4 Strategies That Can Help You Enjoy Your Golf Game

4 Strategies That Can Help You Enjoy Your Golf Game

When the sun is shining and you're hitting par on every hole, having fun comes naturally. Yet when the game is not going as well, can you still enjoy your golf game? We think so, and we want to offer you four strategies that we use to enjoy the links even when we may not be shooting at our best.

  1. Remember, every game prevents a challenge - Every golf game has a challenge for the golfer who is listening. One day you might be great at putting; the next day, you might overshoot. Take your challenge for the game, welcome it, and work with it. It will teach you to be a better golfer.
  2. Trust yourself - If you get frustrated by poor performance, you will only continue to perform poorly. Instead, take a step back and trust yourself that you have the skills to execute the shot well. You on't have control over everything -- for example, wind can take your shot in a different direction -- but you do have the skills to make the shot. Trust in yourself.
  3. Detach from the final outcome - Of course, you want to win the game. However, if you are too attached to the outcome, then you will not enjoy the game if you think you will not win. Try to remain detached from winning and instead do the best you can to play well. You'll have more fun when you do this, and it can improve your score.
  4. Commit to each shot - Golf is a game of trust. Don't second guess your shots. Commit to each and every one, and then follow through with your body. When you are confident and committed, your aim will improve.

What strategies do you use to relax and have fun when you are not golfing your best? Contact us and let us know. Thanks!

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