Where do I buy your golf driver?


"Where do I buy your golf driver?"

As you may know by now, I usually blog about what is happening with the company in real time. Or as close to instantly as I can. I have been asked this often as of late, which means I am not doing a great job of answering that question.

So, where do you buy the Grenade Golf driver?

Currently, 99% of our golf drivers have been sold on this actual website.  I have a few club fitters and independent shops that requested to offer our products.  And it is not a request that I could turn down, but our model was originally designed to offer our products direct.  This direct to golfer approach helps insure that we offer you the proper fit through our online fitting system and means we can offer our highest quality product at a fair price.

Is the Grenade golf driver the most affordable golf driver on the market?

No, not by a long shot. But you get what you pay for and in this case you get more than you paid for since we sell direct.  Each golf driver is manufactured using a 2 piece cast process which is the most expensive way to make a golf driver.  This process combined with our direct approach puts us in a unique position to compete and win. Bottom line this model means you get more for your money.

The second and most important question I have been asked is, "Where can I try your golf driver?"

Since we sell direct, we offer a 60 day on course guarantee. So you buy it and make up your own mind what you think. Which I think is a lot better than going into a store and swinging it into a net. At this point, we have a handful of dealers that you can try the Grenade with but for most golfer's that is not an option due to location.

I think its important to mention that our direct selling approach has been very successful with a return rate of less than 2-3% depending on the month.

I could offer our golf driver in more retail facilities but that will drive the price up and no one wants that. Does that answer the question?  I hope so, if not let me know!!

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