Beer Putt Review - Best Golf Party Game ever?

I mean...What can I say... When you combine Beer + Golf you can't lose...Well, maybe your opponent can. I personally designed Beer Putt to be a game that ANYONE can play. Non-golfers, lefties, righties, literally anyone and everyone.

It comes with a carry case and everything you need to play out of the box. I didn't want you to have to go find golf balls or a putter if you are at a friends house or a party. Plus, you get a freaking BEER BELT!  Never have to worry about putting your beer down, even while you putt!

Warning it can be highly addictive. 

Claim yours here:

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  • My wedges arrived in Clare, South Australia a few weeks ago. Gotta say, they are fantastic! I’ve dropped handicap from 11.8 to 9.9 in the past couple of weeks mainly due to my short game. These wedges really allow you to attack the pin with confidence. They stop dead. I was sceptical at first but now my golf mates are looking to buy, BombTech down under. Need to save up now for the hybrids. These look exciting. Exchange rate makes these a little pricey at the moment. Love the independent reviews as well. Are you looking out a 2 hybrid, around 16 degrees?

    Rob on

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