What is a Semi-Custom Golf Club? Well we made it up...

Everyone is familiar with your standard golf club.

Here is our definition:

The next category of golf clubs, needs a new category.

Custom Golf Club: When, I think of custom golf clubs I think of an in-person club fitting that is 100% custom to the person. This process is the least popular but best defines custom, as the golfer is measured by a club fitter and the fitter builds the club by hand for that individual.

So that's all the categories of clubs right? Pre-built or built custom to you in person. Well, no. We are missing a growing category, that I am proud to call "SEMI-CUSTOM."

Semi-Custom Golf Club: This new category best explains how we build our golf clubs. Each golf club is hand assembled for the individual that ordered it, but no in person fitting process has been completed. Our online fitting and/or discussions allows us to create a semi-custom golf club that can help maximize your game without going through a full fitting process.

We also offer a "standard" set up, meaning that if we were sold in retail what length we would build our clubs to.

Standard golf club, custom golf club, and now SEMI-CUSTOM golf club.

Which type of golf club will you choose?

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