Best Golf Driver for an Average Golfer

Best Golf Driver for an Average Golfer.

With 1,000's of golf driver options on the market, how is the average golfer suppose to really know what is best for his game?

Some golfer's look at what the pros play for inspiration. Before going to your local big box store and picking up what you see the pro's playing, remember that their golf drivers are not the same as what is sold in stores.

So what should you consider if you are an average golfer?


The vast majority of golfer's play too little loft. Playing less loft causes wider dispersion, less spin and less carry distance. Most hit their 3 woods more accurate due the increased loft. Do not go low in loft because you think you should be playing a certain degree of loft.


Choosing the right shaft length is the most confusing thought to an average golfer. This is because you have never been asked it before! Golf driver length can't be changed when shopping for an off the rack golf driver. 2014 golf drivers are longer than ever, but that doesn't mean it is right. The longer the golf driver, the harder it is to hit. It is that simple. Consider this, most pros play golf drivers at 44.5 inches in length. Which is a full 1.5-2 inches shorter than current drivers on the market.


The average golfer is usually play a golf shaft that is too stiff for their swing speed. Playing golf shafts that do not fit our swing speed can be devastating to your accuracy and most important your distance. The biggest misconception I hear, "this golf shaft is too soft and that's why I am slicing it." Actually that golf shaft is too stiff and that is why you are slicing it. Playing a golf driver shaft that is too soft will result in a hook or pull. Playing the right golf shaft flex or even a flex that is a little too "soft" can help you generate more club head speed and distance....Plus keeping you in the fairway.


There is a reason why the professionals don't play golf driver's that adjust! They may look like they can adjust but they do not. If you have an adjustable driver set it to neutral and practice! You will only limit the golf shots you can play if you overall adjust your golf driver, especially if you adjust it to closed.

I hope this brief guideline helps you choose your next golf driver.

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