I can’t believe it’s been 6 years!

Today marks my 6th year since I was fired from my day job. BombTech golf was my hobby and passion...but it was only a side hustle at the time.

I just had found out my wife was pregnant too...😱

I couldn’t believe the stress and pressure I felt at the time.

I’ll never forget driving home from being fired.

What was I going say...what was I going do?! Get another job?

My wife came home and saw me home early...I usually was always home after her since I had a one hour commute.

She knew something was up. I told her, and she encouraged me to focus on BombTech...Thank you for the support 👏

I cashed in my 401k and asked my dad for $10k 🙏🏻 to manufacture more drivers. Many loans later....and all paid back now. Thanks Dad and Mom.

BombTech has sold well over 210,000 golf clubs and has the best customers in the world.

I honestly never intended to “own a golf company.” I just loved golf.

Now I get to share it with you because all of you have been willing to give an underdog small golf company a try...

So, tonight. I cheers to you. For helping me live my dream and for marking 6 years since I was fired from my last job ever...

Thanks to my wife, my parents, my employees, my friends and my kids who had to deal with me...because it wasn’t easy... I had some moments....

But the ride is far from over and I really wanted to thank you for the unique opportunity to earn a spot in your golf bag.

I may not be the best golfer but I love the game.

Thank you and here is to another 6 years!

Warm Regards,


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