brand new set of irons. There’s nothing like the excitement when you decide to treat yourself to some fresh irons.

Sure, learning some tips on how to improve your swing through, for example, modifying your swing speed is great. But for a golfer, a true golfer, nothing beats the sheer joy of knowing that soon you’ll be swinging with a brand new set of men’s golf irons.

How long do golf irons last?

In the days of yore, when all clubs, “irons” included, as well as the ball, were made of wood, the longevity of golf irons was short, and frequent players had to make regular and expensive equipment changes. However, the situation’s much different now.

With the appearance of steel clubs and modern golf balls, the discussion on the lifespan of golf irons became far less frequent. But, you have to be aware that, even today, using the same set of golf irons for many years is not exactly a great idea.

There are three main factors that impact the condition of your golf irons and that point out when you need to get a new set.

  1. Frequency of play – The more you play, the sooner your golf irons will get worn out, needing replacement.
  2. Damage – You can easily assess the visual damage on your own. If there are any cracks, or any other kind of damage on your irons, think about getting new ones. 
  3. Quality – If you have a cheap, entry-level set of clubs you’ve been using for some time, chances are they are in dire need of replacing. Let’s face it – poor quality irons don’t last long.

You can always have your irons repaired by a professional, but that will only slightly postpone the inevitable. However, if you get a new set of men’s golf irons, you’ll be able to enjoy the game all over again.

When should I replace my golf irons?

PGA Tour pros replace their golf irons after every season. But they do play a lot, don’t they? You don’t need to replace your irons yearly. There are certain stages of a golfer’s career when replacing irons is necessary.

Also, there are two other aspects to pay attention when it comes to golf irons:

  1. Skill – If you notice your swing getting more consistent, and your putting becoming more precise, your game is improving. Consider getting a new set of irons to further advance your game.
  2. Condition – As we’ve already mentioned, the condition of golf irons is important. If your irons are starting to show signs of use, it’s always best to splurge for a new set of quality golf irons.
  3. Technology – Your current set of irons might be outdated. The technology involved in manufacturing golf clubs is constantly evolving, and you want to have modern irons to complement your improving game with.

Should I buy new golf irons?

The answer to the questions of new or used is definitely buy new. Going for used golf clubs can save you money at the moment of purchase, but it can cost you down the line. What’s the point of going for a used set of irons, only to have to buy brand new ones in a year?

On the other hand, if you’re asking about whether or not you should replace your current irons, there’s an answer to that too. You should pay attention to the telltale signs of your golfing game that suggest you should definitely consider getting a fresh set of irons.

  1. Spin – If you’re starting to notice there’s too much spin on your shots, it means the glory days of your irons are long gone.
  2. Height – If your shots are starting to lose height, and if you’re beginning to struggle getting the ball off the ground, it’s because of the clubs.
  3. Divot pattern – If your iron divots resemble an attempt at digging, rather than golfing, it means that there’s insufficient bounce on the sole. Replacement is the only option here.

Do new golf irons make a difference?

Opting to buy a new set of golf irons will certainly impact your game positively. They will feel better in your hands and the fact that you’ve just bought a new set of irons will give your game a new life.

Also, new golf irons make a big difference because of two vital aspects:

  • If the condition of your current set of irons is poor, a fresh set will help you improve height, reduce spin, and allow your shots to become more consistent.
  • Since the technology that goes into producing golf irons is constantly improving, new sets are cutting-edge when compared to older ones, which allows you to further advance your game in ways you never thought possible. 

How do I choose golf irons?

When you do decide to buy new golf irons, you’re left with one final dilemma – how to choose the perfect set of irons for your game. However, factoring in the following considerations will get you within an arm’s length of your dream set. 

  1. Price – Let’s be completely honest for a second – price matters. First, set your price range, and start looking there. However, always leave some wiggle room, as it is not worth passing on a great set of irons that are just outside your price range.
  2. Type – Now, be realistic with your level of skill and choose the type of irons accordingly. Irons range from super game-improvement to players’ irons. The choice of the type of irons is only affected by your prowess on the course.
  3. Shaft flex – The flexibility of the shaft also depends on how good a player you are. As your swings become faster, so should the shaft of your irons become stiffer. Choosing the correct shaft flexibility is important, as it directly impacts your ability to control shots.
  4. Material – The material of golf irons also matters. However, steel shafts tend to be the better option for more players, as they allow you to feel your shafts more.

We offer the finest sets of men’s golf irons for all golfing enthusiasts

The quest for a quality set of men’s golf irons can be an excruciating one. There are many golf iron manufacturers out there, but only few that really deserve your consideration. This makes buying a fresh set of golf irons a tricky affair .

