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Golf Equipment: How to Buy Clubs & Other Essential Equipment

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Purchasing golf clubs and some other necessary equipment is probably the first thing all up-and-coming golfing enthusiasts do. However, the equipment they purchase usually tends to be “beginner” equipment they will outgrow in a matter of months. That is why spending a bit more in the beginning is definitely worth it long-term. 

But, what happens if you’re unfamiliar with how to choose high-quality golf wedges to purchase and what other equipment you need? Try to find the best online golf stores that have reasonable pricing and premium-quality products. But, before that, take a look at this detailed guide to buying clubs and other important accessories. 

How do I buy quality golf clubs?

When you’re on the prowl for a new set of golf clubs, besides checking out a well-stocked golf equipment store and browsing their inventory, there are other aspects you need to pay attention to before actually making a purchase. Here’s what you should consider before buying your clubs: 

Define your needs

Some would say that you should first define your skill level and buy clubs that would not be an overkill for your current handicap. We say that’s a mistake and that every player deserves a premium set of golf clubs that will last a long time and be suitable as your game advances.

However, you should pay attention to your specific needs regarding the type of clubs that you think you would be using most. Also, purchase clubs that suit your style of play and that would grant you the range of shots you most frequently use, as well as a club or two that you think you would start using as your game improves. 

Oversized drivers are a good idea

An oversized driver features a larger club head than you would normally consider using, but going for an oversized driver could be one of the best golfing decisions you could make. The bigger the head of the driver, the greater the moment of inertia, the better the forgiveness during your initial shot. 

Also, bigger head size generally means that you should be able to send the ball flying faster and farther than you would with a regular-sized golf driver. And that’s exactly what you could be looking for. 

Fill your wedge gaps

You may need more wedges than you think for your advancing golf game, which is why you should pay attention to filling the potential gaps you have between your wedges. Identify the loft of the pitching wedge you’re thinking of purchasing, and then consider whether your game requires a wedge between the sand wedge and the pitching wedge for your style of play. 

The general rule of thumb is this – you should not have more than 4 or 5 degree difference between your wedges, so purchase your clubs accordingly. 

Be careful about the lie

The ideal scenario involves the sole of the golf club being level with the terrain as you’re striking the ball. If the toe is up, even the well-struck shots could end up going to the left, requiring you to flatten the lie. 

Conversely, if the toe is positioned downward during the shot, the ball will pull to the right, again requiring you to correct the strike. That is why you need to perform research into what lie angle would suit your game best.

Mind the 3 L’s of putters

The three L’s of a putter are the length, the loft, and the lie angle. When buying a putter, you have to make sure that all these three characteristics suit you. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to put well unless you make drastic changes to your game. While you should always strive to improve your game, you should also purchase clubs that suit your underlying style. 

Research the manufacturer

Once you gather all the information on the types of clubs you want to purchase, it’s time to put some effort into researching the club manufacturer you want to place your trust in. The easiest way is to check out online reviews and see what other customers think. Also, if possible, check in with your friends that have clubs from said manufacturer and inquire about their opinion and impressions. 

Consider purchasing online

Finally, think about purchasing your clubs online. Reputable manufacturers of golf clubs that focus on online sales usually grant a lot more bang for your buck, and they also allow you to return your purchase if you find it unsuitable. It’s always better to spend less and gain more. 

What other non-club equipment do I need?

There’s nothing more important for golf than a high-quality set of clubs, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a professional. However, there’s additional golfing equipment that you could find equally useful and also important for improving your game:

  • A set of premium golf balls.
  • Rain gloves, hat, pants, an umbrella, and a jacket in case the weather surprises you. 
  • A first-aid kit could come in handy as a way of dealing with splinters and other potential injuries.
  • Multiple tees for a good drive.
  • Different pairs of gloves for both practicing, playing, and reserve. 
  • Quality golf shoes are essential for ensuring proper grip during every shot. 

What is the best of online golf equipment stores?

