$1,000 Cash Giveaway Winner!

What was I thinking dude? Is this for real?

What’s up guys Sully here and I think I lost my mind because I am giving away a thousand bucks of Chris’s money, just kidding. BombTech cash, thousand bucks, we have a winner, but before I announce the winner let me hit a golf ball. Got to keep that watch time up. BombTech hybrid, that’s my club.

Alright guys enough messing around, so the winner is, Nick do it in writing, Dave Svensson! We picked a name we couldn’t pronounce, Dave we will put it in writing, congratulations you won. Thank you for subscribing to the YouTube channel and for everyone who hasn’t subscribed maybe we will pick you next time to win a thousand bucks cash freaking money. Pull the pin, subscribe let’s go!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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