How to break 90

How to break 90 

This is a question that many golfers ask when they begin the transition from playing the game recreationally to becoming competitive ball strikers. The trick to accomplishing this comes down to two components: control of extraneous head movement and the quality of the equipment in your bag.

The ideal golf swing exhibits very little lateral movement of the body and instead twists around an axis that runs through the spine and out the top of your head. Anytime your head moves it can potentially have a dramatic effect on the swing plane of the golf club and your ability to control your shot. If you observe the majority of golfers who are just starting out, you'll notice that they have a tendency to look up at the moment they hit the ball. Doing so will alter the amount and direction of spin the club puts on the ball for the time the two are in contact.

Jerking one's head up to look at the ball is a natural tendency in beginners who haven't developed the level of confidence to know where their shot will land. Unfortunately, looking up just as the club makes contact with the ball still leaves just enough time to shift the swing plane of your club, ultimately making the difference between the perfect shot and a misplaced one.

One simple way of keeping your head down is to focus on one specific dimple on the back of the ball that you wish to hit and letting the shoulder push your head up naturally as you complete the swing. Videotaping your swing is a handy method of determining how much your head moves throughout the motion.

The second component has to do with the clubs in your bag. Most newcomers to the game of golf are either playing with someone else's old clubs or a set purchased at a generic sporting goods store. Do you know what the difference is between forged or plasma welded cast? If not, that's okay. We at BombTech Golf do and know how it can affect your game.

When a golfer is looking to break 90 the various differences in how clubs are designed can all play a significant part in how you strike the ball and the control you impart to each shot to place it where you want it to be. It goes without saying for the majority of holes played, the driver will be the primary club used.

A well played drive sets the tone for the rest of the hole. The feeling of walking straight down the fairway from the tee to the ball for an easy approach to the green cannot be captured with words. Fortunately for you, we at BombTech can assist you with a custom driver that will put you in the best position to score. Contact us to see how we can help you today with all of your golfing needs.

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