While it’s true that golf clubs and other equipment will not necessarily make you a better player with a lower handicap and more accurate and stable wedge shots, it’s still important to pay attention to the equipment you purchase. Yes, it’s more important to boost your driving skills, do all you can to improve your iron game, and add variety to your golfing arsenal. However, you need clubs and other equipment that feel good in the hand in order to achieve some of these feats. 

That is why it’s vital to find a reputable golf equipment store that has a varied enough selection of products for you to browse and select the items that will help you add the final missing piece of the puzzle to an advanced golf game. That is where BombTech Golf comes in. We are a company created with an underlying vision to offer premium-quality clubs and equipment to golfing enthusiasts with varying degrees of proficiency. 

We take the middlemen out of the equation, cut our overhead costs to the minimum, and do all we can to ensure you get top-notch clubs and equipment at your doorstep as soon as possible. We have embraced an online-only service model that enables us to offer premium items all golfers can afford. Check out our stock and choose the items you’ve been looking for. And, if you don’t like the feel of them, return them within 60 days. 

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Playing Irons: What Are the Basics & How Can I Add Variety?

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Mastering the basics of playing with irons and ensuring you add sufficient variety to your iron game is an important step forward in boosting your play with different irons. Being proficient with the various irons in your bag is just as important as perfecting your driving skills. Some would say even more important, but that’s up to debate. 

However, irons remain a vital part of every golfer’s arsenal of shots, and you need to pay attention to the fundamentals. First, learn how to perform solid shots, then add some variety to your iron play, and then find the best golf irons for 2021, no matter if you play with a low handicap, mid handicap, or a high handicap. But, for now, let’s focus on the basics. 

What are the basics of solid iron shots?

In order to develop a solid iron game, you have to start with the basics. However, the basics do not always concern your stance or your swing. We’re going to take on a different approach and provide you with a couple of important tips on what you should and should not focus on when playing irons.

Don’t shy away from divots

The best iron shots come from the hit while the club face is descending, which is why you should not be afraid of divots. While finding and replacing hunks of turf during your iron shots can be exhausting, it is certainly worthwhile. 

It’s normal for the bottom portion of the club face to make contact with the ground as you’re completing your swing. Attempting to avoid this will either cause your club face to make contact with the golf ball at a higher-than-desirable point, or cause scooping. This will produce low shots that lack any backspin. 

Distance isn’t everything

When driving, it’s normal to do all you can to maximize the distance you’re able to achieve. However, iron play is rather different from driving both in terms of technique and the goals you’re hoping to achieve. That is why you should not strike your irons for distance. 

The key to great iron shots is to make your swing as comfortable as possible and to tone it down to about 75% power. You should try to maintain control over the distance and aim for precision not range. 

Be aware of the average yardage

In order to get the most out of every iron in your bag, you need to know how much different irons can send the ball flying and, more importantly, how far you can strike the ball with each iron. Being aware of the average distance of your iron play will help you determine which iron to use depending on the specific situation on the golf course. 

Know the sound

If you don’t exactly know if you’re hitting the ball well with your irons, you should always try to listen for the sound that your club face makes when striking the ball. The sound of a good iron shot is one of the signs that you’re making progress in the right direction. The more you hear it, the more your technique is improving and the better at iron play you're becoming. 

How can I add variety to my iron play?

Once you’re aware of the importance of the basic concepts of quality iron game, it’s time to move on to adding variety to your arsenal of iron shots. The more varied your iron game is, the more situations in golf you’ll be able to resolve favorably. Take a look at the three ways you can add variety to your iron play. 

Punch shot

Any golfer who is looking at lowering their handicap has to be familiar with the punch shot and know how to execute it flawlessly. This is a low shot with an iron that golfers usually hit with a swing that is less than full. 

This shot comes in handy in different sitautions because it allows you to hit the golf ball out of the wind and makes the ball easier to bounce. Choke down on the grip and move the position of the ball back in your stance. 

High draw/fade

In an ideal scenario, you will gain the ability to hit the golf ball high while curving its trajectory in both directions. High shots tend to stop quicker, which provides you the capability to attack different hole locations without opening yourself up to the risk of the ball bouncing off.

