What Is the Best Golf Driver for Slow Speed Swingers?

What is the best driver for a senior golfer?

It should be renamed the best golf drivers for slow or moderate swing speeds, because age isn't the determining factor. But regardless, is there a "best" golf driver for "seniors"? 

The slower your swing speed, the more difficult it becomes to hit it long, that's a pretty simple concept. But there are a few things you can do to try and optimize and max out your distance potential if you are a slower or medium swing speed player. 

The first factor to look at for your golf driver is weight

Where can you save weight to increase club head speed but still have enough energy going into the ball at impact? The shaft is the best place to save on weight to increase club head speed, that will lead to more ball speed. 

What shaft is best for a slow swing speed?

Not surprisingly, a golf driver shaft that suits you will allow you to gain and maintain consistency and accuracy. To find the best golf driver for slow and medium swing speed in 2020 and 2019, we tested lighter club heads, at around 190 grams and lighter grips at 25 grams and the results were not more distance. The only factor that helped increase swing speed and overall distance was a lighter shaft with a tour weighted head.  

For this reason, the standard senior shaft is only 54 grams. And recently, we started offering the Matrix Radix which is slightly lighter at 50 grams. This senior flex shaft has increased stability due to a 16 sided internal structure that allows for tighter dispersion but less overall weight.

What is the average swing speed of a senior golfer?

Anyone over 50 belongs to the senior golfer category. Unlike women, who, on average, have a maximum 60 mph swing speed, men usually have a minimum 75 mph swing speed, with 90 mph being their average. 

With every passing decade, both male and female golfers are estimated to lose about 5 mph. Naturally, the average swing speed may depend on factors other than the individual golfer’s age. The 75 to 90 mph range is typically considered a slow swing speed for men. 

What is the best driver for a slow swing speed?

Your swing speed should be controlled and your swing as smooth as possible. To achieve this and possibly improve your swing speed, you should focus on golf driver shaft properties. As we said before, picking the best golf driver for slow and medium speed helps slow speed swingers develop more precision and accuracy, which means lightweight shaft drivers should be their go-to option. 

Beginner drivers are best suited for novice golfers, the new kids on the block who are just starting to learn the basics, such as exploring the distance at which they should hit a golf club. Beginners struggling to perform a proper shot and achieve greater ball distance may become anxious and swing too hard or rush the swing. 

But does swing speed determine distance?

When it comes to swing speed, there are multiple factors at play, and just increasing your swing speed does not mean you will manage to increase the speed of the ball and add distance to your shot. This is great news for slow speed swingers because it means you can improve your distance by picking the right golf driver for you.

The right golf driver should allow you to achieve the optimal combination of distance and dispersion. If you know what to look for in your new driver and put effort into finding a driver that matches your swing speed, you will not need to improve it. 

Do new drivers really add distance?

When they are unable to hit the ball as far as they would like, golfers usually think that the following factors are to blame:

  • Slow swing speed
  • Slow ball speed and poor strike efficiency

If you are looking to add distance to your shot, you should certainly work on improving your swing speed and ball speed, which is best done through physical training. But it is whether or not you are using the correct equipment that is the major factor at play.

You need to find a golf driver that enables you to maximize your swing speed potential. To pick the best golf driver for slow and moderate swing speed, consider the shaft properties and you may be able to get better distance without having to put effort into increasing the swing speed at all. 

If you are an old hand looking to get extra swing speed and distance, you might want to opt for the new, more aerodynamic BombTech Golf Grenade 2 driver. The Grenade 2 driver is nearly ideal for amateur golfers with a slow swing speed looking to gain more confidence and consistency, as it allows them to hit the ball long and straight with more ease.

How does club length affect distance?

The extra length will help with club head speed and distance potential. Please note: longer drivers are not typically easier to hit and will require practice! Get a club that is too long for you, and you may find it too heavy. As a result, you may lose your swing speed and ultimately reduce your distance.

Back to the first question: Is there a best golf driver for seniors?

I have had thousands of conversations with senior golfers and it is clear that they all want more distance! Other than a lighter golf driver shaft, what can be done to help slow swing speed players increase their distance? 

Building a longer golf driver is certainly a common option. Our average driver length is 45.5 inches, which is certainly not short. But it is very common to build a golf driver that is 46 inches and in some cases up to 47 inches in length. 

Find the driver to drive your success

All of our golf clubs are backed by a 60 day guarantee, so you can decide if our golf driver is the best match for your specific swing! Any questions? Call us today at (802) 448-2094 or connect with us via email from our Contact Us page. Visit our Shop Now page and check out our entire product line of golf drivers and other great items.


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