At BombTech Golf, we’re aware of that, which is why we’re doing our best to offer premium golf wedge sets for intermediate and professional players alike. We take time manufacturing our clubs, and we take pride in each and every one we make.

If your current set of irons has seen some combat, and if you’re looking for a great set of irons to replace it with, take some time to browse through our wide selection of exquisite golf clubs. Even if they prove not to be a fit for you, you can return them within 60 days. Contact us today and let’s work on your score, together. 

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Top Tips for Improving Your Golf Swing Speed

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Every golfer seems to want one thing - to be able to hit the ball faster and farther. Unfortunately, many beginners tend to aim for the distances professional golfers achieve, trying to hit the ball as hard as they can, not knowing that they should focus on their swing speed instead. 

In order to achieve better results, beginner golfers should know how to determine their distance and use the best golf clubs for slower swing speed. In this article, we will tell you what swing speed you should aim for as a beginner golfer and show you how your equipment can influence your game. Keep on reading. 

What is a good swing speed for golf?

Many junior and beginner golfers compare their swing speeds with the best professional hitters. These comparisons are unrealistic and may even hinder your game improvement significantly. Instead of striving to hit the same distances as the pros, you should know how you compare with the golfers in your age group or ability level. 

The average professional PGA Tour player has a club head speed of approximately 113 mph, whereas an approximate speed for long drivers is around 135 mph. The scores are quite different for average players, varying on the basis of their age, gender, and handicap level. 

For instance, a male golfer with an intermediate skill level would typically have a club head speed of around 90 mph, while a female amateur golfer would be near the 65 mph point. 

How do I determine my golf swing speed?

So, where do you belong on the club head speed scale? Since your golf club head speed is a crucial factor for determining your distances, you should know how to measure it properly in order to improve your game. This is also important if you want to find the best golf clubs for your needs, as not all equipment is suited for beginner golfers with a low swing speed. 

Determining your golf club head speed 

While professional golfers get their swing speed measured using slow motion cameras and other highly precise devices, many average golfers don’t have access to such equipment. Luckily, there is a way to determine your golf club speed on your own. Here’s what you should do: 

  • Go to your local course and use your driver to hit 20 balls. Record the carried distances while discounting any significant mishits. Make sure to warm up beforehand. 
  • Calculate your average distance by adding your drive distances together and dividing them by the total number of hits. 
  • Determine your drive carry distance by subtracting a “roll factor” from your average distance (the most common roll factor is 5%). 
  • Divide the calculated distance by 1.75 to get your impact ball speed. 
  • Divide the speed of the ball at impact by 1.5 to calculate your estimated drive swing speed. 

You can also estimate your impact swing speed by dividing your carry distance by 2.3, but the results may be less accurate if you do it that way.

How do I increase my golf swing speed?

As we’ve already stated, golf club head speed is one of the main prerequisites for achieving great distances. As your handicap decreases, you can expect your driving distance to increase as well. Here’s what you can do to speed up your improvement: 

  • Focus on achieving a stable position and the right balance instead of hitting the ball harder. This involves the position of your right leg and achieving body evenness with your wrist flexed and your shoulder fully turned. 
  • You should also take steps to reduce the tension in your muscles. Your hands and arms should be as relaxed as possible while practicing since rotating your forearms, and in turn, your club, naturally will give you a better club head speed. 
  • A wider stance can also improve your club head speed. Try keeping your head turned downward and to the right when hitting the ball. This way, your club head will gather more speed. 

What are the best golf clubs for slow swing speeds?

Using the wrong clubs for your swing speed can seriously damage your chances at improving your game. Here’s how you should go about choosing the right clubs for your swing speed: 

  • Measure your club head swing speed. You can do this by yourself using the process we’ve explained earlier in this article or go to a golf store that takes this type of measurement. 
  • Determine your club shaft flex. If your swing speed is lower than 60 mph, you’ll probably need a ladies flex, while a regular flex would be a good choice if your speed is around 80 mph. 
  • The shaft material is important too. When choosing the best golf club shaft for slow swing speed, you should take your time to select the right material for your needs and skill level. 
  • Consider the club head type. Blade and half-cavity club heads offer better control and consistency for low handicappers, while full-cavity clubs are generally better for high handicappers. 

BombTech Golf: the perfect tools for improving your swing speed

Whether you are searching for quality wedges for beginner golfers or want to know what the best hybrid golf clubs for slow swing speed is, look no further than BombTech Golf. If you are looking for new golf irons to buy or want to check out our wedges and drivers, know that all of our equipment is carefully crafted to enable you to improve your swing speed and distances with ease. 

At BombTech, we are highly dedicated to providing golfers with top-quality tools that will suit their skill level and help them get better faster. 