However, this is probably the shot that is most challenging for the majority of golfers. Most players have the ability to hit an iron shot in a single direction, but it takes a lot of practice to turn the shot in both directions. But, putting in the time and the effort into perfecting high draws and fades will help drastically improve your iron play. 

Go-to shot

Finally, you should have perfect fate in a single iron shot that you are certain will not fail you when you need it most. This is the shot that you fall back on in case you’re nervous, you’re facing an exceedingly difficult position, or you’ve simply temporarily lost faith in your abilities. Even if it might not be the perfect shot for your particular situation, you should always have one iron shot that you know you can pull off no matter your current state. 

Who offers premium golf iron sets for sale that can help improve my game?

Mastering your iron game is about three things – understanding the basics of solid iron play, mastering the fundamentals of playing strongly with irons, and adding as much variety to your iron shots as possible. Once you’ve done all that, you can think about doing the fourth important thing concerning irons – finding the finest best golf iron for 2021 available on the market and purchasing them in order to take your game to the next level. That’s what we’re here for!

BombTech Golf is a company created by one man that had one defining vision behind his idea – to manufacture golf clubs of the highest possible quality and make them available to all the aspiring golfers looking for premium equipment at a price that will not leave them completely broke upon purchase. And that is precisely what BombTech has managed to do. We provide access to modern clubs that are reasonably priced and available to everyone. 

But how have me managed to do so? By ensuring there are no middlemen involved in any of the business we do. We operate solely online, which helps us eliminate most of our overhead costs. You check out the stock on our website, you find what you like, you click, order, and await your shipment. Simple as that. Plus, we provide a 60-day return policy, so if there’s anything you dislike about our clubs, you can return them to us within two months. We care about your satisfaction!

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Detailed Guide to Improving Your Iron Game

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Being certain of your iron game is one of the fundamentals of golfing, alongside making sure your driving skills are up to par. There are many things you can do to improve your play with irons, but you should first pay attention to the fundamentals of using different irons, and then proceed with other tactics and strategies concerning playing with your irons.

Also, at one point, you should consider purchasing a set of best golf irons for 2021, no matter if you’re a beginner with a 20 handicap or a more experienced player looking for an additional edge. Everyone deserves a great set of clubs, no matter their skill. But, let’s first take a look at what you can do to improve your iron play before purchasing fresh clubs. 

How can I improve my iron play?

The formula for improving your iron play consists of several smaller things that add up to provide a comprehensive plan that will help you change and improve the way you play with your irons. That formula consists of five important aspects, and not all of them are strictly connected to the swing, the stance, or the follow through. 

Preparing a strategy

Strategic prowess is key to becoming a proficient player with irons. Envisioning adequate strategy will allow you to have sufficient wiggle room, which means that even if you botch your shot you still have plenty of opportunity to get back on track with the next one and reach the score you were aiming for. 

The first thing you should incorporate into your irons strategy is to try and aim for the middle. Also, always try to aim in such a way that you avoid hazards at all costs. Finally, think of your iron shots in advance and set a clear direction for all the shots you’re planning to make during every hole. 

Finally, pay attention to avoid making the single biggest mistake most amateur golfers make, and that’s aiming for the flag at all costs. Instead of targeting the flag and risking it coming short and plugged in the bunker, use a 6 iron to position yourself beautifully for a 300-footer birdie. Play carefully but with determination without rushing it. 

Mastering your pre-shot routine

Sticking to the same pre-shot routine before each of your iron shots is a great way to acquire the necessary preparation that will allow you to hit your iron shots with a high level of consistency. A good routine consists of the following: 

  • Planning: Assess the location of the hazards, the location of the pins, and the yardage before deciding on the shot you’re going to make. Also, don’t forget to take wind, temperature, elevation, and firmness of the green into account.
  • Imagination: As silly as it sounds, imagining your shot before you make it can go a long way to actually making the shot you’re looking for. 
  • Commitment: Finally, commit to the shot you’re planning to take. No second thoughts, no questions whether or not it’s the shot you need. Make your decision, stick to it, and follow it through. 

