BombTech Golf Drivers In The News

BombTech Golf Drivers In The News

The local news station here in Burlington, VT did a segment on BombTech Golf a few weeks ago. David from WPTZ News Channel 5 met up with me at the range and our manufacturing facility to discuss what it is we do. It was a great experience and below summarizes what we talked about:

At the range I hit some golf shots for David. He was impressed to hear how the Grenade golf driver reduces drag by about 48%. When swinging the club the two cavities on the bottom of the head break-up wind flow. UVM took on the design as an opportunity for engineering students to work on a real-world project. They developed the design of the golf driver and now BombTech Golf is producing it.

All golf clubs are assembled in Vermont and customers can specify options when they place orders, such as loft, shaft flex, shaft length, and grip size. NO corners are cut in manufacturing. The golf driver head consists of two pieces that are plasma welded together. This is a more expensive manufacturing process and costs twice as much compared to traditional means but the quality of the product is worth it. Manufacturing clubs this way allows BombTech golf drivers to sound better, be more durable, feel better, and have tighter tolerances, all of which lead to more distance for the golfer. The additional costs are not passed on to our customers as we sell direct to the consumer which removes any retail markup that would be seen in stores.

BombTech Golf is now 3 years old and continues to sell drivers in addition to other golf club offerings. We have a prototype iron design in the works, wedges, woods, and a putter. The putter is designed with most of the club head's weight placed towards the outside of the design. This helps the golfer hit straight putts even when the golf ball is hit off-center on the club face.

The BombTech Grenade golf driver sells for $200 less than many other golf drivers on the market. This combined with positive feedback from customers spreading the word has been a driving factor in the company's success.

*Video Update - December 9 - Due to extreme demand, we are now having our clubs assembled overseas to keep up with orders.  Also, I just launched a new website documenting what we are doing at BombTech golf for those that want to start there own online business!

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