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Our custom golf driver, the Grenade was just featured in the "30 BEST GOLF CLUBS OF ALL TIME" written by Bunker's Paradise. It has been an unreal journey from a new brand to being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Golf Digest, PGA Tour radio and now the best clubs of all time list. Not to mention bringing Chi Chi Rodriguez onto our team.

Bunker's Paradise was the first independent blog to review the Grenade driver. And upon our first discussions, there was some skepticism. But that was quickly erased with the first swing of the Grenade! So I want to thank Bunker's for breaking the ice and doing the first official review of our driver.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank you. I understand that there are literally thousands of equipment options on the market, but you still choose BombTech everyday over the big marketing budgets of the OEM's. So, thank you.

Now let's get to the top 30 list.

"Golf is unique in that it is a sport known as much for its greatest pieces of equipment as for those men and women who have broken records and won majors yielding them. We at Bunkers Paradise understand that golf fans appreciate and remember their first driver, iron set or favorite putter for decades. We also know that some of the greatest clubs of all time came long before the days of adjustable drivers, titanium clubheads or square grooves.

We tee-up our first installment of naming the greatest golf clubs of all time by remembering some of the greatest drivers ever. We have 30 Top Drivers on our list, but I’m sure there are some we might be leaving out that you believe should make the list. Comment below and tell us which drivers should have made the list."

Check out the full list here!

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