Keeping your emotions in check

Nobody’s saying that you should eliminate your emotions while playing golf and preparing for your iron shots. However, while you should allow yourself to feel both frustration and anger in case of a bad shot, you should not allow it to overflow you and influence your subsequent shots.

Give yourself some time to vent, but then bottle the negative thoughts up and approach your iron shot calmly and determinedly. If you let your emotions run wild, you will find it exceedingly difficult to return to proper form and continue making the tough shots. 

Paying attention to the strike

The way you strike the golf ball with your irons is perhaps the most important part of making the shots you have in your mind and that you’ve planned in advance. While you can mishit your shots both horizontally and vertically, it’s important to first focus on horizontal striking. 

Failing to properly stroke your ball and hitting it out the toe could hurt you and make you lose as many as 10 yards. Sometimes, mishitting horizontally is the only thing that sends your ball shorter than you were intending. That is why it’s vital to practice hitting your shots out the center and ensure you minimize the potential for horizontal mishits. 

Maintaining proper technique

Finally, you need to hit your balls with the proper technique in order to send the golf ball flying how and where you want. While proper iron technique is a complicated topic, it can be separated into the following four parts:

  • Set-up: Favoring your lead side will give you an increased potential to create a later low point.
  • Pivot with the body: Don’t sway too far away from your target during your backswing, as this will give you low low point control.
  • Control of the club face: Having an open club face further negatively affects low point control, which is why you need to pay attention to getting your club face square. 
  • Weight shifting: Try to shift your weight toward your target and use good sequencing during this part, which will help you hit the golf ball better.

Who provides the best new golf irons for 2021 to boost my game?

If you’re trying to find a way to boost your iron game, the first thing you need to do is to take an in-depth look at the most important pieces of advice that will provide you a chance to drastically improve your iron game. However, once you read through all the advice there is, and learn about the fundamentals of a great iron game, it’s time to find the perfect irons among 2021 golf club releases and find the clubs that work best for you. That is where BombTech steps in. 

BombTech is a manufacturer of premium golf clubs, irons included. This company was founded by one man with a single vision – to provide golf clubs of the highest quality to players with different skill levels. Don’t listen to those saying that beginners should play with inferior-quality clubs, because it’s not true. Every player deserves to feel superiority in their hands, and that is precisely what BombTech is about. We’re not looking to put you down, but lift you up.

And the best thing about our clubs is not their cutting-edge design or their premium build quality. What we’re proud of the most is that we manufacture such clubs to remain affordable to anyone looking to play a round of golf. All our clubs are reasonably-priced and will remain so because we’ve eliminated the middle man and we only sell our clubs online .That is how we ensure low overheads and a fair price for you. If you don’t like it – return within 60 days. Check out our stock now!

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Top 7 Tips for Better Driving Skills

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As a recreational golfer, you’re probably always looking for ways to improve your driving skills. You want to boost your driver accuracy and distance to hit more fairways. But driving isn’t always as simple as it may seem. Yes, the main principle is to improve your clubhead speed in order to increase distance, but many golfers seem to struggle with gaining more yards of the tee, even with the most forgiving driver they could find in 2020

In order to help you hit straighter, longer, and more consistently, we’ve prepared 7 expert driving tips. Read on! 

Why is the driver so hard to hit

There is a reason why keeping tee shots in the fairway can be challenging for the average golfer. Drivers are the lowest lofted clubs in your bag, designed to create the highest ball speed. Because of this, driver shots are prone to straying off more than shots that are hit with lofted irons and lower speeds. 

How can I increase my driving distance?

If you’ve decided to improve your driving accuracy and distance, you’re in luck. Here are top 7 tips for boosting your driving skills: 

1.Go for a wider stance and tilt your spine 

As the longest and lowest lofted club in your bag, the driver has a bigger swing arc and, in turn, produces more speed than any other club. This is why a solid base is needed to balance the swing and achieve greater accuracy. Make sure to set up your stance so that your shoulders extend downwards to the inside of your feet. This will boost your confidence and balance when you begin to increase clubhead speed. 

