Longest Golf Driver

What do you think when you hear longest golf driver?

I normally think the longest driving golf driver, but these golfers have taken the literal terms to heart. The most recent longest golf driver record has been set at 20 feet 6 inches and the driver must be "usable." Not sure who deems a 20 foot driver golf driver usable, but if you watch the videos it doesn't look like an average golfer would have a chance of making contact. Unless a lot of mulligans were available. 

So what is the point? 

Well there really isn't a point to swinging a golf driver that is 20 feet but only hitting it 63 yard, but it does bring up an interesting concept. Are longer golf driver actually longer in distance? This is not a new question, but it is one that few off the rack golf companies discuss since it is a variable that can't be changed. When you are looking for a new golf driver in a store, you may have loft and flex options but only one length option.  Yet, shaft length has significant impact in helping reaching distance, accuracy and consistency goals. 

Our standard golf driver length is 45.5 inches. Our testing has shown that this length is long but accurate for most golfers. But, for golfer's that only want more distance. Which is a common phone call, I can build you a longer golf driver that is physically longer 46, 46.5 inches and in rare cases 47 inches in length.  This longer physical length will offer more distance potential, but only if the golfer can make solid contact. Because your increased club head speed has no value if you aren't able to hit the center of the club face. 

On the other end of the spectrum, I talk to golfers that want accuracy. Swinging a "shorter" golfer driver at 44.5 inches will help most golfers with consistency and accuracy goals.  We add a 4 gram weight to increase swing weight on those shorter drivers.  This is a similar process to many pros on the PGA tour. Most pros play drivers at 44.5 inches in length, they sacrifice some distance potential for the opportunity of hitting more fairways. 

Next time you are looking for the longest golf driver, ask yourself what golf driver length is better for your game!

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