How to TEE UP a Golf Ball

Hi this is Jeff Crittenden, I am a current teaching pro. I am a PGA member, I just won the 2017 world long drive master’s division, with a 383 yard drive.

Today we are going to talk about tee heights, how high should you tee up your driver? Well if you go out of a textbook, textbooks aren’t usually correct, but if you go out of a textbook. Not everyone is the same size, same swing, swing flexibility. So out of a textbook, half the ball should be above the top of the club. That right there would be the textbook, that is probably the height I would recommend for most golfers.

Me on the other hand, I tee it up 4 inches. I want to swing up at the ball because I am trying to create a spin rate to make my drives go farther. Spin rate on a driver going this way is about distance that is not an accurate way to hit a golf ball. Accurate way is more you want to come down about one degree into it, that is tour average. When you swing the club is moving one degree down, that is down not up, but down at a driver. That is the most efficient way to hit the ball straight they have found. Anything else you may hit the ball further going other ways, but it is not the most efficient way of hitting it.

If your swing, the steeper you have your swing, the lower you want to tee it up. If you have a lot of marks on the top of your driver, that means you’re really steep at the golf ball. That means I would tee it down lower. If you want to get your swing, which I would recommend, getting it a little flatter this way, more round. Then you can tee the ball up higher, but for standard, average you want half the ball above the top of the club when teeing it up. Thank you.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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