In addition to our quality clubs, you can also enjoy our great money-back guarantee and perfectly safe payment system. Check out our online offer and make the right decision for your game improvement. Contact BombTech Golf today!

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Useful Tips for Intermediate Golfers

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It’s always great to hear that a golfer is transitioning from a newbie to an intermediate player. It seems that not so long ago you were trying to choose a set of golf clubs for absolute beginners. Now, you’re looking to increase your swing speed and trying to find the irons that would suit a soon-to-be mid-handicap golfer. 

And that’s great. However, choosing the best golf irons for intermediate players is considerably different than choosing a set for beginners. You’ve got your golfing habits by now, you’ve developed a set of moves, and you need a set that will play to your strengths. Let’s see how to choose your irons. 

What is considered an intermediate golfer?

When you’re a golfing beginner, golf sounds great, but it is not so great when you try to put an iron to the ball. It’s almost as if you’re scared of hitting it out of fear of something going wrong. But all this is normal and expectable. 

However, it is this fear of doing something wrong that, among other things, separates a beginner from an intermediate golfer. Once you get to a point of no longer dreading every shot and once you stop being scared of trying out a new one, you’re close to becoming a mid-handicap player.

The traits of an intermediate golfer

There are some basic characteristics all intermediate golf players share, and here are the most common ones:

  1. Keeping score – No longer is keeping score something you only watch on TV. Once you become certain enough of your shots, you’ll begin to keep score for all your outings.
  2. Average score – Once you begin keeping score, you’ll start to become eager to improve it. However, as an intermediate golfer, you can be quite satisfied with a handicap of 35 or lower, and you can expect to score 90-115 points for 18-hole rounds.
  3. Accuracy – You’re using your irons better with each passing round of golf, and your accuracy is starting to improve drastically, to the point of being able to hit three to six greens per round.
  4. Distance – Although not quite consistent, the distance of your drives is improving as well. You’ll still get several bad drives per round, but don’t let that discourage you – you’re on the right track.
  5. Feel - Finally, you’re starting to get a better handle on all your shots. Yes, you still get some of them wrong, but you’re starting to feel what and how you should drive, put, and slice, and that’s what will make all the difference further down the road.

What are the best golf irons for intermediate players?

If you feel you need a new set of irons, since your game’s improved drastically, there are various aspects to consider when choosing a set of irons for intermediates. You should take a close look at this comprehensive list of important intermediate-level irons.

  1. The sole – Pay attention to the sole of the iron. If a sole is wide, it means that it places more weight in the lower part of the iron, which equals more airborne time on your shots. However, as your game begins to improve, so the soles on your irons narrow. 
  2. The offset – The more the offset, the more time will you have to square the face at the impact. However, as you get better, you’ll opt for less offset, as it will help make your shots easy to shape, due to the lower center of gravity.
  3. The fit – Without a doubt, no matter how experienced a golfer you are, always go for a custom-fit set of clubs. Think of buying golf clubs as buying shoes – you want to buy ones that fit just right.
  4. The steel – There are constantly varying opinions on whether or not the type of steel used when making irons actually affects their characteristics. That is why you should focus on trying the irons out rather than worrying about the steel they’re made of.

The weight – Depending on the speed of your swing, you’ll either need a bit heavier or a bit lighter irons. However, the current trend is to increase the speed of the head at your current swing speed, which means that the head of your iron should be a bit on the heavier side.

What is the best golf club set for intermediates?

There isn’t a single set of golf clubs that is widely regarded as the best set for intermediate golfers. Although there are sets of intermediate clubs that are better than the competition, the choice still largely boils down to your own preferences.

Once you do find a set of clubs that are the perfect weight and fit for you, there are still three additional considerations to make. These aspects will help you narrow your choice down, and ultimately buy the clubs that completely fit your needs.

  1. Skill – It doesn’t matter that you’re now, officially, an intermediate level golfer. You should still be realistic to your skill level, calculate your handicap, and reach a decision as to how good a set of clubs you currently need.
  2. Price – Don’t break the bank when buying a new set of clubs, although it is quite tempting to do so. Yes, the clubs should be of good quality, and new clubs will improve your game, but so will additional lessons. Leave some money aside for those too.
  3. Forgiveness – Even though your game is improving, you’re still not a pro, and you should not put the pressure on yourself to become one ASAP. Opt for clubs that offer plenty of forgiveness, as they will make it easier for you to keep raising your game.

Buy a set of quality golf irons perfect for intermediate players

Every golfer dreams of going from a high- to mid-handicap as quickly as possible, only to continue to aspire to turn the now mid-handicap into a low one. Dedication, practice, and quality equipment is a way to get there as quickly as possible.

At BombTech Golf, we employ all our experience and expertise in an effort to design top-notch golf irons that are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and professional golf players alike. We know how important it is to have a good club in hand when you set out to chase as many greens as possible.

