What a Shot... | Roast My Swing Ep. 8

Episode 7 or 8 no one knows anymore feels like a thousand, roast my swing. Sully here with BombTech roast my swing episode 900. We are at the course may have sweat pants on no one judge me, it’s cold out 24 degrees, episode 1,000.

Andrew Tomasi sent this in on our Facebook group, BombTech golf group on Saturday at 3:34 pm. He is a big boy coming in at around, no hate, maybe 350 maybe 400 bills, looks good though. I like the baby blue shirt and pink shorts, that is a combo that I would rock. He is in the bunker, set up looks good, he looks pumped, he looks focused, jacked. Rips it dude, powers through it, good camera work dude. What a shot, sticks it on the green spins back, dude that’s pro status. No hat, spikey hair, dude this guy is a freaking legend. He better be swinging some freaking BombTech’s. Andrew, he swung so hard, belly out, almost hits the house, dude spun it back. What a shot, Jesus Christ. I didn’t catch that the first time. That’s got to be a joke dude.

You have got to hear this reaction, the guys reaction. Rips it dude, oh he did. I don’t even have to roast him dude his buddy roasted for him. One more time I have got to get this, Andrew Tomasi from the bunker, rips it.

Ok these guys are pros, they already roasted themselves. Andrew Tomasi dude I am impressed all around with this roast my swing episode. Light blue shirt, the horizontal stripes look good, full swing rips it as hard as he can. Sticks the green, spins it back, he has got his own buddy roasting him. Big boy, big tan, I am going to give this 8.6. Episode 8, 8.6, Andrew Tomasi you freaking killed it, your buddy in the cart thank you. Subscribe, hit the button, smash it. Roasted, pull the pin!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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  • Hey @RS,
    I apologize for the delay and any confusion. Sully definitely received this video from an Andrew Tomasi. There is a chance there are multiple people with this name so it could be a different Andrew from the one you are thinking of.
    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!

    Mike on
  • This isn’t even Andrew Tomasi…so he obviously didn’t “send this in on your Facebook group.”

    RS on

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