Golf Pre-Shot Routine: Importance of the Waggle

The best way to lower your scores in golf, the short game. Hey everybody my names Jorge Arteta, golf professional and instructor and I love, love, love the short game. Come on out with us today and let's see if we can help you lower your scores.

Welcome everyone to BombTech golf Academy where today we are going to look at the pre-swing and what you can do to loosen yourself up. You wonder hey why those guys doing what they do on Tv sometimes and so we are going to go over that today. So let’s get started.

You are out there, and you took your assessment back there and you’re over here on the ball. What you see a lot of people do sometimes folks is something that looks like this. This is called waggling. What people are trying to do here, they can up and down, they can waggle side to side, where every you’re waggling. What they are trying to do is get loose, your arms should almost feel like spaghetti or rubber bands. What they are doing is just getting loose before the shot goes. You won’t see them do this as long as we are doing here right now but it gives you the idea.

Also, you will see some people take the club back before they swing. What they are doing here is they are trying to set up their tempo and make sure they are not going too fast or too slow is what you will normally see. Other folks are going to try and make sure the club head is to the sky and that they’re set up probably back here too. All those things can go on in their mind and that’s okay during a pre-swing.

Let’s see what we can do here, I like to waggle. Your grip is really, really loose, we have talked about grip a lot here before. Where 10 would be the tightest and 1 would be the loosest and I am probably at a 2 or 3, it’s pretty loose of what I am doing here. Again, this is just an idea for you, maybe an option where you can just waggle and try to feel loose. You don’t want to grip it tight here, you don’t want to just look at it and think 20 different thoughts here. You just want to relax and get loose.

Let’s see what it would look like, from back here you’re going to assess your shot, you’re going to assess your target, and kind of figure out where you’re going to go. Over here in terms of today’s episode we are looking at the waggle. So, I might waggle, I might look at the target, but I am getting loose here. From here I might take one, I might take two takeaways just to see how they feel. Then you will see those folks take the shot.

Again folks the idea is to relax and try to get into that mode where you are really, really comfortable and you don’t have to feel like you’re so tight that you can’t hit the ball like the way it is suppose to be. Let’s look at it again, so in summary what we are trying to show you here today is just a couple things to try to help you relax before your swing. So again they call these pre-swings. First thing we talked about was the waggling, kind of staying loose, kind of keeping your arms feeling like spaghetti. Second thing we talked about is maybe doing a takeaway. If you’re talking to your instructor or maybe they are having you do a couple of things, maybe you guys are working on your take away right now. So we get here and then we are going to let it go.

While I was talking to you guys I felt so loose I even forgot I was holding a club and I just swung at it. Hopefully that can help you folks maybe one or two tips here today. We really appreciate your time, thanks for being with us on BombTech Golf academy.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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