Golf Wedges Featured In Golf Digest

Golf wedges

New Golf Wedges featured in Golf Digest Stix Edition!

So, what did Golf Digest have to say about our forged wedges?

"How can a company be offering a line of milled wedges at $69 each? BombTech's Grenade Mystery wedges (56 and 60 degrees) are made of forged 1020 carbon steel with a milled face. BombTech sells direct to consumer and doesn't pay any tour players to use their clubs, which is how they're able to keep the price low, says founder Tyler Sullivan. Why only two lofts? Sullivan says his Facebook survey of 17,000 followers preferred those options. The company is offeringa 60 day, 90 percent money-back guarantee."

Why did I decide to come out with wedge at $69?

My goal with any product is very simple. Can I offer more value through performance or price?  In this case, I can offer both.  I founded BombTech Golf on the principle that our clubs should be offered direct to consumer.  This direct approach means you get more for your money..Bottom line. Although, a few retail shops have reached out to carry BombTech products it is not my focus.

Don't be shocked! New Golf wedges for $69.

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