Average Joe Long Drive - What is your Max?

Average Joe Long Drive - What is your current baseline average driver distance and what is your personal maximum distance you can control ?

I have recently started on my own personal journey to my maximum average driver distance. My current baseline after 2 days of swinging with 3 months off previous is 312 yards. My goal average driving distance is 350 yards, and I hope I can get there within the next 6-12 months.

I will be documenting this quest on my YouTube Channel.


As I go through this process, I am looking for ways to get YOU involved. In an ideal world, everyone would just have a launch monitor to document progress. But since this is not possible, I need to find another way to get everyone involved.

The launch monitors (Ernest Sports Es12 and Es14) I use are solid and not outrageously expensive at $199 and $600. Other launch monitor units sell for $5 to 10k and up. As I continue to train for distance and accuracy I will think of ways we all can hit our max distance together!

Have any thoughts? Let me know in the comments below

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