Unlike the iron swing which requires you to strike down on the ball, a driver swing requires you to hit up on it. This is because the golf ball is set on a tee in a driver swing. In order to hit up on the ball properly, you should try tilting your spine slightly at address, with your left shoulder slightly higher than your right. This will also help improve your driving distance. 

2. Increase the loft 

Many golfers seem to think that the smallest possible amount of loft will produce the best shots. This is not always the case. In fact, using more loft on your driver will enable you to better launch the ball with low spin and hitting up on the ball. If you’ve kept your loft amount low, try experimenting with higher lofts to see if you can get more yards. 

3. Practice with both a lighter and a heavier club

If you want to increase your distance, you’ll have to swing your club faster. An effective way to train your driver speed is to practice with a lighter club. This is because your body has both fast and slow twitch muscles that both have an important role in your swing. A lightweight golf club will help activate the fast twitch muscles. You can practice this by swinging an alignment stick as fast as you are able to 5 times, using your standard stance. Make sure to focus on producing a “swoosh” sound with your club on impact as you accelerate in the downswing as quickly as you can. 

On the other hand, practicing with a heavy club can also be very beneficial. In addition to swinging a lighter club, get two irons and practice 5 swings using both clubs together. This will be significantly heavier than the lighter alignment stick you used, helping you further train your fast twitch muscles. Switch back and forth between light and heavy clubs for the best results. With time, you’ll develop muscle strength and achieve higher clubhead speed when you use a normal iron. 

4. Devise a training routine 

Fitness is an important part of achieving great driver distances. Any type of training program that aims to increase your overall fitness can bring you direct distance benefits. However, you should make sure to include stretching exercises in your routine to combat the loss of strength over time and achieve more flexibility. You can begin by stretching for the first five minutes of your routine and you may see amazing results after just one week. 

5. Lower your spin rate 

Many high handicap golfers have spin rates that are excessively high. This is often because they have a downward strike on the golf ball which produces excess backspin. To combat this, you should hit up your ball with the driver and hit the ball with a low spin and high launch. You can achieve this with the ball equator slightly above the center. 

6. Try bad posture  

Yes, you heard that right. Arching your back, relaxing your shoulders and leveling your hips may not look all that pretty, but it can help you improve hip mobility. This “arching cat” posture can help you unlock a few extra yards with your driver, however counterintuitive it may sound. 

7. Hold your finish position 

If you are able to hold your end position, you’ll be able to approach the golf ball with an appropriate swing path, have a more square clubface at address, and achieve a consistent swing rhythm. You can practice this by hitting 5 shots and holding the finish for at least 3 minutes. This will increase your balance and speed substantially.

Discover some of the most forgiving drivers and irons in 2020

Whether you are looking for most forgiving irons released in the last 5 years or want to purchase a premium-quality driver, BombTech Golf is your go-to option. Our clubs bring you gorgeous design, amazing build quality, and incredible performance. On top of that, you can try your club after purchase and decide to return it within 60 days if you’re not 100% happy with it. At BombTech Golf, we are confident in the quality of our clubs since our return rate is lower than 5%! 

Check out our amazing offer and use our encrypted payment system to pay safely for your clubs. In the meantime, browse our website to discover more golfing tips and improve your game. Purchase your favorite golf clubs right now. 

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Golf Drivers: How Long Do They Last & When to Replace Them?

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Purchasing a new golf driver is a big decision and can be a substantial investment, especially if you’re looking to find the best among 2021 golf drivers, and not just the best driver for the money. What’s more, you need to pay attention that your golf driver conforms to the requirements of the USGA if you plan on doing even mildly competitive play, as well as to pair it with the rest of your clubs without going over the allowed limit.

However, how do you know your driver needs to be replaced? Has your golfing simply advanced beyond the capabilities of your current opening club, or have you started to notice the wear and tear on your driver? Whatever the reason, you should still take a closer look at the signs that your driver needs to be replaced, just to be completely certain, as well as what kind of difference a fresh driver can make for your game, especially if you want the easiest driver to hit.

How long do golf drivers last?

