What golf rule do you hate?

What golf rule do you hate?

Life is about rules and so is golf. Most of the rules are for the good of the game. Whether it increase speed of play or promotes fair play, rules are part of it.

Although rules are apart of the game we all love. I asked our Facebook fans, "What golf rule do you hate?"

Here is what our fans said. In no particular order.

Stephen Lin - Being in divot in middle of the fairway

Mike Hallee - Can't fix a spike mark in your line!

T.J. Knapp - Cart path only, haha!!

Foster Jonathon - 14 clubs

Landon Black - Cart path only, if that counts.

Mark Medwed - Cart path only because u have to carry extra clubs to your ball. Also slows down the game.

Dave Bach- you have to get it in the hole !

Nick Dicandia - Cart path only.. Hate it..I'm lazy

Eddie Galvan - Can't ground your club in a hazard.

Duane F. Pruett - Out of bounce rule

Paul Childers- Keeping track of my score. .. I feel like I'm doing awesome then boom I look at my score card.

Scott Good - 14 Clubs what?!!!

David Povey - Yup have to agree with Stephen Lin, divot in fairway should never be penalized!!

Max Graves - COR limit on drivers

Chris Jackson -Can't use a foot wedge

Devin Keester -No practice swings in the sand

That is the top answers from our Facebook fans. But, what do you think. Is there a golf rule or rules that you hate?

Let us know and thanks for reading.

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