CNC Milled Putters Vs. Two Piece Putters

CNC Milled Putters Vs. Two Piece Putters

BombTech Golf is nearing the completion of our first putter design. Similar to the Grenade golf driver, the Grenade putter was engineered with the University of Vermont. Our goal is to create a heavy, perimeter weighted golf putter made from the best materials and production process available.

So what is the best production process to make a golf putter? CNC Milled putters are hot right now, but expensive. So do these single piece CNC Milled putters feel or perform better than a two piece putter?

BombTech Golf will be testing a two piece putter versus the CNC Milled putters to determine which performs better and at what costs. Results from the testing will be posted over the next few weeks.

Other than the production method, putter materials plays a factor in feel, roll and overall performance. Stainless steel, cooper, carbon steel, inserts and more.. At this point we are currently leaning towards a 303 Stainless Steel which creates a high quality product with great feel. We will continue to test and bring what is best to market for you.

Check back soon for our NEW CNC MILLED PUTTERS!

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