If you’re in the process of lowering your handicap to a mid-level one, if you’re starting to notice your drives becoming more stable, and your put more accurate, then it’s time to trade up. Contact us today and let’s see about outfitting you with a set of clubs to match your rising golfing prowess.

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How to Choose the Best Golf Irons for High Handicappers

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Many novice golfers are confused by the concept of handicap, and understandably so. While the term is used frequently in the world of golf, it isn’t always clear which players belong to high, mid, and low handicap categories. 

If you are a beginner golfer, you should try and understand the idea behind handicaps and learn which golf irons to use for your handicap level. Choosing the right equipment, whether it’s picking the best irons for slower swing speeds or getting the right wedge set for game improvement, is key to improving your handicap. Read on to find out if your handicap would be considered high and what the best golf irons for a high handicapper would be. 

What is a high handicapper? 

A handicap in golf is a calculation of the overall on-course ability of a golfer. The lower the handicap, the better the golfer is deemed to be. For example, a player with a handicap of 3 would be considered much better than a golfer with a 13 handicap. 

Your handicap is determined by comparing your recent scores with the difficulty of the golf courses you played. For instance, if you shoot in the 80s on a course that has a rating of 68, your handicap would be 12. This would generally belong to the mid handicap level. 

But what is considered a high handicap? In general, golfers who are above 20 are considered high handicappers. The highest handicap allowed by the USGA is 40 for female golfers and 36 for males. If your handicap is high, that doesn’t mean that you are a bad golfer; it only means that there is room for improvement or perhaps that you are using the wrong equipment. 

What's my handicap if I shoot 90?

You can’t determine your handicap if you play just one round. In fact, you should play about 20 different shots in order to calculate your handicap. At the start, you can expect your handicap to be quite high and improve after several games or a couple of years of playing. 

For instance, if you shoot a 95 score for 10 consecutive rounds on a course with a 72 rating, your handicap difference would be 20. Similarly, if you shoot 90 while playing on a par 72 course, your handicap would be 18. If your handicap is 18, you would generally be considered a mid handicapper. A 20 handicap, on the other hand, is closer to the high handicap category.

What are the best golf irons for high handicappers?

Playing with the wrong golf irons can make golf much harder for you, especially if you are a beginner. Irons designed for mid handicap golfers aren’t the same as those made for amateurs, while clubs used by low handicappers are a completely different story. If you wish to improve round by round, you need to know which irons are suitable for your skill level. 

The best irons for amateurs will perform and look much differently than those meant for professional players. In general, irons designed for high handicappers and beginners have similar game improvement features, but they can differ in some respects. 

For instance, while high handicappers may need irons that offer more precision and distance, beginners often need help hitting the ball into the air. If you aren’t sure if you need a beginner or high handicapper iron, just pay more attention to the typical outcomes of your shots. 

What are the most forgiving golf irons?

With so many different irons available on the market, choosing the right one can be very overwhelming, especially if you have just started playing. One defining feature of all beginner-friendly golf irons is forgiveness. This means that you should look for irons that can help turn your poor swings into decent shots based on your style of play and handicap level. 

The best game-improvement irons for high handicappers would be those that help you shoot the greens and give more distance to your shots. If you struggle with getting the ball high in the air, you may do better with beginner golf irons which can help you improve that aspect of your game. 

How can I lower my handicap?

In addition to using the right equipment, you can also decrease your handicap level by using the following tips: 

  • Practice your short game: the vast majority of strokes in golf happen within the first 100 yards. Work on your putting before and after your rounds and take advantage of practice greens.  
  • Boost your fitness level: while you may think that a couple of stretches will get you ready to play, working on your flexibility and core strength regularly is the best way to improve. 
  • Hone your swing at the range: repeating your swings at the range can be of immense help, as it will help you develop better muscle memory and enable you to focus on any weak spots you may have noticed while playing rounds.  
  • Try out different golf courses: while playing on a familiar course all the time will make it much easier to shoot lower scores,  you should challenge yourself by trying varying course layouts and green speeds. 
  • We bring some of the best golf irons for high handicappers 

    Every golf player strives to achieve a lower handicap score. In order to do so, you have to be careful when choosing the right irons for your handicap and style of play. If you are a high handicapper looking for forgiving golf clubs, feel free to check out our offer online. 

    Here at BombTech Golf, we strive to help amateur golfers on their game improvement path by offering expertly designed and manufactured clubs. You can browse our selection of forgiving irons on our website and use our encrypted online system to pay for your new iron. 

    If you decide that the product isn’t the right fit, don’t hesitate to return it within 60 days of the purchase and get your money back. Contact BombTech Golf and start lowering your handicap today!

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