Custom golf club questions

Custom Golf Club Questions?

You have questions. We have answers.

The number one question asked?

"Where can I demo the Grenade golf driver? Or 3 wood? etc."

Since we are not in big box stores and can't be at every town to do a demo day. We offer a 60 day on course Guarantee.

Which we think is a lot better than swinging it into a net at a retail store!

The second most common question. Usually after the first question is asked.

"Why aren't you in retail?"

It's 2014! You buy your clothes, your electronics, even your furniture directly from the company that makes them, why not your golf clubs? Traditionally clubs are sold through distributors, salesman & retailers who then mark up the price & sell them to you. We're cutting out the middle-man & investing the money back into HIGHER QUALITY materials and a 2 piece production process for a higher performing product... You get more for your money.

Each custom golf club is assembled by hand in USA and built custom for you. Don’t buy another off the rack golf club. Get one built for you.


"Are your golf clubs USGA legal?"

Yes, all of our custom golf clubs conform to USGA rules.

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