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How to let your significant other know you want a Grenade driver for the holidays?!

How to let your significant other know you want a Grenade driver for the holidays?!


This was a question I posted on Facebook to see what everyone in the BombTech nation thought. We all know that spending money can be a touchy subject, but it’s been made clear by reading the comments that there are numerous ways to approach the subject...

You can be direct:

Ralph Purser: Baby I need the BEST driver on the Market.

Or get creative with a gift idea:

Tyler Hulse: Don’t tell her, buy it, wrap it, and put it under the tree. To: “your name; From: Santa”

Evan Klingbeil: You just buy it and wrap it up with a tag on it with her name in the “from” portion!

Jim Tousignant: You don’t, just order and have sent from an out of town relative or friend.

Bribery also works:

David Alvarez: With a tiffany bracelet. lol

As any wise man would say:

Fred Rudolph: Just buy it… Better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.

These guys might be in the dog house:

Jon Jones: Ohhh mine already knows lol

Zane Hobbs: Hell I just did this today! I said “Honey I think I wanna buy another driver, Yes Yes I know I bought 4 others this year. But I got a feeling this is THE ONE!” lol

Kevin Galvin: You don’t, you just buy it and give them the bill

And then there is Kevin. Poor Kevin:

Kevin Watson: I don’t know I’m scared to ask

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