Golf Driver Takeaway Drill

Golf Driver Takeaway Drill

Here’s one quick and simple tip that will get you to golf driver longer and straighter...I promise.

It’s extremely important to stay connected in the golf swing. Which is why we filmed this drill. Most amateurs overlook the take away and that’s a huge mistake. Taking the club is the first movement in the golf swing where we can start on the right track. Take the golf driver away square and you have a better chance at returning square at impact.

Taking your golf driver away quick, in other words picking the golf driver up, which also creates a steep swing path, is the mistake that I tend to see the most. Coming in steep with the driver is the exact opposite swing path we want while coming to the ball. While hitting the driver it’s always important to remember to hit UP on the ball. This is something that can be worked on all while using this simple drill with very little tools.

Place a golf ball about 18 inches behind your tee, the idea of this is to take the clubface away low and slow to the ground and knock that back ball away, continue your swing and hit your shot as you would normally. Keep in mind that while taking the club away, keep the club as square as possible. This drill can also be done with your Bombtech Driver head-cover.

Do this drill about 4 or 5 times then go ahead and take some normal golf driver swings. You might not see a difference right away but that doesn’t mean to stop working on this. Have fun and hit’em long! Like the golf driver takeaway drill? Share this!

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