Why do you play golf?

So why do you play golf?

I have been hearing so many negative things in the press about how golf is shrinking and NO ONE IS golfing. Millions are still golfing and will continue to golf. I do understand that the big brands are struggling to hit there numbers and are looking to grow the game to stay ahead of there financial projections. But the reality is that people are still golfing, and still loving it!

Golf will never die, golf retail will however evolve and change just like anything in life. Will 15 inch holes ever be the norm, I can only hope NOT! Bottom line, as long as there is integrity and the desire to hit a tiny white ball into a hole that is way too small, the game will exist. I wanted to ask our Facebook Fans why do you play golf?

With over 400 responses, there were no mentions of the pros or golf equipment or money, but just the reasons why we get out to play this challenging but amazing game. Here are just a few of the responses from this question:

Johnny Bello - I like golf because it makes you compete, against the course, against your playing partners but more importantly against yourself. I love competition and this satiates that. Plus It affords me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. The scenery on many courses are beautiful..

Eric Early - I love golf because I get to golf with my hero my best friend my father. He started me golfing when I was 9. I wanted to be just like my father I still do. I strive to be the man he is and golf has kept us together all these years. Even when I golf without the old man I still golf with him. Love you pops

Jeff Seifert - Best way to clear your head, enjoy the weather and bond with your buddies! Whether you play well or not the game pulls you back for another round! I love this game!!

Aaron Olson - I golf because it's just me. I may play with friends or family or complete strangers, sometimes for money, sometimes for fun ... but it's always a measure against myself. How much better can I play than yesterday.

Greg Heyn - Because as difficult and frustrating as it is, when you get it right, it's the most satisfying and rewarding activity there is.

Josh Breinholt- Because in life there can be bad times, but you’re so focused on the game that none of that matters. You can just enjoy you self. Never a bad time on the links. Good way to spend time with loved ones. I hope my kids enjoy the times on the golf course. Just like I have some many times with my Dad.

Raymond Stull Because it is stressful and relaxing at the same time. Every round I play I hit at least one perfect shot and that keeps me coming back!!

Willie D Stewman I love it because it’s fun hanging out with friends outside and being able to put some competition into it. A game that it doesn't matter of you're good or bad, I'm the latter, you can still have fun every time out. So why do you play this great game?!

So really, why do you play golf?

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