How high should you tee your golf driver?

How high should you tee your golf driver?

Center of gravity and tee height determine how high you should tee your golf driver.

So how high should you tee up the golf ball? It’s a simple question with a not-so-simple answer. While every golfer has a unique swing, evidence actually proves there is a better way.

Obviously, with any golf driver, you will ideally get the best results by making contact with the ball on the center of the club face. This is because the COR (coefficient of restitution) of the club face is highest at this point. It is where the golf driver’s sweet spot is generally located. The higher the COR value, the more elastic the collision is and the more energy is imparted onto the golf ball making it go farther. The Grenade driver was intentionally designed to have its COG (center of gravity) in line with the club face’s true center, being the highest COR value on theface.This means that that golf club feels incredible at impact. Also, it means that if you miss the sweet spot upon impact you will lose minimal distance and the club will twist less due to the higher MOI (moment of inertia). Not all drivers are made in this way. Because of this, the Grenade driver maximizes both forgiveness and distance. A

Another thing to consider is that the face of a golf driver actually varies in loft. If you take a close look at your driver’s face you will see that it is not flat, but actually rounded a bit.The top of the club face always has a higher loft while the bottom is lower than what is stated. Only at the center of the face does the loft truly represent what it’s stated to be. This is pretty much true for all drivers.

All this comes down to that it is better to tee up the golf ball higher, rather than lower. About half of the ball’s diameter above the crown of the driver head, to be exact. This gives you the absolute best opportunity to hit a good shot.

There are a couple of reasons behind this claim. First is that teeing the golf ball higher, along with placing it farther up in your stance, promotes making contact on the upswing. Doing this, in addition to the fact that the loft is higher on the top of the face, produces a higher launch angle and less spin. This leads to a farther and more efficient ball flight in most cases. Second being that making contact above the COG, while not ideal, is better than making contact below. This also promotes less spin and therefore more distance. With less back spin the golf ball will also roll more.

You will see that many professional golfers tee the golf ball higher for these reasons. Everything being said, people have their own way of doing things. Some golfers might perform better with a lower tee height if that is what they are comfortable with. Statistically speaking though, teeing the golf ball higher makes it easier to bomb it long and straight!

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