Golf Driver Innovation - A Compliment or a Curse?

Golf Driver Innovation - A Compliment or a Curse? 

By Guest Blogger, Matty K

I have been golfing for most of my life and have lived through the evolution of golf equipment. My first wood was persimmon with a composite insert and in that time it was the next big thing! Now a days "BIG" is all we seem to get. So I pose the question, are manufactures improving the game or harming it, strange question right? I mean the words "Game Improvement" is all we hear about, it seems to me like many sports and Golf specific everything is designed around making it easier for us to play with less requirement or effort on our parts to actually learn how to swing a club the right way.

Especially with the driver, they are now bigger then ever, they come with interchangeable shafts, lofts, and lies some now have a sliding weights. They talk about higher centers of gravity different face metals the list goes on. I mean the reality is unless you are a club builder or a student of golf philosophy most of us really don't have a clue. Its scary really and makes me personally wonder those who are using all of the fancy equipment if you stripped away all of the fancy gizmos would they be as long or as improved as the club seems to make them?

Take this example, I personally use to own an R9 which many of us know was part of the boom of interchangeable driver settings. At the time I was dealing with a "hooking" problem, can I get an amen. So like most who buy into this tech I went to the range with my tool and began to change the clubs "Neutral" settings eventually finding the right combo, success you would think. Happy with the results I planned on playing the next day, things went very well to start until I had to shape my shot right to left. I found myself now struggling to get the ball to turn as mush if any, and if you didn't know, you can't re-adjust once you tee off hence the problem.

I then realized instead of working on mechanics or drills that would help me learn what I was doing wrong I put my faith in technology. compliment or curse hmmmmm. After that day I vowed to become a better golfer and not rely on false securities technology gives us. Now I'm not saying head styles or weighting your driver the right way is not a good idea, I am simply saying spend time tuning and learning your golf swing and what it wants to do and practice when you can. Find a driver that is made out of solid materials, fits your eye with little to no offset, don't be afraid to go with a higher loft because in case you didn't notice this is the next big thing, the longer the ball is in the air the further it will travel.

I now swing a driver built around solid materials and a focus on keeping the club steady through the swing (less head movement) due to torque reducing drag. I have gained yardage back and even more constancy then I have in years and guess what I discovered I actually can swing the club with out over the top technological assistance.

So, Golf Driver Innovation - A Compliment or a Curse?

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