The average golf driver should last an average golfing enthusiast approximately five years with reasonable, moderate use. This usually entails about thirty to forty rounds of golf every year. This leads to the conclusion that players who play less than thirty rounds a year should consider replacing their driver after seven years, while those who play less should not wait longer than four years.

However, sometimes there are other factors that can affect the lifespan of your golf driver, and that usually has to do with new breakthroughs in golfing technology. If there is a significant advancement in club-making, you could choose to replace your driver sooner in order to get the benefits of the most modern 2021 golf driver available for purchase. 

Can a golf driver wear out?

Yes, golf drivers can wear out after a certain period of time, especially if you use it on a regular basis. This is especially true for players who like to hit a couple of buckets of balls before and after their rounds of golf.

Also, golf drivers wear out much faster for more experienced players who are able to achieve higher swing speeds, since they generate more friction and force between the ball and the driver, causing more wear and tear to it. 

Does a new driver make a difference?

The most important factor when purchasing a new driver for many golfers is whether or not it will make a difference and improve their game. That depends on two things – the driver they’re currently using and the driver they’re thinking about purchasing. 

For example, if your current driver is more than five years old, it’s probably become quite worn out and a new one will certainly improve your distance and swing. Also, if you’re upgrading to a modern 2021 golf driver that features some technological advancements, you will surely notice an improvement in many aspects of your drive. 

When should I replace my driver?

Finally, it’s time to take a look at when you should start thinking about replacing your current driver with a fresh one. There are several aspects to consider when making this decision, and here are the four most important ones:

Decrease in distance

If you observe a significant drop in the distance you’re achieving with your current driver, it could mean that the time has come to replace it altogether. Most frequently, this happens because a small crack has developed in the clubface, resulting in decreased distance. 

However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. There are other reasons why you might be experiencing decreased driving distance, and it’s always best to exclude them before purchasing a new driver. These factors are:

  • Temperature: Cold temperatures can reduce your driving distance for as many as ten yards.
  • Injury: Common golfing injuries, such as problems with the elbow, knees, and back, reduce swing speed, and lower distance.
  • Swing path: Choosing to swing on an over-the-top plane lowers driving distance.
  • Elevation: The higher the altitude, the further the golf ball will fly, and changes in altitude can result in changes in distance. 

Visible clubhead or shaft damage

When looking to replace your golf club, you need to inspect the shaft and the head of your club for visible damage. Constant friction can cause vital parts of your club to become worn out, inflicting negative effects on your drives.

Age of the driver

The age of your driver is a good reason to replace it. The older the driver, the greater the potential for damage from regular wear and tear, which negatively affects your driving speed and distance. However, don’t prematurely jump to the conclusion. Drivers can last for five years and longer, so couple the age of your driver with other telltale signs for replacement before reaching a decision. 

Changes in swing

Finally, if you’ve significantly changed the technique behind your swing, you want to purchase a new driver that will perfectly suit your current swing and match your abilities. Otherwise, the improvements you’ve made to your swing will not be as perceivable as they should. 

Check out the best among 2021 golf drivers – the BombTech Driver 3.0!

Is there a club golfing aficionados love more than a solid, premium-quality driver that lets them send the ball flying farther than they ever thought possible? A driver that allows them to gain newfound confidence in every single opening shot they make, certain they will achieve the distance they were hoping for? We highly doubt it, which is why we’ve taken all we know and poured our hearts and soul into creating an absolute bomb of a driver – the BombTech Driver 3.0. If you want to hit the ball far and away, this is the club for you!

Our driver provides all of the modern features that allow you to not just hit the ball far, but also retain as much as control possible, even during the fastest of swings, and place the ball exactly where you want it. What’s even more impressive than the characteristics is its price – it’s quite reasonable. In order to give our customers a price they can afford for a top-shelf driver such as hours, we’ve completely cut down our overhead costs by selling all our equipment online.

We don’t want there to be anyone standing between you and an exquisite golf driver other than you, which is why you should have no second thoughts whatsoever. Visit our website, place what you like in your cart, and check out. If you end up not liking one of our clubs, just send them back within 60 days. But we know you won’t – they’re that good!

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